Saturday, December 20, 2014


My annual posting of the Atlanta Humane Society rent-a-Santa choking baby Dickie , who did not want to be there. Merry Christmas, everyone !


( I was a roadie )

A bunch of doctors - I think these were brain doctors , but I never was clear - I always thought it was David's lady doctor pals, but that was last night. It is a massive party at the Genesee Vally Club all fancy and proper , and " we " are the Carolers!
There is a Santa as well as clowns and magicians and crafts for the kids,  There were 2 photographers - you got your photo instantly , A DJ and dance floor, 5 or 6 fully open bars, really good food, and a massive dessert bar - it is a nice party. We have been before.

We got there a little bit early so the band could eat before they sang. You started off with a kiddie section, really yummy little burgers, mac-n-cheese,pig in a blankets, chicken fingers and fries . Then salads , 3 or 4 - then the make to order pasta station with spinach and chicken and shrimp, anything you wanted with several different pastas. Then some other pasta dishes and sides. A pan of great texture and taste salmon - which went great with this tottalinni English pea dish -
Then the carving stations
The Gandells

The cake and cookie part of the dessert bar
Full Bar with like top shelf bottles.. 
My first go round
Neil was eating
Dahn, David and Alan
The carvers
There are lots and lots of people, its a great big building and this party has the entire place. There is another whole food line and a few bars upstairs, along with private dining rooms.
Singing for our supper.
no idea , it was just to show the walls and stairs
the fully loaded , many many toppings ice cream bar
IN a solid chunk of ice!
a sad and lonely Santa
This blond was wearing a tiara ! There were some very questionable fashion choices here tonight. Go up a size ladies - sausage dress does not make you look thinner. And really all over the place, from simple day dress or pants with christmas sweaters to this lady in an evening gown and tiara.

got simi busted taking a pic of a guy that I thought was really cute
The club is decorated really nicely for the holidays, and all over too, every room, of which there are like a dozen .

Downtown Rochester
Even the men's rooms are really nice. Neil loved him some barbicide soaked combs.

Daily Koda

 A  little bit of snow on the ground, but you can still see green peeking throughout. Was pretty cold thought - going to chance, Christmas Eve here is going to be in the mid 50's with Christmas Day being a stormy mess.
  We are heading out in the am -SO these are the last white dog in snow pics for the year

Good Dog!

Sounds of the Season : 5

Merry Christmas from the Classic City!