Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rochester Red Wings 8 - Pawtucket Pawsocks 6

or my date with Kevin Youkilis

The CSPAN bus was there!!  I was by far the most excited fan to see the bus, I think I scared the sweet little clacker onboard.
For what ever reason, that I really do not know , this was out FIRST GAME that we went too all season, first and last, I guess. The Spring was so rainy and wet, and then either we were just busy, or just out of sorts, who knows..
Two Boston Red Sox were re-habing with the Pawsox tonight, so BIG crowd. There are LOTS of Red Sox fans around here, dont know if its just anti evil empire or what, but they were out in force tonight. For the most part, Red Sox fans are very attractive.
The one and only pulled pork nacho of the year!
A tall boy Canadian and a Much Dog.. the beer was mine.
A BEAUTIFUL afternoon/evening.... made me so wish I had been to more games
My date at bat., he has a most odd stance! He has a pretty good night, even thought the Pawsox lost.
I was between the high up seats and sitting with Jack and Linda

Monday, August 29, 2011

"it’s likely my youth will walk Inside me like a king." *

aka, the simple miracle that we survived, at all.
Three Lauras in the back of a truck.

* If you have to ask, you have not been reading the k+b long enough. 


 Minor teeny tiny bit of wind damage THIS far way from the storm ! It was the talk of Mendon, meaning that when Koda and I passed Joe, Sharron and Miss Sadie out on our walk, we talked about how the wind had blown off the sign to the park. In reality the wind just blew it off its little hook thing and someone slipped it right back on.. but still....

Everyday Is Like Sunday.

  1. The Song.
  2. The Song Again. ( I like this one better, just didn't want to raise the ire of all the purists out there )

A late Summer Saturday

 The day stated out beautiful and sunny!
 Hit the farm stand
 By early afternoon , I guess Irene was sort of causing some grey weather
 But we got in a good long walk and a swim. First since getting back from Pompanuck. Kiara was just not good on the trail...

Farm Stand Booty!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dollar PopCorn Wednesday on Friday

AND the popcorn was not a dollar... even though I told the counter person that I was not here on Wednesday.


Not at all your usual Summer popcorn movie, at all, but a excellent movie just the same. If you know anything at all about it, then you know it is a very hard movie to watch. Mans grotesque inhumanity to man... Nazi's and all. Sure to come around this award season. Mostly in French with subtitles. Maybe read a little about this one before going to see it. I will say, that both Neil and I had some issue with keeping the actors straight , Frenchmen in need of a good shampooing and all....

star crossed lovers....

  Miss Kiara went home on Friday, as the Singh's beat Irene back into NYC and then drove back to Rochester. They got one last good walk in.
Koda went with us to take her home, there were more than a few tears....

Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live.


Coming this Christmas to the BBC... no word as to when we will get to see them. Story from THE DAILY MAIL

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Banksy Rat
From the soon to be hunkered down Joe Jervis : "NYC official: Heavy flooding "may drive millions of subway rats to seek higher ground."

Other arms reach out for me...


New Years is just a week and a half away, and as a yummy amuse bouche, UGA has released its new promo to run during games this fall. I can not post the videos, so you are going to have to follow some links, AND you may have to " like " the UGA CHAPEL BELL on the facebook to see the new one, let's find out. 

Story from the Red and Black . ( which is pretty much a word for word reprint of the UGA/Tom Jackson press release that Beth sent me..... J School ?!? )

The FULL REM VIDEO from Collapse Into Now.

and so we beat on......

Shawn Mullins Live - The Tanning Bed Song

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Daily Koda ( and the still with us Kiara )


War Damn Gay Eagle

rainbow apple

The entire planet, out side of Redmond, Washington, wishes Steve Jobs all the best as he chooses to leave the helm of APPLE COMPUTERS. Mr. Jobs own choice to replace him as the head of APPLE is AUBURN GRAD and OUT Magazines most powerful LGBT American : Tim Cook!

The Inconvenient Civil War Did Cause Atlanta Trauma...

and I relive it every day down at the 

and it's in trouble!

