Monday, August 31, 2015


Y'all know its my summertime favorite!

Summer is not giving up that easy

Heat is back with a vengeance!
 Koda is fine with that.



 First time I had been in an Arby's in years and years
 Chinese Market

 Indian Market

 American Market


A map of what the transit system in Atlanta COULD / SHOULD have been!

The Final Season

This is the preview for the UK saying that it starts this fall ... Still January for the US

Sunday, August 30, 2015


 Some sort of meeting for the St Johns crew -
 I was only the free labor on this one
 Turned out to be a nice evening

  •  Grilled Chicken w a fresh peach salsa
  • Just picked Summer tomatoes with lightly dressed field greens and vidalia onions 
  • Off the cobb summer corn  ( swimming in sweet butter ) 
  • Yellow Squash with onions and Parmesan 

They stayed after dark ....

Saturday, August 29, 2015

GOOD OL' # 34


Take out Chinese from the corner - Koda and I walked to pick it up.

You want to go to the festival ?

For the last twelve years our little hamlet here and the folks that maintain the trail that you see us walking on every day have held a little end of summer gathering. Some of the local high school clubs, robotics, frisbee, etc. the local brewery, pony rides and draft horse cart pulls. The Revolutionary war people and their Koda hated cannon. There for a while we had Jack Russell races - all very homespun with the usual fair/festival vendors showing up with their soaps and hats etc. All very Mayberry and happy -

But for some reason the actual homespuness of it was a problem to the Mendon Foundation people who wanted the focus to be on the trail, or on the train that once ran on the tracks that are now the trail or something, no one could really figure it out. But out with THE MENDON STATION FESTIVAL and in with LEHIGH VALLEY TRAIL FEST. Organic produce in, bouncy houses out.

 The Ye Old Rochester/Finger Lakes Iris Society piggy backed all over this festival and low and behold there was a big ass tend and a whole bunch of flowers all over my driveway across the street from the party. Well, party is a stretch...

 They changed the weekend so the war folk were off scaring other dogs somewhere - and only maybe a third of the usual vendors

 For some reason they incorporated the usual Tuesday afternoon farmers market as a part of todays plans... odd
 This guy was all the cute

 In the past there have been lots of small local band - the high school and middle school - this time it was the all but professional Pittsford Firemans band and then this afternoon a real sort of rock and roll- band, which sadly outnumberd the people watching them sing.

 This place was great, a fresh pasta store out of Henrietta that served a great bowl of pasta. Neil and I both had the Gnocchi that was just super - and a deal at 4$.

Not including the school kiddies was just a death knell for today - each of those kids brings in two or more parents with siblings and gran-folk in tow. There just were not crowds today like there have been in the past. There was nothing at all for children to do - which just seems very strange for a summer festival. Also they only sold the Primate Beer from the Honeoye Falls Brewery, which I dont care for.

Hopefully for them a better tern out tomorrow

The view from the Iris sale ....

The Post Elizabethan World

As hard as it is to imagine.

Not really any clue of what this is....

Just enjoy the pure 1984ness of it all
( and Michael's hair )

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Daily Koda

Dinner a day late...

Some Garden Club folks came over to drop off a good ton or two of plants for reasons that I have yet to figure out - and they stayed for supper. A high summer meal on a sort of cool grey cloudy night , but still... August and all...

 Neil bought these ribs and they were not the normal spare rib cut.. more meat , but more little bones as well... but everyone seemed to enjoy them

Setting the Stage

This is Rochester's weather for the last couple of days and tomorrow - its even cooler down here, with possible lows in the high 40's. A real touch of fall in the air for sure...


Garden and Gun - what's looking like my go to these days posted a GUIDE TO TAILGATE COCKTAILS today on the fb. Back in my day it was just beer till you got to the watered down coke with Evan Williams... but the kids today like the fancy.

Really only sort of kidding, some of these drinks sound great.

This one I will be tying asap:


1.75 oz Jack Daniels
1 oz Peanut Orgeat *
Coca Cola

Yeah, not a clue with the peanut Orgeat either , but its sort of orange flavored peanut butter
the recipe 

*Peanut orgeat
makes 1 ¼ cups

2 cups roasted, unsalted peanuts
1 ½ cups sugar
1 ¼ cups water
1 tsp. orange flower water
1 oz. brandy or vodka

Pulverize peanuts in a food processor. Meanwhile, combine sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly until sugar dissolves. Allow mixture to boil for three minutes, then add peanuts. Lower heat, allowing mixture to simmer for several more minutes, then gradually increase the temperature. When mixture is about to boil, remove from heat, and cover.
Let mixture sit for at least six hours. Then strain it through cheesecloth, discarding peanuts. Add orange flower water and brandy or vodka. Keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Odd to think that we are pushing Summer this early on, but with this weather coming up , it could be a short one...

Daily Koda

 It was a very nice day today .....


I never get up and watch morning television - I make coffee, walk Koda then come on here to read news etc, with out the horror of chippy morning news. But for some odd reason I did today. We were back in the house a little before 9 and I just stayed downstairs and turned on the tv.

Ding, ding, ding, the morning bell on Wall Street - and boom, with me not even having had an cup of coffee or my bran cereal the stock market drops like 1300 points, which was only the lead in to a crazy up and down day, ending up being down almost 600. It made for an adventurous morning.

The last time this happened , at least one this crazy was late September 2008  - with Neil and I live in lower Manhattan to wittiness it all. HERE is the k+b take on that day - that I really did not get the full gist of ....


Can you guess who bought the naming rights to the new Atlanta Falcons stadium ?

and nothing was ever the same ...

One this date in 1982

Saturday, August 22, 2015

GRACE !, still .


 I had not cooked a full actual sit down dinner .. in A LONG TIME, well an inside one at least. So, I just got a bee in my bonnet to do so this afternoon.

 Tomatoes from the farm stand

 Flowers from the yard.

 Tomato Salad
Slow Roasted Center Cut Pork Chops
Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Cauliflower

It was nice, I should really do it more often.