Thursday, August 21, 2014

toe in the water ....

Finally made it down to the Roundhouse Bakery Cafe this morning, after setting out to do so every day this week. It is such a nice and inviting place - Scott and Lisa should be very proud of what they have created . Neither one of them is here - Lisa is back home in the bakery and Scott has a nasty cold. ( David G. made him some chicken soup yesterday ) 

Time marching on, Thursday already, phase one of our trip over on Saturday , then some phase ll - but y'all know all that I want is to.......New Doctor on Saturday night - I WILL be in front of some cable television, somehow ...

Coffee and Mixed Berry Scone
It's raining today - Dr Tinkler told me it had been raining the in the Fingerlakes since we left - nothing new there. They do have just totally different weather in this part of NY from what we have in our little pocket climate of Mendon, but like I have said, its been lovely. A little bit stir crazy - the ratio to under 30 to over 30 is a little bit ( A LOT  ) big for me this year , for me children are best observed from afar, books or the occasional movie. This upclose and personal dosage might just do me for the rest of my life ......

Not sure if I will be able to get back here again before we leave, if so there will be more updates, or if the moon is in the right place, birds,clouds something ; and there is internet at home, Ill check in from there .

Still .....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Dinner at Pompanuck

Tuesday Night
( I think - with out media my days are all Sundays )

One of my favorite things about visiting Pompanuck - really one of my favorite things in the world is just walking out the kitchen door, into the garden and then deciding what is for dinner. Beets are popping out of the ground, plenty of kale ready, and these broccoli rabe leaves will be very interesting as part of some mixed greens. Tomatoes , unlike Mendon, are all but falling off the many vines ripe.....

so much room to cook in their kitchen
simple and well picked over pre game snacks
pre game dark and stormy
Dahn enjoying a deviled egg while looking at her phone
( which has no internet )

  • just picked tomatoes
  • the still dirt warm to roasted beets
  • roasted red pepper
  • red onion 
  • rocket

Proper Lemon Risotto
Grilled Chicken 
marinated in a LOT of freshly picked thyme

Beet Greens
Broccoli Rabe Greens

There are many other people here than Neil and Dahn
and yet that is all I ever seem to take pics of ....

Tiny Pies

I know I am in sort of a rut with these, but they are so easy to make, people really love them and I am just not a baker - when two wonderful professional bakers just left the farm this morning, so I did the best I could. 

I then played - and actually enjoyed - games with real live young people

Totally kicking some Cranium butt. My other worldly humming of Modern English's I'll Stop the World and Melt with You-Went over everyones head, but would have brought a tear to any Moopah's eye.

Daily Koda

( this photo is huge - I hope it does not mess anyone up - Neil took it with the good camera, not my usual phone. But if you can embiggen, please do.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some shots from days one and two

For what ever reason the internet gods are shinning on my laptop tonight, but not my phone - where the pics are. We were in Bennington for a bit this afternoon , and I got some things uploaded there.

Like I said before, we have really lucked out on the weather this year. Just like the rest of NY it is already getting pretty chilly here at night, but the days are just perfect.
Rainbow Chard
My dinner Sunday night -
which is sort of a lie, because it was liquid....
Plum Tart with a corn meal crust ?
apple ? peach ? There are a bunch of peaches here.....
( blame the gin )


Stephen, Pam, Myles
Koda and Smithwicks
Big crowds inside and out...
The " young folks " cooked dinner -
which was a late lunch, the NYC folks had to take off - 
All these great tarts/quiches....
( real homemade crusts, Liz is a pastry chef !  )
BDP for Myles!

Just like I said I would do yesterday, I will do my best to get to the Cafe in town and get some real work done on here - for me AND for those of you who we so wish were with us!

Monday, August 18, 2014


" Life on Walton's Mountain "
 Pure news cold turkey - " hello, my name is Kyle and I need cable news "

The weather is just lovely this year , very chilly right now.

A late lunch today - some folks were only here till this afternoon,  photos were taken, but we are in an all but internet less world . For some reason tonight there is a strand tonight , but I can only get these two pics to upload.

Dessert this afternoon - and they were both off the charts yummy.

  • This is not a flourless chocolate cake, but a super dense " regular " cake with a dark chocolate almost bitter butter cream.
  • Blueberry cobbler with HOMEMADE LEMON GRASS AND GINGER ice cream. I am re-born, so good - and Elizabeth gave me the recipe. It is made with out a freezer.
I am going into town to Scott and Lisa's cafe tomorrow, so I can have some online time and will catch you up then.