Sunday, October 23, 2016

Funny Because It's True

Lets see if this one sticks around , unlike debate number three

Dance this mess around

We are off on a bit of a road trip , points east. Not 100% sure when we will be back, will be before Saturday and the game. Ill do my best to post on the road, but you know that can be tricky. I am not stopping doing this really I'm not, I have just been slack as of late.

I am just , like a lot of folks I guess, ALL out of sorts over this election - more than a little obsessed with Nate Silver yet again. Fingers crossed and just needing time to go faster for once. When we are back we will just hunker down together and get through this.


Getting a little preview of Thanksgiving. Wegmans had these bone in split turkey breasts today - didn't realize how big they were, one would have done us both. Brinning would have helped a tad.. just salt , pepper, old bay and into a 400ยบ oven over some veggies.

Brussels Sprouts
Roasted Carrots
Sweet Potato
Cranberry Sauce

Daily Koda

 The rain stopped but still cool and mostly cloudy, these two pics were just in a sunny patch, the exception not the norm as we were out this morning
 This tree in our side yard is just beyond beautiful this year

Back to being cloudy when we got back from our walk - more rain and cold on the way this week , first hard freeze. There was some snow to the south and east of us this morning.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A slug wearing a houndstooth hat

Did nothing today other than watch football . At least when UGA has a game I try and do some tailgating . Today was nothing. It was interesting watching other teams play with detachment . Yes, Alabama really should be the #1 team in the country, Im not exactly even sure that they are playing the same sport as UGA is.. and if they are it is not at the same speed.

It stopped raining at last and Koda and I did get in a good long walk. It was not a bad day at all, just sort of a sober lost weekend when we dont play. That very loud sound you heard this evening was the Clempson Nation spending all that energy that that waisted last week rooting for Wisconsin. Urban and his script Ohio's going down hard in a white out in Happy Valley. The Death Vally folks should wake up to being #2 or #3 tomorrow. IN>

SEC Gameday light is heading to JAX this coming weekend, and Uncle Vern actually said the old magic words today ( worlds largest outdoor cocktail party ) but was quickly reprimanded .

Thursday, October 20, 2016


My Italian State Dinner post, which are some of the most popular ones on here IS in the works, they just take me a while... 

rainy fall day

 Putting a real dent in the drought - hard rain this morning and tonight, much needed, but put a damper on the day. Just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment - nothing major at all. A lot of it is pure political exhaustion and the State Dinner, the Debate and tonight's Al Smith dinner all sort of piled up.

 Busy week coming up as well, so I need to get caught up!