Thursday, September 30, 2010


We had a coupon!
Hit the big Mall. Sale tables at William Sonoma
and Pottery Barn.
Big night out for the Houghton/Crawford household.
Big ass Cobb salad. I love me a big ass Cobb salad.
Neil had a spicy shrimp pasta.
Cute little Ken , the cub waiter, his fiance's brother is
like " the head of intermurals at UGA"
They are going to Athens for the Ga - Tech game.
TWO DOLLAR drafts!
We each had two.

Koda and the Rain


I know I have been blogging about some sad things as of late, and between them bouncing all over the place with the weather , food , flowers and football. I read something online or see something on tv and either come right here and comment or let it roll around for a while. Everything I write is not all at once.
You , I'm guessing are reading this all at once, going from happy/silly to sad/depressing one post to the next. I don't mean for you to be on the roller coaster, and hope you do not think that I am in any way being flippant about any of the serious things by putting them next to post of Koda in the back yard.

Just wanted to clear that up. ( and spell check is a little off these days, and King of all the Dyslexics Kyle, is doing the best he can )

deep sigh

Another day.......

We have branched out today , and CNN has been on as background noise all rainy day long, and they are wall to wall with the horribly sad story out of New Jersey.
Rutgers University student, Tyler Clementi, drove his car to the George Washington bridge, which leads into Manhattan, got out of his car and jumped off. His body was just pulled from the river. 

The background of all this is, his dorm room mate set up a webcam in their shared room, and broadcast Mr. Clementi having sex with a man.  Pig of a room mate. CNN and most all of the m.s.m. is ranting and raving about CYBER BULLYING. ( linking it with Michigan story that we will get into later on ) Yeah, it was... I guess, misuse of the internet for sure.

BUT, they are missing the point.

Had the pig of the room mate broadcast Mr. Clementi going at it with some hot cheerleader type it would have been a laugh at the frat house and whoops and hollars all around. He wasn't. He is gay, he was with another man. And we don't know who knew he was gay, and who didn't. This is a story about the horrors and pain of living in the closet, not just internet bullying. Shinning a light on this problem is a good thing, not digging deep enough into the story is not. 

Sad all around, but not as black and white as it seems.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Nevada ???

This SAD excuse for a human being is STILL in a neck and neck Senate race with Harry Reid. Listen to what she is saying, I want you to be able to pay the insurance companies your hard earned money, BUT, the companies will not have to do ANYTHING for you. Yeah, sure you have health insurance, but it does not cover breast cancer.... crawl off and die. Repeal all laws that mandate the poor hurting insurance companies from having to cover anything....

It also broke this week that super anti Obamacare Angle and her husband get their health care .... wait for it... FROM the Federal Government.

gnats, scrub pines, rattle snakes, heat... we are talking Africa heat, and then some more gnats

All this can be yours for a cool 42 million. 

From the AJC:
Longpine Plantation, owned for many years by the family of auto pioneer Henry Ford, has been placed on the market with an asking price of $42 million.
The Tallahassee Democrat reports that Ford's granddaughter, Josephine Ford, ran the 6,000-acre south Georgia for nearly 40 years until her death in 2005. It features a main residence of 4,500 square feet, a kennel, stables and staff residences. It's famous as a hunting preserve and is particularly popular among quail hunters.

In addition to a 7-acre pond near the main residence, there is a 15-acre floodable duck pond, the 80-100 acre Rigdon Pond and 43-acre Lake Josephine.

Jon Kohler, whose plantation brokerage firm represents the Ford family trust, which owns the property, said Thursday it's the first time Longpine has been on the market since 1888.

Maybe it's only yesterday....

do not go to this link if you have any 
sort of deadline
it is not some crazy rainy fall day.

My pal Rich in NYC posted this on his faceybook ( soon to be a major motion picture!) page. Pick a year and drop into it. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He Man Woman Haters Club

So, a bunch of radical bra burning man haters want to build a "Woman's History Museum" on the NATIONAL MALL in Washington DC. Now , I for one don't really have any trouble with this, I mean, how freakin' much room could this " museum" take? What a couple of dress patterns and a cook book ?
BUT, thanks be to our Father in Heaven, big time carnivores Senators Jim DeMint of South Carolina and all around sweetheart, Oklahoma's own Tom Coburn have stepped into this fray by blocking these feminazi's from desecrating our sacred National male.. I mean mall!  MALL ( but, have  you seen the Washington Monument? )
From the hyper masculine newspaper USA Today : WASHINGTON — A letter from two senators is the only thing blocking congressional approval of a decade-long effort to build a women's history museum in the nation's capital.
Sens. Tom
Coburn, R-Okla., and Jim DeMint, R-S.C., have placed a "hold" on a bill that would sell land near the Smithsonian Institution for the National Women's History Museum. A "hold" is a Senate practice that prevents bills from passing with unanimous consent — and implicitly threatening a filibuster.
The senators say their concerns are financial: Though the museum would pay fair market value for the land, the group has raised little money. And they said the new institution would duplicate more than 100 similar museums — some of which already get taxpayer subsidies.
Abortion politics are also in play: The senators' action came two days after the Concerned Women for America, a conservative group, wrote
DeMint asking for a hold. The group's CEO, Penny Nance, wrote in July that the museum would "focus on abortion rights without featuring any of the many contributions of the pro-life movement in America."
The House passed the bill last year. Unless the Senate takes it up soon, supporters will have to start over with a new Congress next year. [the rest]

Thank you Senators! Girls are just icky....

