Thursday, July 28, 2016



Yeah, I know, I skipped day three. I really had big plans on blogging about every night, but I would get caught up in watching the commentary on MSNBC and CNN and reading papers and blogs and such, it just go to late. Plus I was a little over whelmed last night, Kaine, Joe Biden and then POTUS - just bang, bang , bang. Plus it is hard to fit that much tv into your day.
I LOVE watching these, watched close to all of both, well more of ours, but the sausage making of politics is something that I do just love. So, sorry about last night. I may come back and post some of the speeches. I do want to do more political writing on here. Funny, in a pre Facebook world I wrote so much more on here, now it seems that a sentence or so there does it. 

As for tonight.. I think this tweet sums it up best

Day 1. Give it up for the Berners

Day 2. Ok we gotta give Bill a night

Day 3. Thanks, Obama 


Just like every other night, it is late, and really, this roller coaster tonight wore me out, a night to sleep on my thoughts. Tonight was important to me-I have been a Hillary fan for a very long time. Neil makes the joke that I moved up here FIRST for Hillary, second for Wegmans and third for him. ( its not true ). You have to be exactly my age and have had exactly my life to understand what exactly the Clintons mean to me, and especially Hillary.

Beth and me in Little Rock, election day 1996

Coming of age in the RAH RAH I HEART AMERICA Ronald Reagans America, when you did not support President Reagan on ANYTHING - and add to that the specter of AIDS, being a young gay man, the full other - fear was everything. Twelve years of this.. my first three elections, lost, lost, lost .. and lost big. Then comes this nerdy SOUTHERN couple , one who talks funny, just like you do.. and are above all NOT REAGAN, and they do the best anyone could in 1992 of saying that gay people,- that I - was not only a full fledged human being but an American in good standing. It was as liberating a feeling as I have ever felt. I was seen for the very first time in my life, so yeah they are pretty darn special to me.

Oh, and they won!  Anyway, stupid late again so much happened tonight - all tomorrow .

Movie Day ( yesterday )

Seriously, I think they already made this movie . It looks great, but really , what is the deal with blowing up the Enterprise ?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yeah, Im old, i know like five of these folks, maybe eight. Ok, everyone over thirty - but it's all about Ellen Greene anyway. ( Kristin AND Idina ! )



For the most part gavel to gavel and I was as happy as a clam. 

The chatter before the four o'clock kick off was nails on a chalk board, and I was way way hesitant about the coming roll call. The first roll call since Jessie Jacksons back in Atlanta in 1988.  I thought the Clinton camp was bending over way to far for the Sanders folks - how dare he not just do what she did eight years ago. And then it started. " The great state of ALABAMA, home of football champions and ....." on and on. Fifty states and DC and territories - all the while Hillary winning, bigger and bigger. 

A little peeved that there was no celebration when she hit 2382, ever thoughtful about the special snowflakes. VERMONT PASSES.... Bernie arose from his Cheshire Cat seat and made his way to the Green Mountain state - coming to them last and Bernie moved to suspend the rules and make Hillary the candidate - with the caveat that his votes be recorded. But I found the whole thing exhilarating , just a big pep rally for Hillary Clinton . 

It seemed to calm the Bernie Bros down and there were no chants and protests in the hall tonight. Love all around.

So many great speeches tonight, capped off with soon to be first husband BILL CLINTON.

Its late and I am sleepy... we will pick this up.

FLOTUS full speech

This is grace. This is class. This is being so at ease in your own skin, so comfortable with your own power,  that you can rise above so much horrible tactless, vile bullshit and make this speech. If you did not watch it, please do.

I did what I do and dove into the belly of the beast today, reading comments on The First Lady's speech in the Atlanta news paper, tv stations. Went right down the expected roll of basically " uppity nigger bitch " whether they said the words or not. I hate people. To dare speak the truth of her waking up every day in a house built by slaves, and watching her two beautiful black daughters playing with their dogs on the lawn of the White House. Fury rained down from the right... Im not going to link any of it, you know the Fox and talk radio types.

I feel it in my bones that hate will not win this time.

Lighter note " tell us about the dress, Kyle ! "

" Never was so much written by so many about one dress ". It's Christian Siriano, and it was for sale before Mrs. Obama walked out wearing it. ( he may have got some more out there...) Tom and Lorenzo covered it, even the NYT went all out on it.

Cory's Full Speech

Y'all know I have been hard crushing for years, " Mayor carries woman out of burning building " and all. Sure the football star at Stanford, Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law .. but I am more shallow than that.

Monday, July 25, 2016



In and out of the house today, I was not as glued as I wanted to be.

A rough start to be sure, with the leaked emails and Wasserman-Shultz walking away - the Bernie Burners being their obnoxious selves all afternoon. Pre gavel five thousand reporters set free in Philadelphia with nothing to do but talk to the nuttiest of nutty Sanders people doing their dog and pony show out in the streets of Phiadelphia. We settled in to watch full time about seven pm.

Touch and go from the start, Bernie Bros, chanting through the prayer, not showing ANY respect to the people on the stage, on and on - to the point of being ridiculous . Things were not looking good, and then SUPERMAN from New Jersey came to the stage. The pride of Stanford, Oxford and Yale Law School : CORY BOOKER.  ( I have not looked for tonights speeches on youtube yet, I plan on posting them all tomorrow ) He was amazing , uplifting and on point.

Followed by one of the greatest convention speeches ever : MICHELE OBAMA, this one you have to see, and I will post in the morning if you did not see it.

ELIZABETH WARREN AND BERNIE SANDERS ended the night , Sen Warren did her job well and Bernie was Bernie, and we can get into that in the am as well,,

I think that tonight was a BIG win for the good guys.