Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A soggy Labor Day

At least the UGA game is indoors!

Trump Free, as free as the wind blows ...

As GOP Presidential hopefull touched down in Mexico to re write the last year, I chose to completely ignore it , and his speech tonight.- A TRUMP FREE DAY!

I will dive back into that deep end of slime tomorrow, but today was nice to just have some mellow.


Our pal Andy and Neil are working on some project... Andy is a fantastic photographer and I guess he is advising Neil on the photographs that are going into what ever it is that they are doing. Yes, I should show more interest. His pay off was dinner.
Koda and I cooking chicken

Just picked tomato salad with cucumbers and purple Chinese long beans.

I didn't really have a clue what I was going to do with these, but this turned out just fine, the flavors went together well. The summer fresh acid of the tomatoes with the nutty earthiness of the beans  - score one for me on this one.

 Chicken Kabobs with Poblano Peppers
Cous Cous
Garlicy Swiss Chard
Tomato Salad

The Antidote

Took my beer soaked non Trump watching self down a most happy rabbit hole of A CHEF'S LIFE tonight. Turns our I had missed the last four episodes of season three! What a treat for me.

Season Four starts in just a couple of weeks!

I am so not a " famous person " person - at all. " Yeah, hey Madonna, how are you - did you eat yet, would you like some tea  ...."/ But I would fan boy out so much on either Vivian or Ben . It would be embarrassing for us both.

Seriously, if in the next nine weeks, you just get overwhelmed by the election, just plug into this show for a bit - will act on you just like a tonic!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016



My new pals James and Haley , the stand I go to every week

 their sweet dog

( that taste more like grapes than grapes ) 

Im not at all sure what I am going to do with purple Chinese long beans, but check back .....


 You can see what a little bit of rain has done for the back 40 here - back to being some full color lush green. This photo is totally untouched, things were that green and that blue this morning.

( lots of daily Koda  )

slow cooker chicken crack

 I am a slave to the internet.
( and add a lot of bacon )

This goofy recipe went super duper viral , with me coming to the party late and only seeing it, and showing it to Neil Sunday. I was not crazy about it  out of the crock pot - it is sort of bland. But, Neil said he was happy to give his taste buds a break and have some really white people food. It did taste better today.

Now, I did not add any extra salt or pepper - thinking that between the ranch dressing and bacon there would be plenty, and I think it could have used it. This is a very good technique to have , and I am going to try it again, but using low sodium taco seasoning instead of the ranch dressing.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ending Summer Right

 With New Years less than a week off, we are squeezing all we can out of Summer , hitting the Wings games a few times this week. A beautiful if HOT day, ( the 24th day this year over 90 ) in downtown Rochester.
 That cute little red headed Ch 8 reporter was there talking to someone about something

 Some very fast clouds came through, dropped exactly 42 raindrops then just as fast booked it out, leaving things a little bit cooler
 and a brief but lovely rainbow
 Sausage People, I think

 I swear I think they were texting each other
 A very happy group of girls sat behind us . " I just LOVE this blueberry beer! " but as the day and drinks went on, one of them put her feet on the back of my seat ......feet, touching me......
 Wings lost, 3 -1 to the  Scranton, Pa Rail Riders , the hatedyankees AAA

#rocthesummer - you get your selfie up on the big board 

 but even with the loss it was great to be out at the ball park with our baseball pals

( and I was just all over the 11 pm news! )

Saturday, August 27, 2016




Cool crispy ICE BURG lettuce mixed with what ever you have, this is this weird mix of all sorts of shaved cabbages that Wegmans sells, Brussels sprouts, kale just loads of healthy 2016 sort of thing, but the ( my keyboard batteries died mid post, and I was too sleepy to change at the time )

SO - [ but the ] main ingredient is good old ice burg. You also want your bacon to be a little bit warm - and other than that just go crazy, what ever you like. The feta is a good mild mix with the warmish bacon, and this would have avocado if they had not been so hard at the store.


 After what has turned out to be the hottest summer on recored for the Rochester area these mums that popped up at the Mendon market today were a welcome sign of things to come
We even get a real touch of fall in the air to welcome in September later on in the week with some very cool temps.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


 Out and about today, Neil had to do something at the hospital, so we popped into Costco, which is right near there - because I am addicted to this salsa  - and these are really good chips as well.

Then to Wegmans (
( by way of the bird store )
 I am such a chicken when it comes to cooking a whole fish, I wish I was not, they look so lovely when prepared like this. Wegmans even makes it this easy to do, but I still have not.

 These were some of the most beautiful and unusual bridal flowers that I had ever seen. They are really more pale than these pics are coming out as, really a very soft pink and white, very much in the some tone, used with these fantastic dusty grey succulents . Something I had never seen in a bouquet at all before.
 They do a lot of weddings, and you can see why.

 Then home to chill in the back yard with some snacks a drink and a book.

A good day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I sometimes wonder why we even have cable ...

Neil in the floor with Koda wearing a lions mane.

( yes, the olympic commercial got us )


Todays farm stand haul - corn, more tomatoes - all these colors! - baby squashes, but also some leeks and garlic. The cute as can be little farm guy gave me a couple of these tiny melons just out of the blue, we did not try them yet, but Ill let y'all know.

Tomato, Feta and Oil Cured Black Olive Salad


I love this web series, do watch more if you have not.

I did something I am not good at and followed the recipe to the letter, and did marinate over night

at first my bricks were to large, but got it going with normal sized ones.

She uses a free range etc, chicken, mine is pure grocery story, so - I would have cooked it 16 min per side, because industrial birds are just bigger. Ours was cooked, I think a couple min more would have been perfect.

One with flash, one with out.

This was just delicious, and I will be doing it again, not hard at all - you just have to have big enough of a grill.