When I say "oli" , you say " garchy" : Oli-garchy! Oli-garchy!

Ol•i•gar•chy : a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.

Ok, lets start off with no one loves all that New York City Gilded Age stuff more than I do. Me and Edith go way back. Come on, changing  your cloths 6 times a day, and sit down dinners for 40, men with leaves on their heads?  Four words for the picture above of an 1890 New York dinner party : Best Gay Bar Ever !!!
BUT, just because I like reading about fancy history does not mean I care to relive it.... 
This is long, but watch it:

The Rachel Maddow Show has spent hours on the influence of the Koch Brothers inside the American " TEA " party, and a MUST READ from the New Yorker. Turd Blossom, aka : Karl Rove has a 527 group zipping around the country handing out money to would be torturers congress people by the truck load 91% of all this big money coming from three billionaires, most all of it from big oil. But the media still parrots the " grass roots" baloney, hook line and sinker.

The real life Gordon Gekko types were in the drivers seat of the eight years of George Bush, and it looks as if non big oil lackey, President Obama has scared the pants off these folks! They are reaching down into those new Gilded Age pockets to make sure that the rich get richer and the poor get children.

Maybe I am naive in thinking that these people have not always run things, other than the FDR is a trader to his class blip. But, at least for a while, it seemed as if they chose to fly under the radar. Greed was not good. But, now with wealth and income disparity reaching those Gilded Age levels they seem to only want more. And no one should kid themselves as to what trough the GOP is feeding at... 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

angry yet ?

This is Eighth grader Asher Brown from Houston, Texas. Cute kid, right? He blew his brains out last week, because he just could not take the constant attacks and bullying that he endured for years. A throw away number to add to the many, many gay kids that see no way out every year.

Look at this little boys face, and then watch this:

Hey, it's just one less faggot for NOM, and Focus on the Family, Ann Coulter and all their right wing Jesus freak buddies to worry about.

We are fighting back, hero of mine, Dan Savage has started IT GETS BETTER, an online outreach to GLBT kiddies. This one from SF this past weekend.

Gooooooo, you hairy.. .what ?

The entire universe is going insane because UGA is in LAST place in the SEC, and rightfully so. ( but, really, enough with the EVEN Vandy comments...) So, I am mucking through all the shirt ripping and fire'em all comments in the AJC this morning and come across this little gem:

( file under " Not from Around here, are you?" )
Please! Let’s not forget that these young men on the football field are not just at UGA to play ball. They are students first and foremost. So we may lose a few football games. It isn’t the end of the world! We are only invited guests because college football is for our entertainment. These players are students and must also focus on attending classes. Has anyone considered their games may be off because of concerns with their education? Everyone needs to take a breath and give these kids a break. I would rather them lose a football game than jeopardize their educational goals.

Man, I needed a good laugh this morning , too.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey Kids! How about a few late season Dahlia picks?

Our backyard is still an explosion of color...
rusty red with yellow
ragged edged red
peppermint candy
pinky orangy sea anemone

deep reddy brown
disco pink
almost pure white

When you fall into Fall, you will see....

 There is football in Mendon!  It's just on Sundays. Here you see the Buffalo Bills Party bus, and a big old chicken cooking grill across the street, Ye Olde Mendon Tavern.
 Days getting shorter, the hot temps we brought back from Atlanta with us gone, down comforter on bed, leaves changing.
 I so wish this came with smell-o-vision. A sort of hay/mushroom/caramel/charcoal smell. You can almost sense nature bracing for what is to come.
 Just a beautiful early fall day for our walk
 my little zinnia garden is hanging on
Happily for now, all these leaves STILL on the trees....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I could not watch....

Saturday - Late September.

Keep coming back, this is going to be an all day posting.
You Know.

Georgia Tech v North Carolina State
Sucks a little bit to be rootin' for the Ramblin Wreck. Half time, its been all Wolfpack. Tech in a White Out....

