Saturday, June 25, 2016


For a whole bunch of different reasons, the main one being it was COLD for a good part of the early baseball season - this was our first game of the year! A good way to kick off for us : having the swanky parking!
Our pal Jack is in town and so we get to use his " on the board of the Redwings " perks!
A very nice Saturday afternoon so a BIG crowd - one of the biggest I have seen, may have even been a sell out. It was also some sort of little league day, they all paraded around before the game - including some of the little guys from our back yard.
Happy New Year
( late )
Neil with his first Muck Dog of the year and our pal Larissa 
It really was just a perfect day

One of the many joys of Minor League Baseball - chucking water balloons at kids with colanders glued to their heads. God Bless America, indeed.
Kodak still reigns here at Frontier Field!

Wings ended up losing the game by a single run, but other than that it was a great day/night!


Such sad news today with the passing of the New York Time's iconic photographer Bill Cunningham. He had suffered a stroke about a week ago . A top of the list go to every sunday morning, his ON THE STREET was a must read/see, and no one covered parties like he did. ( not that it was the same after Brooke passed ...)

Sad for us, but not at all for him - doing what he loved , his last spread was three weeks ago.Living the life he wanted right up until the very end, he was 87 !  .Something we can all hope for.

The trailer for the documentary about him



Thursday, June 23, 2016

UK to EU : FU !

We spent the night watching the BBC - and the crashing of the United Kingdom . 
I do love watching British politics - and the coverage of it.

Such a strange night - and most of the world was shocked.
More about this later on...( its VERY late now...PM Cameron just stepped down..)


While watching the live shot from #10 Downing tonight, this cat just walked up and hung out a bit. All that commotion going on around him - and he just went about his business.



Neil was supposed to have a little lunch meeting here at the house today, 
but it fell through, so - we get the lunch for dinner!

They were going to have the salad with just your normal day to day tuna salad - but for us, I went to Wegmans and got some yummy real salmon - TUNA!  it was very late when I was posting this.... This really can be done lots of ways, and normally I do a great big platter of it - its a great way to serve lots of people. But went for individual tonight.

Here is a good palate recipe to use, and this dressing is very good - just, like every other time, use more garlic ...

Daily Koda

Another beautiful day here in the Finger Lakes of New York.
But we are getting very dry up here - one step above a drought! 
So, we need some rain and soon.

Very cool tonight - could be in the upper 40's!