Friday, October 30, 2009


Could explain the Vampire Pumpkin...

It's the most wonderful time of the year, two.....

H A L L O W E E N!

Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!

I totally got my Martha on with this one, they are little pumpkins, that is a dessert plate under them.
Your classic, with a port wine stain sort of thing..

Our driveway is yellow, it should come with Muchkins...
A very Halloweenie Picture of tonight's sunset
My vampire Jack-0-lantern came out a little Asian...
David made this very cute Penguin
It's just not Halloween with out him any more...
Coulrophobia Jack-0-lantern
a Harry-o-lanturn
Alien in the bathroom Jack-0-lantern
Koda in his Children of the Corn costume
This turned out to be a really large butternut squash and not a gourd or pumpkin at all, it looks like a mad baby.

A green one.

hand in hand

These two stories fit together quite well.

From the AJC:
Record Halloween Heat for Georgia-Florida
Saturday's Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville might be played in record heat.The Weather Channel's gametime index (available at says the afternoon high could be 88, beating the Halloween record of 86 set in 2004.Four of the past 10 Georgia-Florida games have been played in 80-degree heat, but "Saturday's tilt may feel more like mid-September," according to The Weather Channel.
The forecast calls for a 10 percent chance of a thunderstorm.

And from the Red and Black:
Five Safety Zones Set Up for Georgia-Florida Game
"Tailgaters at the world's largest outdoor cocktail party this year will have more safe havens if they're overwhelmed drinking themselves to the world's largest hangover.
Jacksonville Police will set up five "sideline safety zones" where partiers, regardless of age, can seek help without fear of legal repercussions if intoxicated at this weekend's Georgia Florida rivalry football game.
"Students in particular can go there and get whatever help or assistance they need," said Lauri-Ellen Smith, special assistant to the Jacksonville Sheriff.The zones will offer amenities such as free use of cell phone chargers, free coffee, water and snacks. Zones will be staffed by volunteers helping with issues such as finding lost friends or taxi rides to hotels, and emergency medical services will be on scene helping with any health issues.
Although underage drinkers can seek help at these zones without getting arrested, Smith warned against approaching zones carrying an open container of alcohol.
"We certainly want them to reach out for help, but walking up there with an open container becomes a law enforcement issue," she said."

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It looks like we are going to go to a real Halloween party tomorrow night. Grown ups, costumes, drinks... I believe games. As a rule this sort of thing scares me, and I really do not like it when , other people, let down all their inhibitions and act all crazy. BUT, I have decided that my time here at the monastery is coming to a close.

I think the last time I "dressed up" on Halloween was...... Milledgeville; fall of some early 80's undergrad year. The story starts out with " Paul Weir and I....", many of you long time readers know that for the most part when a story of mine starts out with " Paul Weir and I" it ends up with " we then made bail, and somehow Paul got them not to press charges" We lived in that complex .. out by the lake. Really, these are brain cells that have not sparked in years and years. I went as John Belushi, normal cloths and flour all over my face.. I was all about being tasteful even then. That cute blond local guy that was in love with one of the Lauras thought it was real coke and got all freaked out, I seem to remember a costume contest at that bar downtown..... again the story started with " Paul Weir and I " , so it is fuzzy....

Fast forward a few years and its the early gay 90's! All out and proud Kyle , but no way , no how the draggy Halloween for me , that was all the rage back then. Good ole Richard and those two cute boys that he lived with out in Brookhaven got Beth, Susan and Slaugthers bridesmaids dresses from Jodi's first, and went as " always a brides maid , never a bride", not all that funny , other than the fact that so very little alteration had to be done on the dresses. Acres and Acres of Pink moray taffeta with a lime sherbet sash and.. wait for it... Madonna gloves.. there must be pics somewhere....

As for tomorrow night, I have no real idea. Shirley Booth is my first choice , but these kids today with their long hair and video games really have no idea who Hazel is, someone would ask if I was Barbara Bush or something.

Fireman?, Indian Chief?, random disgraced Republican from South Carolina? I will keep you posted....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

365, really?


A calendar year ago, the mighty mighty number six in the country Bulldawgs were on their way down to everyones favorite city on the St. John's to beat those number eight hatedgators! YES, we were going to beat them again! More dancing on the goal line. Sure it turned into the usual Florida spanking of their neighbors to the north, BUT, that Thursday night! This year , it's the no where to be seen, tail-between-their-legs,Bulldogs limping down to JAX to meet the #1 G****S.

We were five short, nail biting days out from the most important Presidential election held in a generation, sure , retrospect, it was not so much of a squeaker, but, back then, back a year ago, I for one was on edge, and blogging like a crazy person.

Today was a perfectly lovely day, really, the rain stopped, a little big sunny, not as all as cold as it could be this time of year. I made that big pot of Taco Soup, got a little Project Runway coming up, Yankees are down one game and tied in the bottom of the 4th right now. Not a thing wrong with today, just not the same energy that there was just ONE short year ago tonight. That , and we look really cute in this picture.

Dinner and then some.

Goya was two for a dollar at the Wegmans this afternoon.
That can only mean one thing:

There area a lots and lots of Taco Soup recipes out there, they are all pretty much the same
I started with Miss Paula's and added. Always use Hominy and not corn in almost anything
that calls for canned corn. I added some sausage, just because I like it. No olives.
Hamburger and onions
Freetos, cheese , sour cream, and salsa. This is just the best junk food.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dinner, Tuesday

Some church, some where, for some reason... really, I napped.
Don't judge, they are Yankees...

They did have a very nice oven/range /flat top set up. The Church ladies thought I was a little odd for coming into the kitchen and taking this pic, so I did not get one of the very nice pot sink, that I wanted.
Bryan gave me this wonderful travel pillow tonight! Ya'll know what a warm back seat does to me while driving, so that and this pillow was just what I needed post a dull church service zzzzzzz. Thanks to Father Bryan for the gift, such a sweet guy.

Koda, in stalk mode

Yesterday, when it was bright and sunny and warm, today is grey, rainy and cool.... ahhh, yesterday:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Life Well Lived

Sad day here in Mendon as Pookie has gone to join Dickie and Miss Daisy in that land that flows with tennis balls and over stuffed chairs, where it's always 5:25 with a turkey in the oven.
She started not feeling well on Friday afternoon and was gone by this morning, it was peaceful and fast, two rare things for her. Every dog on the planet deserves to lead the life that she led.

This is the day she came home from the pound, we just KNEW she would grow up to look just like Dickie. We were wrong. Her name is really Laika, she just preferred Pookie.
Nap time on 4th Street
The well chewed window ledge, it was doggie tv .
Playing cards, she sometimes cheated.
With Dickie and Miss Daisy in College Park

The EVER present tennis ball
The Easter sort of Beagle.
A sunny spot in Winder.
She used to own the trail, no rabbit was safe, nor garbage can in the house.
Never really developed a love for the snow.
With Koda and Toebie.
This is just a few days ago, she is 18 years old!