Friday, July 31, 2009

Much Much Better....

 The upcoming MARCH ON WASHINGTON ( Oct 11, 2009 ) thankfully has a new logo:

The old was was just ..... just ... well, not really the message that we need to be sending out there. See yall on the mall!

" Here's to Brother Barack, Brother Barack, Brother Barack..."

He's Happy, He's Jolly, He's not drunk by golly!

I am having too much fun with this whole thing. 

Pam Spaulding had been doing some very good writing on the VERY missed issue in this entire case , as I have written about many times here on the k+b : CLASS IN AMERICA. 

The President and Dr. Gates are the upper upper upper strata of America. Sgt. Crowley is the picture of " working class America". Simply listen to the three men speak....
Ms. Spaulding points out that President Obama and his real life good friend Dr Gates WOULD NOT sit out in the yard and drink a beer together... really.  So, added to the entire white /black thing is the whole UNSPEAKABLE truth of class in America.

Check out Pam's House Blend, if you are interested, at all.


" be true to your school...."
 Tomorrow is August first, the last month of the year... when a young man's mind turns to College Football! The too cute to really hate, Lane Kiffin, the new head coach at the overly orange University of Tennessee has crossed some lines. Literally. 
From todays AJC :
"Two 14-feet-by-48-feet digital billboards will be seen along downtown Atlanta interstates early next week, Tennessee officials confirmed. The advertisements feature an image of Kiffin on the left and star defensive back (and Atlanta native) Eric Berry on the right with the words “It’s Time” in big block letters in the middle. It also says “Tennessee Football 2009″ and gives the web address to buy tickets, The billboards will be posted on I-85 North at Piedmont Road and on Cobb Drive at I-285 West." ( more...)

I am sure that the gold and white crowd there in the ATL will just let this abomination pass , BUT, lets hope that the Bulldawg Nation will rise up and demand that affront to all that is good will be pulled down.! 

I also hear that these are all over town as well: 

A little less upsetting, I mean, an Auburn Diploma is printed on an application for a home loan in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area.

Dinner, last night...


Harvey Milk and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  Harvey Milk, the very first openly gay elected official in the United States, will posthumously receive the highest civilian honor our country gives, The Presidential Medial of Freedom. He will be joined by tennis star, Billie Jean King and Bishop Desmond Tutu and Rev. Joseph Lowery, a total of 14 medals will be given out.  Full list from Huffpo.

Harry, at last

A few weeks late, we went and saw HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE yesterday. It's a fine movie.. not a whole lot happens, action wise, but it moves the story along , setting us up for the next two movies. Six hundred pages is a lot for two + hours. I am glad the next mongo book is going to be two movies....

We get to see that the little wizards and wizetts are bunch of horny teenagers, all sorts of dark corners in that castle. I am not going to jump on the " how old is Harry bandwagon.." they are the ages that they are.. but really, Ron will have some grey when the movies end.....

" oh, shit! "

 " The Vice President swallowed the quarter ! "

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

cool rainy grey day

The story of the Summer of '09

This morning Mendon and Winder were the same temp!  An oddity for sure.
I put this BIG pork shoulder in the slow cooker last night. Lots of onions, LOTS of garlic, a jalapeno... lots of herbs and spices. Large can of tomatoes.... 12 hours later: YUMMY!

5th Quarter Show : General Convention Edition

The Homophiles gathered at the lovely intown Rochester home of John-Clinton and Michael to discuss and group think the very successful , just ended Episcopal General Convention. Like Neil kept saying, the doors were opened, now we have to walk through. I am there waiting, with some tapas and a cold beer.

This is Festus. He is a VERY sweet five year old rescue Grey Hound, and BIG... 
The boys in the chorus, I swear, Barbra was sung.. more than once.
John and Denise
This has nothing to do with the party, its just some pretty white roses that were at Wegmans when I stopped to buy the SENIOR dog food for Pookie. We were out last night, she had non senior... NOT pretty...

So, what am I.....

Chopped Liver?

Disclaimer One: I don't eat this stuff, I don't taste it, but I cook it. Neil loves it.
Disclaimer Two: This is SO the wrong way to make Chopped Liver, you use schmaltz, but I did not have any, so I used bacon... wrong, just wrong, I know, but - people eat rumaki.

Render the bacon... leave the fat. A bonus, you get to eat the bacon.. I chopped this up and put it on deviled eggs
Chicken Livers! clean them.. there will be little pieces of fat, some discoloration.. just look at them, toss anything that does not look " right"
DRY them off, very important
Lots of onions.... cook them a while... nice and caramelized, cooking on pretty low.
Crank up the heat, add the livers.. you don't cook them all that long, two-three  min tops.. 
deglaze with something, this is brandy.. it's what I had. Port, Madeira... etc. Now add your salt and pepper..

OK, I forgot to take a picture of the mixture in the food processor.. mia culpa.. 
BUT, after you deglaze, cook maybe 45 seconds more.. and let cool for just a couple of min, add to the food processor and just pulse one, two , three, four times.. really, no more, you don't want baby food.
Here is the final product, with some stoned wheat thins and some carrots.
This is basic chopped liver.. you can add lots to this. Here is Miss Ina's recipe. She being a good Jew, and I only play one on tv...

Update: The Uber-Goyum that were at the party I was at tonight did NOT get near it. Neil can eat the rest tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A nice Summer day....

Summer at last.. mid 80's bright , sunny, first one this year.

AND, what would a nice summers day be with out .. 

Sentence Hall of Fame....

