Friday, February 29, 2008

" Hu's on first"

Braves just beat the Dodgers 10-3 , opening day game of Spring Training. Some much needed Florida sun here in frigid upstate New York.
Chin-Lung Hu, got a hit in the top of the 9th..... yes, HU was on first. 
life is good

stupid doctors' stupid waiting rooms

I KNOW!, lets take all the sick people in an area, AND a bunch of crawling little petri dishes and chuck them together in a small airless room THEN make them wait and wait. Modern science or just basic job security. 
NINE+ vials of blood and , what I am guessing LOTS of blue cross/blue sheild's money, we find out " well, you probably have the flu, we cant tell or anything, but, sure .. flu". Neil wouldn't let me go back with him, because I don't hold doctors in quite the awe that he does. 
" I guess you have the flu"?? did the runes you cast tell you that?  I asked Neil was there a jar of leeches in the office. Could this be part of the real heath care crisis in America? LOTS and LOTS of tests and such for... " ummm, sure dude, flu"

Happy Birthday

Clark Kent!

Yuri and Laura

Thursday, February 28, 2008


he is NOT making this easy....

Senator Obama does not have to do this.
The job is his, he can coast, he can pull to the middle,which all candidates do once they have won the primaries. And yet , today , he released an open letter to the gay community, saying ALL the right things. Not the "M" word , of course, but still, its a damn good first step. 

shouldn't you be taking care of your sick husband?

YOU decide, the judges went with RAMI ( the bottom collection), but they have fawned over him all season long, and well, M. Kors hates the fat boys. I like Chris'. Yes, it goes a tiny bit toward costume, but that blue coat is just fugly. LOVED , cant say enough about, the safety pin dress, safety pins and human hair... come on, its Totally what NANCY would have worn today, you know, if she had not overdosed all those many years ago.
live long punk

road trip!

Enough with the one blinking light-ness that is Mendon. Lets see whats going on in the BIG town of Honeoye Falls!


Nice ad. Does sort of soften the blow of Hillary not winning. Lets hope he can stick to his guns once he is in the White House. Bill Clinton had the monkey-on-his-back of being the "draft dodger" so he had to capitulate to Sam Nunn's HORROR that men could  have to shower with gays. ( fantastic cnn footage back then of Nunn in a submarine shower stall).
 Morning in America?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

feel the love

Neil , taken from a locked down school in the Ambulance to the hospital! Where six hours later, and LOTS of blood drawn, they tell us he is pretty darn sick, but it's , well it could be, just a really nasty flu! and sent us home... the honeymoon goes on! 
A million thank- yous to the reverends Gandell and Bedell! and to Linda for stopping by, all the folks at Indian Landing for being over the top kind.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


  All over the news tonight: a McCain supporter DARED to criticize Senator Obama, used his middle name "mocking-ly" ( the horror!) called him the "profit from Chicago"... McCain was shocked,and begged forgiveness ,  Cry-Wolf Blitzer, latest reports, Barack was fine. Hope everyone saw the opening of snl on youtube before NBC pulled it, covered this topic. The press loves loves loves their Barack! This should all make for a very civil general election.
I'll watch the debate tonight, should be the last one. My ex, Andrew Sullivan says BHO should appoint HRC to be a SCOTUS. I would love that...
POST DEBATE update.... cue Jack Jones with the Love Boat theme... everyone is proud, Hillary loves the blacks, Barack loves the ladies. She should not have said anything about SNL, he should have said Farahakahn (?) is a joke. Nothing changed. I think she will win Ohio and Texas, could be wrong, have been pretty much all along with Senator Obama. If she doesn't win, both, she will get out.. if she wins.. who knows.. 

so, Rosie dear,...

bring chicken soup down to the pier

play date

big big snow

was snowing when we woke up this morning, and going to snow till Thursday. 12-18 inches... big big snow...

Monday, February 25, 2008

a NEW set of stripes!

will the Rocket be wearing prison stripes instead of Yankee ones??

why we ♥ Dahn Dean Gandell

we are here....

