Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wendell Gee (Athens Demo)


It's a post Buckeye Apocalypse world

I was wrong in thinking that a one loss Ohio State would remain in the hunt for the championship, since their loss was to the #5 team. I was wrong. The gridiron illiterate have shown Urban the door. And Christmas just came early for the Clempsons!

  4. IOWA                                                                                                                                                SO, the roll of Notre Dame v Stanford this coming weekend will be played by Oklahoma v Oklahoma State. I dont think anyone saw that coming. Clemson is not going to lose to a South Carolina that lost to THE CITIDEL. You can't ever ever rule out some Iron Bowl hijinx, but it is a pretty safe bet that Bama will beat Auburn. Which leaves us with Iowa v Purdue...... yeah, your guess is as good as mine, with I guess Iowa winning, meaning that is who Clemson would have their simi finial with. The other being , as of now, Alabama / Oklahoma - a throw back to the 70's , 80's sort of game that the ghost of Keith Jacksons voice will haunt.
  5. Michigan State
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Baylor
  8. Ohio State
  9. Stanford 
  10. Michigan
  11. Oklahoma State
  13. Florida State
  14. Navy
  15. Northwestern
  16. Oregon
  17. OLE MISS
  18. TCU
  19. Washington State
  21. UCLA
  22. Utah
  23. Toledo 
  24. Temple

Thanksgiving Advent

 Pittsford City Hall jumping the guy a tiny bit
 A mountain of Sweet Potatoes 
 And a mile of turkeys
My buggy

Wegmans was really not at all crazy as I thought it would be today, but it was a little early in the afternoon so maybe when folks got off work. 

Spring Awakening

I really hope to make it down to NYC to see this wonderful show before it goes away...

Monday, November 23, 2015

The late first one

 Woke up to a bit of a surprise snow this morning. Before I went to bed last night folks up in Rochester were posting pics of their first one of the year - I didn't think that we would get any. I was wrong. The Thruway did not do its magic last night...

 It was very pretty. Cold clean blue sky and the fresh white of new snow...

 Koda in his true element

It was mostly all gone by early afternoon....

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Thanksgiving Miracle - SNL

Sunday Lunch

 Some Iris folks over for a meeting today - called for a big pot of soup!

This from an old 2013 k+b post

It was even more sort of today because I did not want to drive to Wegmans to make this , so everything from the Mendon Market. Meaning no swiss chard or napa cabbage. Plain old bought by the side of the road green cabbage and spinach.
I swear this soup is magic- it tastes so good and is only water based. Wait till you have a crowd to make it though - the four of us ate and I took my neighbor a big bowl with still a lot left over. Put in anything you want after the water goes in - very forgiving, the trick is the bacon/garlic step and toasting the tomato paste...

Perfect Fall Sunday Soup