Wow, as sucky as UGA has been so far this season, Ga Tech looks much much more sucky. I see at least ONE more W in our future
Ham Biscuit
Ham-n-egg biscuit
Jelly Biscuit
University of Tennessee v University of Alabama, Birmigham
 A little bit of a Tech rally squashed by NC State, I moved over to Tennessee v UAB, Fourth Quarter AND it's freaking tied. Come on Derek this is one of your gimmie games!! The Vols in some real trouble, double over time .... but pulled out the win..... Good ole Rocky Top. 

University of Arkansas v University of Alabama
Fayetteville, Ark.
SEC on CBS, The Hawgs scored on opening possession. This one should get me to evening....
Damn, but that was a good football game! I just said on the facebook " remember when UGA was in games like that!!! " I've got Florida v Kentucky on up here, not UGA v MSU ( dog on dog )... so I am watching on gametracker...from what I can tell maybe its a good thing I can't see it.


Half time UGA - MSU. We are down by one, 7-6, a powerhouse of a cowbell ridden football game. Keeping up with our game on line and watching the Eagles and the Chickens play in Auburn. I made a big pot of chili this afternoon, all full of beans and hominy.Thick and smoky.... yummy.

"There dog is better than our dog, there dog's better than ours....."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Meanwhile back in Mendon.....

Or at least the greater Finger Lake Region.

OK, right off the bat, not at all happy with the new blogger picture upload . No way to pick the size of your download, maybe I was doing it wrong, we will see. Anyway... back in the groove, Home again, home again...
Bringing a little Atlanta up north with us, we had record heat today, 90+ . crazy rare for this time of year.

Your typical Friday Night and all...

Jennifer set up a lovely Autumnal tableau this afternoon. Ya' ll know how I do love a good Autumnal tableau

Ok, so back in the old blogger you had to download backwards, I guess not so this time. Forgive the time lapse. Mookie gets her rib on....
Country Ribs
Canned baked beans
corn on the cob
yummy Pesto Pasta salad with green beans,
yellow peppers and mini heirloom tomatoes

Koda with pumpkin

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Blogger is changing things on me! All sorts of new do-hickeys. Processing. brb.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.



I do not know Joe Jervis.

We talked on the phone twice, a couple of years back, and Neil once went to Bear Hill with him one pretty Sunday afternoon while he was in NYC . But he and I have never met. Welcome to 2010, where you can feel like you have day long , in depth, meaningful conversations with guys you do not know. I must check J.M.G. at least 10+ times a day, and he and I chat on facebook some. I know ALL sorts of things about him, and if he ever slums it and reads the k+b he knows lots about me. Funny, that's all.


Ok, so due to my travels this is now old news. It's a 24 hour news cycle, and five minutes ago is too too late. I am just sort of going to be a clearing house for any that either A) don't know the story, or B) did not follow it closely.
The Senate is voting, making the gays second class citizens , and Joe is sitting there doing a little East Coast live blogging. "Ping", a comment pops up on JMG: " ALL FAGGOTS MUST DIE"- types Jimmy. Now, we have talked about this before folks, there is NO such thing as privacy anymore. You are leaving a easily followed trail behind you, everywhere you go. Just man up and deal with it. Joe takes the ip address of Jimmy and asks his readers to find the weasel. Done and Done. Heck, I can do that here on the k+b and I am only one step above a rock when it comes to computer knowledge.
Five minutes into the search Joe's little army of " tech bears" had a google earth of where the comment came from. BUT, both of Georgia's GOP Senators are in the same geographic area. Chambliss has come out and admitted that it came from his office. " Texas has a whore house in it" , and there folks that hate gays working for Senator Chambliss. SHOCK!
My pal Joe becomes a media darling for an afternoon and the true face of the GOP is shown for the world too see. I am not sure how far the story will go, will Jimmy lose his job? Will the Senator issue an apology? I mean come on , just change a couple of letters and you are back with Lester Maddox. I do love the fact that the FOX news website has no issue with printing FAGGOT, the AJC will not " All [gays] must die" , says the AJC.
Glad that this guy has been found out, but it won't be a hill of beans in Georgia, Senator Chambliss is up for re-election this November, and this will be a blip. Some homo in New York City getting all worked up will get votes for him. I think I wrote about how OPENLY anti gay the GOP Governors primary became in Georgia. Kyle is sometimes ( SOMETIMES) a realist.
Also very happy for Mr. Jervis to be getting some good press. He is such a smart guy and a great voice for LGBT America. Coming soon J.M.G. the Movie! Now, about his obsession with early 80's dance tracks.....

I'm sitting here reading readers comments in the AJC, and have to ask myself why?

"This “investigation” ( of who made the comment ) smacks of religious persecution. Whoever made the comment was just paraphrasing the Holy scripture: “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13) Our laws should reflect God’s law, right? This is a Christian nation after all."
NOT being IRONIC folks..... moving on.....

Some of the JMG posts for more reading, if you want.
Good coverage from the Boston Edge.