Neil and Dan protest

Toronto 1

kyle+blog house keeping

not at all sure what is up with the odd comments.. think its just some sort of spam/virus slam..  DO NOT go to any odd links.. I think i changed the comment page so that I have to approve them first, but who knows if i really did or not. I am only one man, and this stuff is hard

A Pookie Posting


  was at a lovely party and sort of drank my way through them. Plus, saw so very few of the movies: There will be blood...I won't be going. There will be Sarah Jessica Parker in pretty dresses.....That I'll flock too. 
Pretty tame year fashion wise, seemed to be all about the red and the black. Can't really go wrong there. The size zero , skin and bone look it really getting tired ( yes, we mean you Renee') Tilda Swinton.. love it or hate it, at least she did something different! good for her

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

its better to talk about it, than eat it

BEN and JERRY's flavor generator!  honey-ginger swirl!   sweet cream and ginger ice cream with honeycomb/walnuts/white chocolate chunks with a honey swirl!   
#2: sweet georgia brown! peach and sweet cream ice cream with peach/pie crust/white chocolate chunks and a carmel swirl!
what's yours?

your first time

what was then called the I&I club, had been the b&l warehouse, went on to mid 80's fame as Buckhead Beach . Some band, could not  have cared any  less, but it was fun to dance too, that was all we cared about that night, oh, and how many bandanas i could wear at one time. Dan was pissed that i was acting so goofy, that would happen often... everyone and his brother claims to have seen them at Tyrone's, which was the worlds smallest bar, and they didn't play there all that much at all, But Tyrones didn't card and had cheap beer when you were there to see the Normal Town Flyers. Or the real wankers who are always claiming 40 watt ... which , i belive at the time had already moved from what is now the starbucks. Must have been pre chronic town, but i dont really remember
Supernatural Superserious .... watch the video, go to itunes when Accelerate comes out, buy it, pretend you are back in college....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

money, money, money!

John McCain may have to be dipping into Cindy's oh so deep pockets. His campaign could be members of the CSOPWWTGDBAGNM ("Chamblee Society of People who want to get Drunk, but aint got no Money").... they ended up January with more money going out than they had on hand. He raised 12.7 mil in the month, and so far a whopping 48.7 million since he started his run to the White House.ON THE OTHER HAND:
Barack Obama raised 36.7 mil in January alone and ...( drum roll) 137 MILLION dollars since he started, and thats not all from Oprah. 

a little C&H...

hate the hype, love the hyped

Wade through all the over the top, way too self important, hollywood starlett filled , malarkey, and you end up with these pictures. Old New England ruling class, blue as blood gets in the U.S. , and a first generation , at least half, African. Even the jaded writing staff at kyle+blog can see , at least , some this.
The question for me is, can he overcome his own zeal?  AND, just wait, America, if we had fun with good ole Billy Carter and Roger Clinton wait till we get to know Abongo Obama!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Theme Tuesday

sexually ambiguous pop stars sing Moon River.Sound and Picture are better in link .  ( meat is murder)

but, Kyle, you are deep down, shallow

I Saw this on MSNBC and this is not a good pic, but I swear, All-the-money-Cindy is wearing a tiny crown pin on her lapel.
 NOT that there is anything at all wrong with wearing crowns, you know, pretty much at any time, day-night or in between. Just maybe not if you are the first lady, I mean it pisses poor frail Nancy off when they start stealing from her.

