Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I hate people # 47

The Morning After , again

Boston and the rest of New England are taking the full brunt of the storm that was supposed to hit NYC and did not. We had almost as much snow as they did down there - and just called it Tuesday.  

Out story is being back in the deep freeze, we got a nice long walk in today, and hopefully one tomorrow then it will just be quick business minded jaunts out.

And this is Rochester's forecast, we will be a little bit colder ....

Pushing '16

Monday, January 26, 2015

Feeling your pain.

As I type this the Eastern Seaboard is getting hammered with winter storm Juno - when I stopped watching tv tonight the snow fall estimates in NYC were being lowered a bit - but then I saw some things in the paper that said, the tv talking heads were wrong and it was all still coming down hard.
So, waiting for Junoman was on in the background all day long - as it was snowing all day long here, and it is very cold. We are back to not being above freezing the rest of the week, with a little sub zero by Friday or so - which is all 100% normal for January in lower Ontario.

But, my brain had this massive blizzard coming towards us - so I went into storm mode, thinking something was about to happen, wanting to just be hunkerd down - when will this fresh hell be over ?

The only car in the Mendon Meadows Market Parking Lot

Yeah, but it is just an average night here in Mendon and I am just way way to susceptible to the television.

I did make a big pot of yummy soup.

Daily Koda ( 's friends )

On Monday's I visit with the pups next door ....

Superbowl Amuse-bouche

Sunday, January 25, 2015


We are back in that totally rare sweet spot time of  year when Sunday nights are just the highlight of the week - tv wise ( the rest of our watching week is just pretty much MSNBC and Househunters ). This one possible may be the very best ever - even with MAD MEN, CALL THE MIDWIFE , Game of Thrones and some possible SHERLOCK to come


This is just pure cheeky British fun - with us not knowing half of what they are talking about. But the biggest GASP of the night from all four of these shows was when someones tiered pie ( not at all what you would think.... ) almost fell over. I just love it.


Oh my goodness... what is Lord Fellowes doing to us this season?!? Is it just me or have we gone slightly off the rails here ? Just way way improbable things happening there at the big house. Crazy mixing of up and down stairs with most of the posh lot seemingly just going around in circles. Bringing up the death of Mr. Green again, really....zzzzz....Edith stalking that poor baby , the weird teacher woman that I guess has a room somewhere in the manse .... lets hope things pic up .
It is still beautiful to look at, and parts of it are a joy to watch , but the stories are just getting to far fetched.  NYT's review of tonights episode.


HBO's nod to the gays, GIRLS with boys as it were. Started out slow and tonight just sort of dissolved into out right porn - but classy porn, with really cute guys - of all ages and body types, a very first for broadcast tv. Our local PBS station hosts a call in post Downton show, so we get to watch the half hour show with out missing any of the Sunday Night PBS greatness.


Are you staying tuned post Downton for this FANTASTIC show ? It is one of those please just let me crawl inside my tv and live in the same world as these wonderful people. Now, it is sort of very much along the same lines as another one of my absolute favorites, ITV's Endeavour. Only this time we are in early 1950's Oxford and not the mid -60's. There would also be the problem of people dying all the time, but to be near our hero priest, it would be totally worth is. We are only on the second episode if you have missed them , I bet they are on PBS.COM for free. It is one of those WAY British shows that we have to use the subtitles for to understand a lot of what is going on