Thursday, July 31, 2014

Perfect Summer Dinner

It happens much later for us that for most of the country, almost Canada and all, 
but the bounty of Summer does get here. Freshly picked corn, tomatoes, peppers.
Just open this corn up, remove the silks, close it back up and on the grill.
None of this silly soaking for hours blah, blah. Now, I do sometimes do the full Martha and 
rub an herb butter mixture on the cob, then sealing it back in its leaves - that is lovely.
But for tonight, the simplicity of this was called for.
Also some slow cooked bbq chicken.
Koda and Neil
Just a beautiful sunset, a fitting way to end this sling shot of a month!

 Chicken , Corn, Farm Stand Salad .

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homer said...

We used to grow our own sweet corn when I was a kid. Miss that.