Friday, October 2, 2015


First night of the season to have worn gloves walking with Koda on our late night trip around Mendon.

First night of the season with a down comforter on the bed.

The thing is, when 50ยบ comes back around nest April or May - we will be in shorts and shouting Hosannas...but it did seem really cold today.

Apple-Bourbon Potpies Dessert

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10,000 Maniacs "Just Like Heaven" Live 08/13/2011 - Cure Cover


Date Night

Well really more like I just didn't want to cook night . I was just fine with a burger at the Cottage Hotel , but Neil said lets try that restaurant over in Egypt , which is just a town over. We drive by it all the time going to Neil's home away from home Lowe's.

Bistro and Bar

 The restaurant claims to be in swanker Fairport - but the sign says EGYPT

 Cucumber Breeze
SquareOne Organic Cucumber Vodka/ Midori / Sake / Lime 

I was very nicely surprised by the yummy food .
It is a Pan Asian sort of fusion type - really in a very small little town .

 Fiery Wontons (10) 
 pork filled, red chili oil sauce, scallion + peanut garnish
 steak, chicken, tempura shrimp and asparagus; ponzu citrus soy reduction. Garnished with sesame seeds. 
This was Neil's, he loved it

Golden Prawns
jumbo shrimp, mixed veggies, creamy spicy yellow curry, flatbread to dip

This was SO darn good - a lot of shrimp, big fresh shrimp - in a fruity spicy yellow curry, with that great fried bread.


Daily Koda

A really great day today - very fall temps, jacket weather for sure. I know its raining everywhere else in the whole world, but we had some puffy cloud bright blue fall loveliness!

Pumpkin Update

 At least it is October

 Wegmans must have got more in , because it looked to be the same amount as last time, but a bunch of people, even today, were buying them.
They had these really cool hanging mum baskets - which are just holes cut in the one pot and the other plants put into there - very pretty. I bet you have to do it when the plants are younger .

They had these beautiful " fresh link caught Gulf of Mexico " red snapper.
Wish I knew how to cook a whole fish ...