Sunday, September 21, 2014

accept the things I cannot change


Full withdrawals tonight as 8:00 came and no Ken Burns!

I can not remember when I have enjoyed television more than this past week watching this monumental series. 14 hours and I would have liked more, starting with the birth of Teddy in 1858 and ending with the death of Eleanor in 1962, it was like one of the commentators said ," pure Shakespeare ". But, it was a real story and the most American story that there could be.

A long time fan of FDR, I learned a great deal about the first President Roosevelt and learned so much more about Eleanor - really, my main take away after the bravery of FDR was : You do not mess with Eleanor - ever ( nor any of her family ) .

We are lucky as a country to have a film maker like Ken Burns .


Still going with a non tv on sit down Sunday night dinner - you know, while there is nothing on - season hopping here. Still getting flowers from the garden.

" Stewed " Chicken
I really need to come up with a better name for this - it is a very good dish. 
Onions, carrots, one chili - a can of whole tomatoes w/ a heavy hand of Old Bay and bay leaves.
Low and slow in the oven.

Field Peas w/ snaps
( Neil did ask tonight, " did you have these a lot as a kid - we seem to have them often ". They are a personal favorite, but I will start mixing it up a little )

Some Small Squash from the Farm Stand*
w/ apple cider and nutmeg

( as long as they are coming in , we will be eating them )

* Here they are , they could just be baby butternuts, small and green, or something all together different, nice flavor

The Polls - WEEK FIVE ! ( we figured it out )

This week we are going with the AP poll , which is or is not the coaches poll. I am still all confused as to how this is all working - in a world where none of these polls mean a thing. So, for today its the

September 21, 2011

  1. FSU 
  2. Oregon 
  4. Oklahoma
  6. TEXAS A&M
  7. Baylor
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Michigan State
  10. OLE MISS
  11. UCLA
  15. Arizona State
  16. Stanford 
  17. LSU
  18. USC
  19. Wisconsin
  20. BYU
  21. Nebraska
  22. Ohio State
  23. East Carolina
  24. Oklahoma State
  25. Kansas State
( MISSOURI and Clempson dropped out of the polls this week )

I broke all kind of UGA rules last night and was rooting hard for the Clempsons to beat Americans new most hated team, FSU, and they did take it into all kinds of overtime and all - but in the end. I just do not care for that FSU Heisman winning qb- he picked such the wrong week to prove he was not raised right. Harming the entire sport with his childish antics.

So much hoopla over the FLA / BAMA game which I watched and enjoyed - The RTR's totally played cat and gator with those boys.... it was a sight to see. We are up one on SC only after they struggled a bit with a full out hapless Vandy yesterday - odd after them beating us.

A special k+b shout out to those little bell ringers of Starkvegas - ringing their way into Baton Rouge at night and WINNING for the first time in like 18 years or something. All after having the life time movie treatment on Gameday that morning - qb and the sick mother, A tale as old as time. But , I guess it worked. BOTH Ole Miss and Miss State in the polls, this must be a first. 
The Bulldogs play Texas A&M this coming week - I hope they can make it two  in a row.

Our game, like I said before, was a point scoring snooze fest.                              

Daily Koda


It really does change every time I go up to the farm stand, 
She really sells a lot of pumpkins & squashes.

 I did  not have much cash with me today, but I hope this one is still around tomorrow

 The Lunas !
 I forget the name of these, they have been on the blog many times -
if you ever find one at your market , and have a lot of folks to feed, do buy one,
Don't be intimated by the size - the flavor is fantastic.

 These are just my favorites this year.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

WEEK FOUR .... FIVE ? ... I really need to figure this out ...

( really done in this case )
66 - 0

It was sweet of those Troy boys to ride over from Alabama to get beat this bad on national tv - they had to bring three busses , two for the team and one empty on the ride over to haul back the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars that they got paid to be whipping boys.

I know you have to have these games - but late in the 4th they cut to the REDCOAT band, and some cute little drummer was just drumming his Bulldawg heart out and breaking huge yawn ... It's fine, nothing but SEC now all the way to Thanksgiving.

Light tailgate - Noon kick offs are not my personal favorite. I learned from last week and there was pimento cheese on my table! Some steak biscuits, eggs, watermelon, was just the two of us. A no drinking day out of respect for Franklin and Eleanor... who - well, tonight is not going to end well for them.

A personal pet peeve here : I just finished watching Alabama give the hated Gators a master class in football, winning by a few touchdowns AND the Byant Denny was FULL at 00:00... UGA, and yes it was early and a BLOW out - but our stadium was empty....something we could learn from the Roll Tide Rolls.

Friday, September 19, 2014


As perfect an early fall day as you are going to get, cool light air and pure yellow sunshine. It followed the first heavy blanket night of the season, with the temps getting down into the middle 30's.
I brought in some plants that I want to keep over winter - but did not need to, no frost here, and looks like clear sailing for the week ahead.