Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Movie Day

It was good.. the end of this second first trilogy of the Xmen movies. Went deep into cannon for some things, skipped right over for others. Neil , not a comic book reader, liked it for starting out telling who everyone was...

Then went over to dinner at our pals Don and Susan, where I forgot to take any photos. AND I found out that today was May 31st and that we have no guests or nothing at all to do tomorrow , which made me very happy. Rest of the week not so much ....


Best decision ever in moving the party a day, Monday was just perfect.

A little bit of a mix up with some folk  -those who couldn't make it Sunday did for Monday , so only a few less people than expected 

People just sort of trickeled in between 3:30 - 4:30, very low key, come in, get a drink and walk around the gardens - hang out, have another drink - chat. Enjoy the lovely day.

Id say about 40 people, maybe a little more.
Never really did a count

and people were all spread out anyway.

I started cooking 5:30 / 6... is

Zweigles Exploding Red and White Hots
really they POP open when you cook them , giving lots of crusty burned bits
which folks up here just love. Im not such a fan
Koda is
Kiddie Pool Full of Salads
  • Baked Potato
  • Carrot w/vanilla yogurt and cardamom
  • Regular Cole Slaw
  • Pasta, Pesto, Peas and Parsley
  • Mixed Chopped Salad ( everything left over from cooking with lots of cucumber - started out life as Tabouli, but someone forgot to buy Bulgar ...)

SO, burgars, hot dogs, the salads, cook out favorite METHODIST BEANS, and chips....
a big store bought cake for the Jeffery , Anne and giant baby, along with one on the way are moving...and a sort of blueberry buckle that some nice lady brought.

IRIS PARTY 2016 part 2

Nitra was worn out!

Folks just ate , chatted, really - it was a nice party 

people just devoured these.. the pan was close to full...
People came and went, sort of open house like. It was a lot of work for Neil and I both, but turned out very well as everyone had a nice time. Perfect way to kick off Summer.

Mendon Memorial Day Parade 2016

 Up in plenty of time to catch the parade ( this has not always been the case ) . Some very nice mounted police officers at the end of our drive/

 Stop to pee on Karin's iris.
 Peonies about to pop!
 Get scared by big fire trucks and start back for home....

 But coaxed back to the parade!
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
 High School ( or middle school , not sure ) Band
 I think the Mendon or maybe Honeoye Falls Fireman's band

There was a convertible full of older veterans ...

 vintage fire trucks 
Just look at that blue sky!
 Then back home after a brief but very nice small town parade.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Long timers will know that Neil cooked tonight - messy photo but one of my favorite meals!

Start of Summer

who can save a party ?

Totally made the right decision about the party - today was a most stormy day. This radar capture is early in the day - just as things were starting to fire up - thunder boomers and downpours came one after the other all afternoon and into the night. 

 Koda and the soggy. Hope things dry out for tomorrow , I have about 60 people coming for supper,

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Best laid plans and all. 

The party is/was tomorrow - but we will still be in the same unstable weather pattern , so Neil made the executive decision to move it to MONDAY afternoon. Hope we got the word out to everyone who had planned on coming - I ll be simi ready tomorrow with some drinks and snacks just in case.

Friday, May 27, 2016


What happens when you send Neil to the store for supper.

They were really good !

plus 2

Did nothing but work in the yard today, mowing, raking, etc. Getting ready for Neil's big extravaganza come Sunday. It is hot - Georgia hot, so rare for up here , and not great for the party. These delicate northern folk wilt easily.

Will be a little bit of a hassle with me and the food for 50 or 60 people - but I will figure something out. Just hope we dont get a thunderstorm.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Re - Boot

 I know I have been a crappy blogger, I have just been at sixes and sevens. Late spring allergies have kicked my butt with the coming of sudden summer. Really, we have gone from down comforter on the bed to the AC on in a week.
 Add too that this weekend is Neils iris party so lots going on to get ready for that. ( LOTS )
 But there was a tower of pink flowers at Wegmans this afternoon
 And Honeoye Falls is all decked out in full red white and blue
 I took dinner over to a St Johns family who.. I dont even know, needed dinner....
 Then late this afternoon took Koda over for a romp with Fletcher

Things will be back to boring normal soon .