Thursday, July 31, 2008

The New Paint ! ( and Koda and a purple tree)

This is only the first coat, and there is only the tiny bit of trim painted. It is a little bit more olive than I thought it was going to be, but I do like it, very much, especially with the light khaki trim. It is a very nice combo of colors. It keeps raining, so who knows when it will be done, I may have my own Eldin for a while.

Zippy and Dick are OIL MEN......

Happy Days are here again! Exxon is doing well!
We are paying 4$ + for gas and they are rolling in the dough. AND, All John McCain and the loathsome G.O.P can talk about is OFFSHORE DRILLING. MORE MONEY for the Oil Companies.
Stupid is as stupid does ..... 

women we love

Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter.
I've been doing things around the house this morning with c-span on in the back ground. She is leading the fight to make it illegal to pay women less for equal work. Damn, that seems like a no brainier... 2008, people.. hello?? The knuckle dragger on the right, just keeps on standing up and demanding that the oil companies need to be able to drill offshore, same, same, same.
Number one , Ms. Slaughter is from Kentucky, and DEEP Kentucky at that. The hills and valleys of mining country are still in here voice, a MUCH needed sound of normalcy here in Upstate NY. The GOP powers that be in the NY State Legislature keep doing their best to gerrymander her out of power, but no matter how wacky they make her district look, she easily wins. Despite representing a historically Republican area, Slaughter is one of the most liberal members of the New York congressional delegation from upstate New York. Indeed, among Congressmen from upstate, only fellow Democrat Maurice Hinchey has a lower lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union. She is one of several Democratic congressmen and senators who post at Daily Kos, a Democratic-oriented blog. She is strongly pro choice, and has ALWAYS been a strong supporter of glbt issues, including marriage equality.
She is not my Congressperson. I am too far south . Don't even ask about mine, We are working hard to fix the problem. (Eric Massa for Congress)
A true voice for the good guys, there in Washington.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The New Trim Color.

I love it, really, it is much more buttery than it looked in the store , sort of a nice golden khaki. It's going to look wonderful. The painter only got to start today, because it rained, again.

Now, Where will underage girls from Savannah throw up after UGA football games??

Per B. Day ( special to the kyle+blog) 
Kappa Alpha fraternity house demolition underway
Athens, Ga. - Preliminary work toward demolition of the former Kappa Alpha
fraternity house located at 294 S. Lumpkin Street in Athens is underway this
week, with demolition to begin in earnest next week and the entire project
to be completed by the end of August. After following the standard approval
process through the University System of Georgia Board of Regents for
demolition of any building on university property, final approval for the
demolition was received on July 24.
Constructed in 1938, the house became occupied by Kappa Alpha fraternity in
1953. The last major renovation to the building was made in 1969, and Kappa
Alpha vacated it earlier this year. It is in poor condition, boarded up and
unoccupied. The University of Georgia will use the site for further
improvements under its Northwest Precinct master plan, which expands
academic facilities westward from the historic North Campus.

Really Big Batman

So, this new BATMAN movie is, they say, well on its way to beating TITANIC as the biggest money making movie , ever. We chucked in out part to the pile yesterday, but it still has a long way to go to get to 1, 800, 000, 000 . ( that is A BILLION, eight hundred million !)
What did I think... 
Well, its a Batman movie, neat cars and gadgets and a lot of stuff blows up. Part of what I guess is pushing the hype is HEATH LEDGER's Joker. He is a wonderful actor and his Joker is way way convincing. It is creepy, the whole clown thing creeps me out anyway, and they soooo know that there are lot's of folks out there with the coulrophobia, they use it well. His performance is cutting edge creepy, but not as scary as I thought it would be. Its like when I, at last saw, The EXORCIST many many years after it had first come on, and was just not all that scared by it, because NOTHING could live up to that hype. Unlike the very first HALLOWEEN, which I knew nothing about going on and all but peed on my self , its the not knowing. ( I will not go into my reaction to BLAIR WITCH, because in the end that was just really embarrassing for me and for Mark. But lets face it , he and I could over analyze pretty much anything at all to death)
But , back to my review of the movie.. what is it called anyway.. I just said " Batman", but it is called THE DARK KNIGHT. 100% the winner was IMAX!  WOW, Its like you are seeing your very first movie ever... so big, so clear, so crisp,.. can not say enough good things about seeing any movie in this format. I am going to start a letter writing campaign
Is DARK KNIGHT the greatest movie ever? No. It's not even my favorite Batman movie ( that would be the last one) I don't think it was as good as IRON MAN. I've never ever been a huge Batman fan... and really never been a fan of the JOKER as a character. I've always been like , "just freaking shoot the guy , get it over with , and go have a nice dinner"... but, I tend to be a little more black and white than most. 
If this is the type of movie you like , go see it! If you can, go see it in IMAX. I for one don't think that Jack and Rose have anything to fear from Bruce, or his giant Imaxed eye mole thingy.