All those Atlanta tourists and conventioneers are not making the trek from World O Coca Cola over to Grant Park to see it, and it is in dire need of some restoration.
Story from 11 Alive News in Atlanta :
Atlanta- Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and other city leaders will hold a meeting in September to discuss the future of the Cyclorama. Since 1922, the massive 360 degree mural depicting the Battle of Atlanta has been housed in Grant Park.The painting made it's first Atlanta appearance in the 1890's with Civil War veterans sharing their experiences from the bloody conflict.
Cyclorama isn't drawing many tourists these days.
A move to Buckhead, the Atlanta History Center or downtown Atlanta might change all that.Plus, the painting is deteriorating."'Over the last few years the cyclorama has seen a drop in attendance and revenue," says Camille Russell Love, The City of Atlanta's Director of Cultural Affairs. The study she says will take a year.
" Where the Cyclorama relocates to should it relocate at all will be the decision of the committee."
There are issues too.The painting is deteriorating All this as the nation commerates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War " There are alot of stories to be told about the Battle of Atlanta that are yet to be told. We don't really have the right facility to tell that story," said Cultural Arts Director Russell Love.  ( The Rest )

A Few Cyclorama Facts:

For 10 years- -in the 1890's - - "the Battle of Atlanta" mural traveled the country as property of a circus.

They would roll it up using telephone poles.

The circus went bankrupt.

" Mr. Coca Cola" Robert Woodruff's grandfather bought the circus at auction for 11 hundred dollars.

The animals went to what became Zoo Atlanta and next door the Cyclorama at Grant Park was born.

Or Clark Gable came to Grant Park to view the mural during The Gone With The Wind premier in 1939.

The actor is alleged to have quipped to Mayor Hartsfield, "the painting is great, the only thing that would make it better is if I were in it."

Gable was placed in the display that year and has been lying mortally wounded on his back since 1939.

Next Up: FROGS! ( or is it boils.... ? )

Doing a little East Coast swing....

With the earthquake approaching 24 hours old the cool, in the know, crowd has moved on to the coming hurricane. Biggest one to hit NYC/ New England in a while. We are in the yellow... I'll get one of our many NYC k+b reporters to give us some play by play if anything of interest happens.

The Earthquake, tea party style!

We Shall Rebuild !!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 just picked tomatoes and cucumbers
Grilled Chicken
sort of an Asian slant to it


I did not feel anything at all...... again.

A little Tuesday Morning Kitchen Porn

Laissez le Bon temp rouler style
From the a design blog

And while we are in the kitchen, when  you have some time and need a laugh, watch a few episodes of MY DRUNK KITCHEN.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Koda and Kiara at Pompanuck

War and Peace

Pompanuck 2011 post is up. I realized about 3/4 of the way through writing it that I so should have broken it down into days instead of one long blog post. Go read enjoy, let me know if anyone has any troubles getting it to load or anything.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I blog, therefore......

It was a slow blogging week before I took off for the wilds of Vermont/New York and an almost total separation from all media. ( did you know people can TALK to one another, face to face?!?... so so very 1982...) So, I am out of the groove of daily blogging, but I realized that I missed it. Now, I have to do some backtracking, and get you all up to date on the fun food and frivolity of the last week or so...

And, I am going to be doing a better job of getting on here more often.. yes, you will be bored to tears by Koda and the trail , but at least we will all be connected. Thanks for sticking around while I was away... back to full force, this afternoon or tomorrow.

Pompanuck 2011

Vini, Vidi...hmmmm... ate drank and made merry....

The annual gathering of what Dahn has taken to calling framily ( family and friends that are family..) all up in the wilds of Vermont/New York. Ports of call from all over this year, East coast, West Coast, I think all five boroughs of NYC and Jersey, South Texas, South Carolina, Michigan,D.C. SoCal....on and on ( very much missed was the Nashville flair! ) All sorts of accents.THIS year with the added bonus of a crazy LOUD black hound dog.

[ a quick note on process here, I want to share every pic I took with everyone who was up there, but not really sure what the easiest way for me to do that will be, so that even the most computer un-savy ( me ) could get the photos. If you see something on here, you specifically want, and you can't embiggen or print, just send me a email and I will send you the photo . 
For those new to the k+b : " What's up with all the pictures of food ??"
Ummm... It's what we do... College football season is two weeks out and there are no red carpets right now. Read back a bit, you will get the gist of it. And dogs, lots of dogs ]
I will be adding any links I get to David G.'s photos as well.

