Thursday, January 19, 2017


The night before Bill Clinton took the oath to become POTUS. The MTV Ball - concert before the big night. There was hope in the air, way way before there was hope on that poster.

Its very late Wednesday night / Thursday morning . I'm putting off going to bed - who wants it to be tomorrow, who wants the countdown clock that is on CNN and MSNBC. Dread is very not new to me.. but dread on this scale is.

I could be all the wrong. We could be all the wrong... " nothing really changes in Washington " , and for a lot of things that is true. Eight years ago tonight the Democrats were sitting with both houses with the extra bonus of 60+ Senators. The GOP was gone for a generation , if they were ever coming back. President Obama did not get all that he wanted with that.. so things are not, I am guessing as dark as they seem.

But for the next 48 hours... it certainly does seem that way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Roasted Things

Citrus Marinated ROASTED Pork Loin

ROASTED Cauliflower

ROASTED Butternut Squash

Sugar Snap Peas



The slimmest of silver linings for this week is the knowledge that she is very much ready to move on, even if we are not.

From Harpers Bazaar: 

FULL BLOWN LOOKING GLASS aka meta, not meta

Monday, January 16, 2017


The healthiest supper I have made in ages.

Read the recipe in the NYT this morning - the dal and the rice are both Nigella Lawson recipes.

A quick vegetarian curry - the dal, lentils with sweet potatoes, is very easy to make once your mise en place is fixed. ( chop chop chop ) , when they were done, I bur mixed about a third of them " stew " and added it back in as a thickener. My Wegmans sold the red dal - but i guess you could use the easier to find green.  The rice was a bit of a harder sell - but still good, and a good sort of technique to know. The rice called for chicken stock, i used vegetable, just to keep it vegan. Also used a Serrano chili . The dish is not overly " spicy " .

Give this one a try - unless you would have to buy all the spices - then it would just cost to much  ( and as always, go to an Indian market to buy your spices!  ) Would be an interesting dish to take to a pot luck - so many people are not eating meat. And either dish would be fine on their own.

Daily Koda

Jan-u-what ?

Just like the rest of our current lives, we all just walk around pretending that this sort of weather in the middle of July is normal. ( it is not ) . A week above freezing in the deepest part of winter. But by all means, lets get that Exxon guy in at the State Department.