Thursday, October 20, 2016


My Italian State Dinner post, which are some of the most popular ones on here IS in the works, they just take me a while... 

rainy fall day

 Putting a real dent in the drought - hard rain this morning and tonight, much needed, but put a damper on the day. Just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment - nothing major at all. A lot of it is pure political exhaustion and the State Dinner, the Debate and tonight's Al Smith dinner all sort of piled up.

 Busy week coming up as well, so I need to get caught up! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Pork Chop
the size of your head

Green Beans

Roasted Farm Stand Butternut Squash
with red onion and sage

Wild and not wild rice

I had to go to Costco to get gas today, and ran in to get a few things - seeing these pork chops, 12 of them. I was in a hurry and just tossed them in the buggy. Not realizing that the white Styrofoam tray they were in was curved like a bowl. When I got home to cook them I realized they were just HUGE, the thickest pork chops I have ever cooked. Two plus inches...

I seared them in a hot lined pan then put them on some veggies with a little stock , and did 45 min at 350ยบ covered in foil.

Virginia, the priest of St John's asked me last night if I would take dinner to a family where the guy is not doing so well, and of course I said yes. But either I did not ask or I assumed ( you know...) that it was only for two people and it was not, four I think.  This is what I took them, same dinner that we had, and I took A LOT... but only two of these huge chops, and I would have done four. But goodness they are big enough for two.

Indigenous Peoples Summer

We had about three seconds of freezing temps this past week, just enough to kill off the last of the dahlias. From that night on it has been July, really. Today, late mid October and it was 80 + here in Mendon, and as you can tell from this pic bright and sunny.

NO ONE is complaining at all.. none of us talk about it, as if it were a no hitter. " Nice day, isn't it", folks on the trail will mutter in passing.. hoping I don't answer back and jinx us all. It can happen here. This week is the 10 year anniversary of a monster surprise snow storm that hit Buffalo and points west of here dumping feet of sudden snow . 

Nothing like that today, even though it is the last day of it, some big rain tonight and some slightly cooler temps to follow, with even the threat of the lone drippy wet snowflake falling from the sky this weekend.


After going down to a 3 - 1 in the ALCS to the Clevelands ( ALL of Canada refused to say Indians ) the TORONTO BLUE JAYS came roaring back to life in a 5 - 1 romp in an afternoon game across the lake in Toronto.

Other than me and the 400 MLB fans in Canada - the entire baseball universe is rooting for the cursed  Chicago Cubs, that and Cleveland JUST won a championship. Now all they have to do is win three straight to be in the World Series again !

getting old is not for....

 IF you have to go to a meeting on 
you should have snacks!
 including graveyard dirt cupcakes!

Then went to a dinner at a nice little place right there in Honeoye Falls.

 Neil had a Guinness Beef Pot Pie
I had a kitchen sink burger.