Wonder Pookie

Be impressed!
She is like seventeen years old.. we should all be so lucky!

The third thing I will do when I get an extra 1600 bucks

1600 dollars!
But, darn, how I want it! It's some high end famous top of the line grill company, it just sort of happens to look like a pink pig. COME ON, I was born in ATLANTA, and its a PINK PIG!!!.....( and really, NOTHING says Christmas, like a pink pig...and a coconut cake)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your gin soaked pilot and his full day.

 Happy , Happy, Joy, Joy.
The day started with the painter waking us up, well, Koda waking us up by going crazy as the painter unloaded his ladders and such. Today was pressure washing day. Who knew that could make such a difference! I don't even think we need to paint now, but , we will carry on.
No need in staying around and watching the cleaning going on , so off to see BATMAN , BUT,  not just Batman, : BATMAN AT THE IMAX!
But FIRST: The Buffet at THALI OF INDIA!  again, happy, happy, joy, joy. I LOVE Indian food, and this must be good, because the only guy I know who is really from India likes the place. Today they had lamb curry! ( slap your mama!) the waiter told us that they had run out of chicken and had to put the lamb out on the buffet.... note to self, always hit THALI late! 
Then off to the movie.
First thing, omg! , every movie from here on out should be seen in IMAX! It was crazy... there are all these flying cityscapes in BATMAN, that , to me, were just the star of the show! The movie itself, I'll write about tomorrow.. it's on it's way to TITANIC numbers, so what ever this lowly blogger thought about it is at best, unimportant, and better left to less toddy fingers!
Then hit the Garden Store , plants and flowers go very much on sale this late in the summer! Sure it will snow here in like six weeks, but we are a hearty hopeful lot!
Home for chicken and sausages on the grill, with marrow bones for the pups, a BIG back yard night here in Mendon. It stopped raining at last, a lovely night. A little gin as the chicken cooked ( my new thing, I put the chicken on the lower rack, with Italian Sausage on the top rack, and let the sausage drippings drip down on the chicken, y-u-m-m-y)
We came in to eat and found AUNTIE MAME on TMC.... really, kids, does it get any better.... 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

early , early, early , early.... is running with this tonight. 
Crazy early, ( isn't it ?, I mean isn't that what you are supposed to say about Presidential Elections in July??) but it has Senator Obama in what you could call, a blow-out. NORTH CAROLINA??  INDIANA??  COLORADO?!?!? ALL in play? Even Georgia and South Carolina only leaning , leaning! towards Senator McCain.
Let's face it, the man had a week that politicians only dream of, now and forever it is KENNEDY, REAGAN and OBAMA in Germany. He was dazzling on television, and as good as he is, McCain is THAT bad. He is all white, hair, skin, outlook. He blends into the background , his voice is monotone. He is the worst President for TV in my lifetime.
I have not been at all fired up about this election post Hillary getting her hat handed to her. I was licking my wounds, and mad. There were a lot of me's out there. But, we are Democrats, we heal very fast. This week sort of fired us up a little bit, started getting that itch again, How much fun elections can be. How much fun WINNING can be. How much fun NOT having ZIPPY in the White House will be.


Neil got this great screen capture from a video he took, what a great show it was.




Redwing pitcher BRIAN DUENSING will be on TEAM USA in the 2008 Beijing Olympics! He was honored tonight pre-game, where the team all pitched and and gave him money to fly his wife over to watch , how nice! 
  1. Team USA photo
  2. a rope fence. Behind the rope fence is Brian Duensing throwing out the first pitch tonight
  3. Parker showing us the real uniform that Brian will wear!


I love these pics, they are taken with my camera set on the FIREWORKS setting.  I can not , for some reason, post FROM youtube to blogger, so I'll have to link it, watch here: FIREWORKS.