Total cut and paste from Andy

(On Gov. Pal-in with Palin's farewell speech)

"Twenty years ago she could competently describe a dog race, three years ago she could articulate a position on the abortion issue, and this weekend she composed a resignation speech by throwing culture war stock phrases into a hat and dumping it upside down on a copy of The Paranoid Style in American Politics. [...] It's like Peggy Noonan, Jack London, and William Faulkner wandered into the woods with three buttons of peyote and one typewriter, and only this speech emerged."

Take Me Out...

Well, darn.

Last Friday, Jack called and said " come to the game with me! " ... Well, Neil had just got home, he was sick.. and the truth .. it was CAMP DAY. Kids, kids and more kids, so.. we did not go. VERY rare for us to turn down a baseball game, AND LOOK WHAT WE MISSED : KEITH OLBERMANN WAS THERE!

Everyone should know that he has been on vacation for a while now. Lounging on some South Sea beach? Hob-knobbing with starlets in Miami? NO! Taking a tour of AAA baseball parks and hitting Cooperstown for Induction week. He has a fantastic baseball blog. He does know this area, he is a Cornell grad.

Could I love him anymore? 
( the pic is of him in Cooperstown..)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Pork Chops, Brown Rice, Green Beans, Tomato Salad.


Man, I hope they do some re-playing, ..... catch us back up. The Soviets are about to blow up the world. Don is back from .. where ever he was , Betty is pregnant.. with HIS baby, right?  Peggy just told Pete about THEIR baby ( sort of...). Did the sale of Sterling Cooper go through ?, I can't remember....

So many questions...

Timing is everything.....

Again, MY junior Senator , hard at work:

"After determining she didn’t have enough votes in support of a temporary suspension of the ban on gays in the military, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tells The Daily Beast she has secured the commitment of Senate Armed Services Committee to hold hearings on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” this fall. It would be the first formal re-assessment of the policy since Congress passed it into law in 1993.

A statement from the Gillibrand’s office, shared exclusively with The Daily Beast, notes that “265 men and women have been unfairly dismissed from the Armed Forces since President Barack Obama took office.” Full story from the faux huffingtonpost The Daily Beast...

You know, if I were advising The President, (which, seriously Barack, I am free these days.. sitting by the phone.....) If I were advising the President, I would tell him NOW is the time for him to come on National TV and demand full out right MARRIAGE EQUALITY on the Federal level for all Americans. The right wing would go Krakatoa , nothing would get said or done on television for days and days, it would be almost Jackson like coverage... WHILE everyone is watching the shiny coin that is marriage equality he and Nancy and Harry slip though some all out single payer health care , shhhhh... don't tell anyone.

I mean it's really , win/win....

I for one will be GLUED to the c-span when these Senate hearings take place. Maybe even turn it into a drinking game, if they are replayed at night. You have to take a shot everything a Senator with a deep Southern Accent says " homoSEXual" or the word " shower".... Jeff Sessions alone will get you drunk. But, hopefully it will give brave Americans like Dan Choi and Victor Fehrenbach the stage to confront the men that are kicking them out of the military. Men , who for the most part, were MUCH too cowardly to serve... ( Lindsey excluded .. BUT, single, Southern , tidy and over 40... don't ask what Senator Graham? )

VERY minor, at best, brush with GREATNESS

Common knowledge that next to small market tv weather men, supporting gays in cable only reality shows ARE MY FAVORITE CELEBRITIES! So, imagine my all out giddiness when our very good pal ( a huge stretch in my case, but its my blog, there for)  Susan Russell officiated at a TORI SPELLING PRODUCED gay wedding in Palm Springs. 

It just may have been the all out most gay moment yet to have been on television. I took a video from my tv, but youtube yells at you for doing that, and since I am all about not breaking the law, here is a still:

groom, Rev. Russell , bear groom, Dean.... 

AND, just to keep you up to date here is the latest in the truly SHAKESPEAREAN battle between mother and daughter... these folks are racking up ages of bad karma. Also common knowledge that the k+b LOVES it when rich, rich, rich folks act trashy, trashy, trashy! 

Dinner Impossible

This is last nights dinner, posted today... because what should have been a one small G&T to grill come chicken, turned into all the gin that was in the house ( which was not much...) and a couple of V&T's to pick up the slack! So, dinner, the next day....

Your basic grilled chicken, grilled summer veggies, brown rice, tomatoes dinner... until something went wrong with the grill. There is gas, there just seems to be no pressure, so it will not really crank up the heat. I had made this YUMMY pomegranate molasses " bbq" sauce, so I was going to cook this chicken outside! Twenty min of grill time became a 90 min race with botulism... So, roasting pan, over the chicken to keep in what little heat there was, and for the 300th time Paul Spencer, this is not your pan, it looks exactly like one that you had years and years ago, but you lost yours. This one is mine.. that's my story, I am sticking with it

Koda the faithful bbq assistant
" oh, its a bottle of gin that makes you want to sin.. in the halls, in the halls...."
Pookie gave up.

Meanwhile, I can't grill the veggies so into the tagine they go, when I see that I am out of olive oil! If it's not one thing...

Still loving my slow cooker setting on my stove! The oil, butter and garlic and just let it go
Locavore squash from Wegmans. They not only tell you the town and farm your produce was gown on, BUT, the day and time it was picked... really, the worlds best grocery store!
In the end, it turned out really well.

( and yes, it does take a high level of self absorption to turn Sunday night dinner into this long of a blog post....)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kyle Crawford, weekend squire

Dahlias from the back yard...

fruits and veggies
Koda missing Ciara who went home today, so he ate a the box that the bran cereal comes in...