Saturday, October 25, 2014


A really big storm is hitting Mendon right now - didn't know this one was coming. Just odd to have a big thunder boomer this time of year.... damn Obama!


UGA had its annual pre Jacksonville weekend off - leaving me at just loose ends all day long!  I even took a nap, something that I don't ever do . Then comes 7 pm and 4 games all at the same time - when it rains it pours. I half watched #1 Mississippi State beat ( not impressively ) a dapper Kentucky.
We mostly watched 
 LSU beat the Cinderella Ole Miss

switching back and forth between 
 Alabama ( the return of Lane Kiffen ) at Tennessee
what turned out to be the best game of the night
Auburn beating South Carolina

with a little bit of 

Clempson beating our neighbor Syracuse
Rice beating North Texas

and the funniest game of all
University of Delaware at William and Mary
( I have a thing for TINY football )

Back to reality in seven with the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party!