Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Final Poldark .

PBS slipped us a surprise by ending my favorite tv show of the summer a week early ( which is really a good thing since we will be tv-less next Sunday ) . People were still here at nine, so set to record, coming in about an hour late, and BOOM - we got an extra hour. I knew there were only going to be eight episodes - and as far as I knew it was going to wrap things up. But, no - a big old cliff hanger ( on an actual cliff ) and a season two on its way.

Yes, in descended a little bit into a late 18th century soapy soap opera there at the end, with so much going on. Cousin Francis going all Alexis Carrington there for a min " leave my house and never return ", but never the less some FINE television, or just watch because Aiden Turner is by far the best looking thing you will see this week .

Sunday Night Dinner , plus

 I tried going with a bit of a theme dinner tonight. 
Starting off with a big ole bucket of Corona beer.
 Some folks from St Johns over for supper

 Jerk ( ish ) Chicken
Black Beans
Fixins for the beans....
 My Supper
 Tiny Key Lime Pies
( with frozen Jr Mints - not sure why )
 Neil being lively - he was tired, he did to much today


Saturday, August 1, 2015


The close to perfect supper for the first day of August.

Perfect Tomatoes from the farm stand, in just a little bit of quick dressing and some Vidalia onion

Fall of the bone slow cooked then grilled and sauced ribs

just picked then grilled corn on the cob. ( really, just trim the husks and put the whole thing on a hot grill for as long as your meat takes - could not be easier or better, but really only works for fresh young corn )

Neil's favorite meaty beans


Yes , I know, turn the camera the other way .....

August , at last.

 Praise Ganesh that JULY is at last over - seriously it seemed to stretch over forever, just too much was going on , hospitals and such. August has rolled in with some real summer weather , things are very much looking up.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Cocktail of ( the rest of the ) Summer!

Yes, yes, I know, I am so very late to this drinks party. I'm sure that I am so late that the cool kids have already moved on from this seasons hottest cocktail. But things arrive late in Canadian Mayberry. I like ANY drink that has to have a special cup!

Could not be any easier to make

TBL Fresh Lime Juice
2oz Vodka
4oz Ginger Beer
( I use diet )
Sprig of mint if you have one

serve over  lots of ice in your cool copper mug.