Saturday, May 31, 2008


Sari! Sari! Sari!

   Many of the Ladies wore traditional Indian dresses to todays events. It was just beautiful!


This next post is a big one. 
My biggest ever, but come on kids, I got to go to a fancy party, as a rule , yall get dog with stick, VERY SORRY!- if all the pics are hard to download, there is more to come. Its Neil's big weekend!
The format is a little wacky, I set things up backwards.. the info for the pics is under the text. Do the best you can and enjoy!

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Big Fat Episcopal Dinner Party.

"The prettiest sight in this fine pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges."
Neil and his Anglophile Ilk are having a swearing in tomorrow, and gathered together tonight to celebrate. Man-o-Man, What a nice party! Cocktails on the lovely varanda of the Genesee Valley Club, open, top self, bar followed by a Michelin quality dinner. Could not sling a dead cat and not hit an Episcopal Bishop..... the several bars were kept busy, as well as passing wine.
The butter pats ( Yall know my weakness for butter pats) were in the exact same monogram as the flat wear and cocktail glasses.... The great majority of those present found the presence of G_D in the fact that The Reverend Singh was elected to be the next Bishop of Rochester.. I saw a divine hand in the place setting... God is where we find him/her!  
 I will, as quickly as I can, post all the pics that I took onto the web, as well as those that others took, but its been three T&T's , wine with dinner and an oil can Fosters on the way home, this wayward blogger is ready to crash...
Lot of pics here, ever so sorry if there is any trouble downloading any...
  • Corolyn ( who did sooo much work on tonight) Neil  and Karen
  • Jack and Linda
  • Linda gets her pocket book stuck in here ear, .... Like it has not happened to you
  • The N.J. Crowd  ( a.k.a. the popular table)
  • Skip and Jack, Prince was in the room... Rex must have been somewhere
  • Neil and his new Bishop!
  • Dessert, with twill butterfly
  • Carl, Prince and Nun
  • American Gothic
  • Neil and Dick ......
  • Butter pat!!!
  • Neil and his beloved Jorge
  • dinner
  • the lovely Mr and Mrs Lattime
  • passed shrimp
  • me and my homie Kate
  • ever so cute bartender
  • dining room pre dinner
  • table setting
  • closing your eyes will not make it go away
  • bar
  • lady with shrimp

Dear G_D , but I have handsome children

Dukes Mayonnaise , Family Size Tea Bags and EXTRA HEAVY STARCH

 "What are three things you can not get in the North, Alex?"
I , as a rule, do not get my shirts laundered up here, Koda does not care if my pocket is broken or not , as we walk down the trail every day. ( I sometimes worry about it). But, seeing as how this is the big EPISCOPALIAN shin dig this weekend, I figured I would. I go to the dry cleaners that I use here in town, drop off my shirts and ask for extra heavy starch. Now, that was just one extra. Back in the day it was sometimes extra, extra, extra heavy. These were some shirts for Neil as well, and I didn't want him to have his first elbow blow out on the big stage Saturday in front of the gathered muckity-mucks and all of Anglican Rochester.
Neil picked them up this afternoon, and I just sort of checked them... shock and dismay! I can do better starching watching  my stories and drinking that tea that I can not get up here. It is what I would call a light medium starch at best.
 Extra heavy is all together something else. My cuffs were so hard, that once, while being frisked by a overzellous police officer, I was sort of slammed into the wall of the Fulton County lock up, him thinking my cuffs were weapons. Elbows routinely burst open when doing that over under pretzel while shagging. I could wear a shirt three times and it could still sort of stand up on its own. I have known men ( ok, Delts,.. but still) who would leave a party if someone broke their pocket seal. I'll just have to make do this weekend.
It ain't fittin', it just ain't fittin'.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Started tonight, every little ( and Mendon is tiny!) town,village, hamlet up here has a fireman's carnival. The parade is Saturday , but I'll miss it this year. The major difference in Northern Carnivals and Southern ones is : BEER! 

New Irises !

more come in every day!

Dinner with the Johns

Our new friends John and other John, live in the wonderful old 1799ish roadhouse in Lima , NY. It was a beautiful afternoon outside with their corgis, and a very nice dinner. They are a very welcome addition the the area!

reason #3, 241 why we ♥ our Governor

"ALBANY — Gov. David A. Paterson has directed all state agencies to begin to revise their policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, like Massachusetts, California and Canada."
Number one, since I am, well, me.. it means that my own marriage is now safe, something that you straight readers never ever even thought of : " gosh, what if they come and take this away from me tomorrow."
Number Two, in the #1 and #3 most populated states in our country now have full on gay marriage, not some namby pamby civil union, invited-to-the-party-but-don't-get-to-eat-any-cake, marriage lite. Full blown, rice throwing, "not another toaster" marriage. 
I think I'll send him some Banana Bread.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

That Morehouse Man is a MO !

 A very interesting article about being OPENLY gay at Morehouse College. Notice it's from the Los Angeles Times and not the Atlanta Journal- Constitution. Good for the Maroon and White!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

put your arms in the air, show your underarm hair

From our intrepid reporter , B. Day (special to kyle+blog):

Athens, Ga. - For those who were unable to attend The Report of the
Secretaries of State: "Bipartisan Advice to the Next Administration" held
in late March, a one-hour edited version of the two-hour roundtable will be
broadcast on the University of Georgia's cable channel, Channel 15, on
Charter Communications. The program will air on the Athens-area system June
2-6 at 1 p.m. and June 2-8 at 8 p.m.

The original forum took place on March 27, when former Secretaries of State
Henry Kissinger, James Baker III, Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright and
Colin Powell
gathered in Athens to discuss current U.S. foreign policy with
the goal of providing advice to the next presidential administration before
a live audience of more than 2,000. The conference was sponsored by the UGA
School of Law's Dean Rusk Center in association with the Southern Center for
International Studies.
After which they all hit the Taco Stand for some killer bean tacos and then preceded to get shit faced at The Georgia Bar. Christopher hurled like a mofo, and Kissinger slept with an Alpha Gam.

Start of Summer?

Sure , the Lovell-Spencers are sunning themselves silly on Amelia Island, but for us hearty northern folk, we have a FROST WARNING, and Neil and I think that we saw the aura borealis in the sky tonight.  (really) We have seen it here before, and once up on Lake Ontario.

The Town of Mendon Assessment Board

Where one spends a Tuesday evening, when one lives in a lovely , yet ramshackle , 1890 farm house, and they build McMansions all around you.

Iris Blogging ( and a gosling )

Neil is doing a fantastic job with our yard this year, these are the first of our Irises. The yellow and white one should be called Lemon Meringue Pie or Banana Pudding or something like that...