Harborfest 2008

Oswego, New York.
"Gosh, where have I heard or read that name before", all of you who don't live in Upstate, New York are asking yourself. TEN FEET OF SNOW, plus every year. It's like the snow capitol of the universe. BUT, In the summer they have a very nice , very large party called HARBORFEST.
Every year the Grucci family, who are the leading providers of all the major fireworks events in the whole world,put on the huge show.They are FROM the Oswego area, so it's like a gift they give back the area each year. The local Nuclear plant pays for it. It is an AMAZING show!
It is a huge festival as well, lots of food, rides, bands ( we missed Blood , Sweat and Tears!)
  1. I get on the shuttle bus in Oswego, New York, and look who gets on and sits right beside me!  A Bulldog fan! GO DAWGS!  This man and his wife are from St. Mary's, Georgia, even though they live near Gainesville, Fla. now. They were with a very obnoxious Gator fan. ( why do they always have to live up to their reputation) The Bulldawg Nation is everywhere!
  2. View of the Oswego Yacht Club
  3. our camp
  4. Stuart , the Budweiser Clydesdale
  5. a storm, way over the lake, before the fireworks

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joe hates me

I was never a coffee drinker, always was a Diet Coke, (ok, started out with TAB and now moved on to Coke Zero ) drinker first thing in the morning. BUT, seeing as how I live in the great frozen North, I started maybe a little over a year ago , drinking coffee in the mornings. It sort of gave me a tiny little buzz, a jolt of happy first thing in the a.m.. I started drinking lots of it. Two splendas and milk. Yes, sissy coffee at best , but I love it.
SO, tooling along, drinking that morning Joe, happy as a clam, when : "DARN these Summer allergies have never been this bad". "WOW, my ears have not been totally shutting down like this in a while, what ever could be blooming!?",  and why does it only set off like this first thing in the mornings?
Add COFFEE to the list of three million things that I am allergic to! Really, it just totally clogs up my ears , on first sip.. and lasts for hours , its like being on a plane only your ears will not "pop"...
So,  good bye, Joe  ( Wegmans brand 100% Colombian) it was a brief , but happy affair. We will always have C-span and reading the newspapers online.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another trip to a Daylily garden

This is just some peoples back yard in Rochester, they have these "open garden" days where people can stop in and ask questions, just sort of tour. It's a pretty amazing garden in a pretty small space. 
He sells some bulbs late in the summer/early fall when they are all finished being flowers .

bye bye Charleston Green

No one liked the dark dark green idea except me, and in the end , I think everyone was right. There is just too much of the trim to go that dark. The colors that we picked are "GREENBRIER" ( which is sort of a dusty sage-ie pretty green, more green than in the pick) and "ALMOND TREE" ( which is a grey/ khaki color ) They do look pretty together.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I still love Jelly Doughnuts

  Two Hundred Thousand!
Is this even possible? It's the number that is all over the internets of the estimate of the crowd at Senator Obama's speech in Berlin this afternoon. If it's true , its over the top crazy. 
Should McCain just drop out now?

True Colors

 We are painting the house! 
I am thinking the exact same color green with a Charleston Green  ( pretty much black) trim.

those kids today, with their long hair and their rock music....

And their WATCHES! 
Drinking and time keeping? come on : " Everytime you start drinking, it gets dark (or late) ".
This is a copy of an E-vite that B. Day recieved. Now , I lived in this neighborhood for years and  sometimes it takes thirty min, in a croweded VA-HI bar, to even get a drink. BUT, I do love the pure moxie of adding the Chevron station parking lot to the list...IF I had a nickel...

Location: Rocco/Matt/Robin's House
910 Drewry St, Atlanta, GA 30306 US
View Map |
When: Saturday, August 2, 7:00PM

Rory Shaffer & Ashley Sprowl... 2 birthday celebrations in the same night!

Be at Roccos at 7pm for a keg & flip cup to get warmed up.

Then we head to the bars where for the real competition. Fill out a score card and will be awarded accordingly at the end of the night or when you pass out!

The schedule is:

DIESEL 9:30 - 10

TACO MAC 10 - 10:30

CHEVRON STATION (buy alcohol to drink in Spooner's yard)
10:30 - 11

MOES & JOES 11 - 11:30

FONTAINES 11:30 - 12

HIGHLAND TAP 12 - 12:30

After that - who knows?

Alcoholetes MUST take a drink at each bar. You'll get points for each drink:
Tequila 5 pts
Jager: 4 pts
Other Shot: 3 pts
Mixed Drink: 2 pts
Beer: 1 pt
Water: -1 pt

At the end of the night you'll be awarded according to your score. If the judges are still conscious...

rain delay pics