Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Todays farm stand haul - corn, more tomatoes - all these colors! - baby squashes, but also some leeks and garlic. The cute as can be little farm guy gave me a couple of these tiny melons just out of the blue, we did not try them yet, but Ill let y'all know.

Tomato, Feta and Oil Cured Black Olive Salad


I love this web series, do watch more if you have not.

I did something I am not good at and followed the recipe to the letter, and did marinate over night

at first my bricks were to large, but got it going with normal sized ones.

She uses a free range etc, chicken, mine is pure grocery story, so - I would have cooked it 16 min per side, because industrial birds are just bigger. Ours was cooked, I think a couple min more would have been perfect.

One with flash, one with out.

This was just delicious, and I will be doing it again, not hard at all - you just have to have big enough of a grill.

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