Thursday, October 29, 2009

365, really?


A calendar year ago, the mighty mighty number six in the country Bulldawgs were on their way down to everyones favorite city on the St. John's to beat those number eight hatedgators! YES, we were going to beat them again! More dancing on the goal line. Sure it turned into the usual Florida spanking of their neighbors to the north, BUT, that Thursday night! This year , it's the no where to be seen, tail-between-their-legs,Bulldogs limping down to JAX to meet the #1 G****S.

We were five short, nail biting days out from the most important Presidential election held in a generation, sure , retrospect, it was not so much of a squeaker, but, back then, back a year ago, I for one was on edge, and blogging like a crazy person.

Today was a perfectly lovely day, really, the rain stopped, a little big sunny, not as all as cold as it could be this time of year. I made that big pot of Taco Soup, got a little Project Runway coming up, Yankees are down one game and tied in the bottom of the 4th right now. Not a thing wrong with today, just not the same energy that there was just ONE short year ago tonight. That , and we look really cute in this picture.


Anonymous said...

You autta be watching the late night tonight

Anonymous said...

Craig is quite funny

Anonymous said...

A goat that has put on a few pounds?