Amber waves

9:18  "faster than a speeding bullet"..... NBC calls it for Senator Obama.... EIGHTEEN FREAKING MINUTES. We need to .... I need to start getting used to the fact, that it is going to be him.
Ok, here is the deal. There was this giant billboard over WOOFS in Atlanta ( right across the street from the Lindbergh MARTA station,- HIGH traffic) Huge pic of Sean Hannity and his hair, and the words, STOP HILLARY NOW. The vast right wing conspiracy that  nut job speaks for HATES her, but they also HATE me. I , unlike all the Obama-manics don't just want him/us to win. I want them to lose. I want the mongers of hate , the Limbaughs, the Dobsons, the Coulters and their many evil minions to LOSE. I wanted them to wake up, YES , all full of piss and vinegar, but wake up in November with HILLARY CLINTON as their President. NOT the best reason to wish someone was the President, but it was my main reason. Odd thing too, is for the most part, they did HATE John McCain, as well.
I am VERY sure that they will quickly learn to feel the same way about Senator Obama, and he should wear that as a badge of honor. His whole schtick is " bringing the country together" ( well that is that hope thing too, but I've lost enough sleep over that) but , as he will find out, it doesnt want to be brought together, neither side is going to give an inch. Gay Rights, Reproductive Rights, the right to NOT be hammered over the head with your voodoo and religion.. these are not lightly held positions on either side. The country appears divided, BECAUSE the country IS divided. 
Hillary Clinton has kept on the softest of kid gloves when dealing with him, because she would have needed his passion and voters. John McCain will not. I hope there is some steel in that very skinny frame, after tonight, he is going to need it

its a cheese clock!

One hour till we know anything, im sure some nail nibbling in both camps. I haven't even thought about Hawaii, since its Senator Obama's homestate.. but NYT is saying it could be close.

Fairport N.Y., 3:15 pm

Just back from the vet, and Apollo, ( rear dog) is old but doing just fine. Would that we could all say the same!

Snowy Tuesday Happy Thing

shiny even:


ummmm, Cheese, beer, the Brewers, (Braves used to be in Milwaukee) 7th inning stretch has the wiener races..... cheese...The Badgers. 
6.48 % African-American, of that over 50% in Milwaukee. This is a WHITE part of the world. A seemingly odd place for Senator Clinton to have to take a stand,  should be a walk away for her. We will see. If Senator Obama wins today, and wins big, the Clinton camp will have to make some hard decisions. Ill be waiting by the phone....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents Day 2

The flip side, a young GEORGE III

too much time on the air OR

just plain stupid ?
 OK, my blood pressure won't take me watching the idiotic Chris Matthews show.. ( and really, " hard ball".. just a little too suggestive!) but, Neil had in on in the room next door, an entire panel of his ilk babbling on and on abut how rotten to the bone Bill Clinton is. HOW many media fortunes have been made talking about this!
"Will Bill Clinton be silent in the White House?!?" Will Cindy McCain,  will Michelle Obama. COME on kiddies, lets at least try and mask the sexism a little tiny bit... pretend your knuckles are not all scraped up...

Happy Presidents Day

and for the many kyle+blog readers north of the border: Happy Family Day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

who gives a f**k?

 And by that , i do mean, " who gives a f**k", not who gives a fuck. More of an over all idea, a AUCK FUBURN or an "I heart New York", stuff happends, if you will. Hillary, Obama, its time, lets just decide. He has oh so peaked, this letter is PERFECT (its me, not you.. space, blah , blah, blah). I still think / know, that Hillary will be a much better President. Senator Obama is a MUCH better candidate. Hard work, in a bring-home-the-bacon-fry-it-up-in-a-pan sort of way combined with an intense love of policy wonkishness just can't top cool Uber-hip young musicians on the YES WE CAN video ( no linkage, please, Im queasy enough from the 200 Coronas and the white chicken chili.. yes, we can, throw up on your shoes)
SO, its BARACK, praise Jesus! In a year when a sitting republican President has an approval rating somewhere south of sand in the bathtub and ring worm, the Democrats, put forth THE most liberal first term YOUNG african american Senator from a state the the Democrats always win. YES , I CAN, freak the world out with some knee jerk capitulating to the far left, and screw up Iraq even more than it already is. YES, I CAN, offer up no real policy differences that Senator Clinton, but I can give a speech that fires up ever cheerleader with a texting plan. TV matters, RIGHT NOW matters. Lets all wish him the best! 

spring at last, spring at last...

Living this far north, Spring Training just seems to mean more. AND!  this year with Tommy and Javy back in the fold.. stupid, stupid TBS...

Big night in Mendon

Alex visits from Geneva. Those HWS boys are so very nice!