Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pompanuck Friday

I'm not really sure I should do this now, I am all pissy from dealing with a COMPLEX issue of two different iCloud accounts and my phone and my computer.... so if things start to get overly bitter, Ill stop and get back to it in the am.

Im sure by now the heat and all had gotten to me, so I bet not a lot of photos away. Breakfast of blueberry pancakes and a shit ton of people using the internet that we were not supposed to use, so it went away in about an hour after all these folks using it. Or maybe it didn't, I never could figure it out and for the most part did not really even try.

Later that day was the book group :

Tried my best all week to read the book, not big or anything, just could not get into it, so I did not join the talk, but I am sure they all had a nice time.

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