Saturday, November 30, 2013


41 - 34

What started out as a full blown ramblin' wreck for the Bulldogs , turned into a double over time win for the boys from Athens. Aaron Murrayless for the first time in years the Bulldogs looked anemic going into the second quarter 17 - 0 , with me showing everyone that I knew all the words to the Ga Tech fight song. But the scrappy little Dawgs fought back, against the NATS and the ACC officiating crew to pull it out.

 Tailgate over at Dahn and Davids

We were going back and forth between our game and the Iron Bowl, as was most everyone , I bet. Two pretty darn amazing games, too bad only one counted.
  • steak biscuit
  • chicken biscuit
  • ham biscuit
  • cheese biscuit
  • pimento cheese sandwiches
  • pickled okra
  • deviled eggs
  • meaty beans
  • pigs-in-a-blanket ( on the empty tray )
  • salad with candied pecans, blue cheese and pear
  • Birthday Cake for Dahn!

me , eating a steak biscuit

All Chicago Gay Hockey Assn. Wants for Christmas

Friday, November 29, 2013

Biggest game ever, ever, ever in the history of the known universe.

Even the New York Times says so:

 “People don’t want to go to a funeral on game day,” said Nathaniel Holloway, an Auburn funeral director who had to reroute a November procession to accommodate football traffic. “You can always have funerals on Sundays.”

Black Friday

Blah, blah, shopping, blah , blah - Hey, I would not ever EVER do it, but if it is your thing, more power to you, spend all that cash, it's good for the economy.
We , for the first time in three forevers, went to the movies.

THOR : the dark world
It was fine - just amazes me how deep into old Marvel lore these movies go. He is very pretty. We missed the first show at our usual small movie theater and had to go to one AT a mall ON the day after Thanksgiving WITH some kiddie movie opening - but it turned out to be fine.

Thanksgiving '13 :THE MORNING

We woke up Thanksgiving day morning to the pretty rare perfect winter's day. The fresh crisp white of the snow and the ombre blue of the sky. Which really did look like this photo....
some damage from the heavy snow

The Inuit have like what - 400 words for snow - this is what I call diamond snow. The setting has to be just right to pull it off, freshness of the snow, very cold and the sun at just the right angle. The entire world covered in glitter.
Koda loves it

Every color just popping
Still lots of snow from the storm, the valley of the sidewalk -
Mendon, in Winter

Koda went over to tell Fletcher happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving '13 : THE SCENE

pre game

I did not cook a thing this year, Dahn, and Davids did all the work!

David drops a turkey
Totally changed my table up when I got there, went over the day before , got all the chess pieces on the board, then just started from scratch the day of ! You have to go with the mood, and this is what today said to me.
This is not even a table cloth , just a long piece of fabric that I have had forever. I may have even used it before, I cant remember - 
Only 12 this year, so all at one table - just a very lovely day. all around
Three of the four happy dogs who got snacks all morning long!

Thanksgiving '13 : THE FOOD

My drink de jour was a MUDDLED OLD FASHION, should be obvious as to why.
MAN, were they tasty!
David D. stated us off with a little amuse-bouche of a very nice, deep bacony - cream of mushroom soup, that did its job and woke up those taste buds, served with a fantastic lemon Parmesan tuile!.

  • Fried Turkey
  • Roasted Turkey
  • Cranberry relish
  • home made bread
  • green beans

  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • Brussels sprouts
  • dressing ( Dahn does make really good dressing )
  • not seen : corn pie

Round One

Koda in his spot
 After last years dessert over-kill
there was the baby bear just right amount
Pumpkin Pie
Carrot Cake

Ended the night with a call to nouveau Canadian, Kian, who had Thanksgiving a month ago!

The chemistry of cookies - Stephanie Warren

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Getting a jump on things :
Turkey, Kale and Farro Soup!

1628 / 1928

Another annual posting, but I just LOVE this print. Seems so modern and its 1928.

Snow-ma-gedden '13 ( November of 13 - I'm sure there will be others this season )

early before sidewalks cleaned
 Not really as bad as the tv talking heads set us up for, but it was still a pretty big one time snow! Fluffy and wet, stuck to everything - a few tree limbs down around the yard. I guess all over as well, cable/internet out for the day

 Folks skiing in our side yard
 Koda did not really like it...
The roads are never really an issue here -
county is great about getting them cleared, early and often

 One of those everything the exact same color days - snowed a little more this morning...
 I think the final total was eight inches , Rochester and north got a lot less than we did.
you can see how light and fluffy the snow was
Those are not icicles , but part of Neil's light show

Koda as always LOVES the snow

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It is snowing in Upstate New York / Almost Canada in late November ....

 Almost got a tiny tiny taste of Atlanta the last few days as dread and panic about a coming Winter stormed gripped Rochester. " A couple of feet ", was bandied about. I'm sure it all has to do with timing as so so many folks are trying to get someplace else in the next day or so, and this named storm - that I can not remember the name - will hinder them. So, yes - a news story. They all settled on 12 - 16 inches for Mendon.

Out and about early afternoon, with the snow coming down pretty hard was just wonderful - almost nothing soothes my savage beast like a walk in the snow. Somehow , just the falling flakes take all the sound out of the air. I don't know if its people are not out, or there really is something to the sound, but it is just the most peaceful feeling to be out in the woods with a nice snow falling. Got a little harder and slippery on the way home....
Kyle as Cliche
I did . I went across the street and bought milk and bread. Both of which we needed , not just because - MMM was pretty busy... but some people were doing their Thanksgiving shopping there, which I realized , after the traumatic Wegmans trip yesterday, COULD easily be done. The all shop local, small business Wednesday Thanksgiving.... 

 About 11:30 for out last walk of the day, and it was coming down hard...
The " THEY " are now saying less than a foot - sort of a 10 - 12 inches....

 Should have taken all the photos that were in light, the park across the street is very well lit, with out the flash. It is a very pretty totally Currier and Ives sort of snow fall . I'll let yall know what Wednesday holds when I wake up!