Friday, August 19, 2016


So, here is where we are 80 days out - Georgia is too close to call, with Sec. Clinton leading in the last three polls. We are more through the looking glass than we have ever been before.

I enjoyed my unplugged week, and have had a bit of a hard time hooking back in to reality - just close our eyes and think of November. Dont want to be lulled into some freaky sense of complacency , but just look at this map!

I keep thinking I want to write more about the election , but to even stick a toe into the red hot crazy is dangerous for sure. Starting ones day with " Trump Outrage de jour! ", has been enough.

The thing is that western New York is TRUMP TERRITORY ! Making America great again and all ( from what I hear, Trump is bringing back film... ) Now, there are more people in two square blocks of Manhattan than in all of some giant counties here in the hinterlands.

We will keep an eye on things, if anything spectacular happens we will discuss ...

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