Friday, December 2, 2016


 Truly - November of 2016 was the longest there have ever been. Fully out of gloom and doom phase and into the shaking of the head and face palm stage. Pits of darkness to rage of the righteous , that sort of thing. I still am having a hard time watching the man on tv - and his spawn still drive me up the wall. But I am fully back to being clear eyed.  I am going to pick one day in the coming years to be grossly outraged, and the other six all healthy. But, it did make for this long month.

 Common knowledge that I am not the biggest fan of December, the holiday season. End of my favorite time of the year, these ever shorter darker days. Close your eyes and think of January. We are going to be a little busy this month, so it will fly by.

 A pal dropped in for tea this afternoon.. a lovely visit.

and the full lazy for supper.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Mexican Stuffed Baked Potato
w/ chips

There was also a salad

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Mendon 2016

Movie Wednesday.

Loving, Loving, Loving.

 How many times here in the k+b have we talked about this case. There would be no Obergefell or Windsor with out these two brave souls. Everything that did come after wards for LGBT Americans did fall back on this case. Equal means equal, all means all and love is love.

This wonderful movie is of course a true story, but this film is based heavily on a 2011 HBO documentary on the Lovings. It does just about everything that a movie can do to stick to the real facts. Down to exact outfits, down to exact table settings, down to a very odd ( to my ears ) accent that must be from that 100 square mile of Virginia.

Joel Edgerton , who is Australian, and Ruth Negga, who was born in Ethiopia but raised in Ireland - just inhabit these two simple people. I don't use that word to in any way be a pejorative. The Lovings were simple ordinary poor folks living in rural eastern Virginia - who fell in love. Coming from what was a very diverse, for its time, community of poor people.. they did not understand the scope of their actions. Thinking no one would care what two simple folks were doing. They were wrong.

This movie does not sensationalize the case, or Spielberg up their poverty. It lays the lives out flatly of two people that you deeply care for, from the get go. Yes, Neil and I had a future dog in this fight, but , at least as portrayed in this film , were just nice people.

I was moved, Neil had a full on break down at the end of this.. that you KNOW is coming. Go see it, if only to remind yourself that this mostly happened within my lifetime. Since I have been born it was illegal for people of different races to be married.

As this looming darkness comes all around LGBT America, it will suit us well to remember Mildred Lovings words : " We may lose the small battles, but we’re in a big war. "

Happy Birthday , Dahn!

Thanksgiving night, one, two or thirty glasses of wine in, I , we all, the gods, decided it was a good idea for me to make Dahn's birthday supper. Which was last night. I tease, happy to do it and to get to see Myrte before she heads back to fire ravaged Tennessee. 

 Pear, Blue Cheese and Candied Pecan Salad
w/ citrus vinaigrette 
 10 of us, half as many as a few days ago
 The BDG

  •  Old Fashion Pot Roast w/ potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms and garlic
  • Horseradish Sauce
  • Green Beans 
  • Cous Cous

 So, David calls Wegmans and tells them he wants one of their round cakes, their ultimate cakes done as a birthday cake. " Happy Birthday Dahn " with balloons etc... like one does a birthday cake. They made this one.... seriously. Not a joke cake, what he got..
None of us really got to the bottom of why he did not tell them that it was a tiny cake and that he needed the big one, but it was ok, there were other sweets to be had , just a birthday funny, thats all...