Ruthie Night
(no rain, beverage of choice: beer )

For reasons I can not remember, we could not get up there till early Sunday evening, missing an entire day of fun and food. A major loss to the group this year was the passing of David's sister/Myles and Michael's Mom, Ruth Gideon. So, the first night of everyone gathered was RUTHIE NIGHT. All her favorite foods, music, a slide show, stories, etc.

Getting the pups out as soon as we got there, was not at all sure how Miss Kiara was going to do.
Koda the water dog, LOVES Pompanuck
Grilling Chicken
Ruth's slide show 
pulling it together
The Dean women, over ice with a splash
Jumbo Salad, Dahn's killer matzo ball soup, spanish rice, chicken. There was a fantastic  huge fruit and cheese board in the house, that I did not get a photo of
LOVE this stuff

I think we were 31 on Sunday Night
overflow table
We also got to celebrate Myles b-day a bit early, a very nice way to end the celebration of his Mom.


( rain, so much rain, beverage of choice white wine and some sort of funky scotch )

Your Daily Koda
The rain pushed us inside, I think we were
still at 28/30 people..
Our Chefs for the Night.
The Cousins
They chose to do an IRON CHEF themed meal
with the secret ingredient being fresh Summer corn.
They worked super hard and it showed in the meal!!

The big silver bowls are the appetizers,
fresh popped corn, one with white truffle oil,
the other  MOST wonderful bacon and maple added

 A corn salad with fingerling potatoes,
one of the best things we ate all week!!

Dave and Neil
Myles explaining what we are about to eat
Corn and leek soup
Tacos and this YUMMY roasted corn dusted in Cayenne pepper
that was just off the charts good
Corn Cake with two homemade ice creams
strawberry and TDF Chocolate Peanut butter!
Ryan and the CPB ice cream
very happy he made so much
Koda and D.o.g. get a treat

My feet

Stayed up very late, drinking and talking global economics with a London School of Economics grad. Kyle/ Wine/ Economics.... Yes, I need to send him a nice muffin basket.


( still raining, boc: more white wine and appletinis )
 Toebie still here, there was an incident with a chicken, that we are never to speak of again.
( always good to have NYC folk around! )
 Kiara thinking she is a tiny tiny poodle
David Dean's night to cook
a lovely shrimp starter

 Salmon in Parchment and
mellon with pruchitto
 The Davids
 peach and blueberry cobbler

 Koda and my shoes
 We were down in numbers tonight
 but sill some overflow
 Yes, it is possible to feel bad that David Dean buys cases French White Wines with dates on the bottles, but it was so darn good.
 The Halpern's sadly ,left for home


( perfect weather, doc : iced tea......)

Its like with kids , the first one gets all the photos, as they keep coming the trips to Olen Mills get fewer and fewer. So, not as many pics to follow.

 Scott and Yates and the great apiculture adventure of '11.
(epic poems will be written )
 I stayed a close distance away
 a brave chicken
 My night to cook, and if we had IRON CHEF earlier in the week, mine was DOOR KNOCK DINNER, no trips to the store. There was an starter table that I forgot to get a photo of.
 Fresh baked bread for the brushetta
 I didn't even do all the work, Anna made the pork
apple slaw
Summer Squash
Baked Potato salad
( that was new to lots of people )
 more room as our numbers declined


( nice weather, white wine )

Dahn's Aunt Anna fixed dinner tonight, sort of catch as catch could from the TONS of food we had left over. Very yummy

 we NEED to chase those chickens

I did make that Southern Living Frozen Lemon Aid pie that night,
is the link to the recipe if anyone wants it.


All good things must come to an end, and we broke camp.
Such a lovely time was had by all , and it is just such a special gathering .
Neil and I are most honored and feel so privileged to be included.
 The last few walks around Pompanuck

 Where Scott led us in Tai Chi
most mornings.

The sun sets over the New York State Thruway

Countless thanks to all the hard working folks who helped make this so much fun, and to Scott and Lisa for providing such a wonderful setting.