Sunday, November 30, 2014


 Not a flake of snow or ice to be found following our Turkey Day storm -
 It was almost 60 degrees today going back down to the high teens tomorrow -

 We enjoy the green while we can


The Never Ending Story

Today it was some of Neil's garden club

I have to admit, I did sort of phone this one in, I was tired after three days of cooking and eating.
 We went shopping last night - I should have gone earlier, because I did not have a list. Knowing I was going to do a ham , I needed to get a real Coke ( or in my case, I use Dr. Pepper ) and some Pineapple rings - both of which I forgot. I was not going back to the store, so I used what I had on hand, ginger beer. It was not really as good, not cooking down like the combo Dr Pepper/ Pineapple juice. The rendered liquid was good, but it did not seem to permeate the ham.
 Non white plates, there is a shocker - needed a placemat or charger - something.

  •  Ham
  • Wild Rice
  • Brussles Sprouts  ( yes, I had ones we did not cook for Thursday )
  • Field Peas ( was going to be Winder Mac n Cheese but I just ran out of time )
Thats it, told you I phoned this one in. Some pre game snacks - and this.

These were tasty, started with some rough chopped onion and carrot, cooked that down, then a little water - add sprouts, and some extra olive oil. When the water evaporates they cook in the oil. Hit with some apple cider at the end.

Our good pal Betty brought dessert , one she knows I love. Sort of a mash of cake and custard, cream and candy bits... YUM.

THE POLLS : WEEK 15 ( again, I've lost count - but we lost to Tech, so what could it matter, week 906... something )


Following a disastrous day for the SEC at large, Ala-damn-bama, pounded on the doubters with that yellow hammer, coming back from a nail biter in the Iron Bowl to rack  up 55 points - and reclaiming the #1 spot. The SEC finally devoured enough of its own to only claim the first and tenth spot.

  2. Florida State
  3. Oregon 
  4. TCU
  5. Baylor
  6. Ohio State
  7. Michigan State
  8. Arizona
  9. Kansas State
  11. Wisconsin
  12. Georgia Tech ( yuck )
  13. OLE MISS
  16. UCLA
  18. Oklahoma
  19. Clemson
  20. AUBURN
  21. Louisville
  22. Boise State
  23. LSU
  24. Utah
  25. Nebraska
I've said all season that these polls really don't matter, that only Tuesday night does, but here, with the last one, this one sort of does. The group of every how many are not going to go off on some wild limb and not pic at least something close to this. 
Poor Ohio State sitting there not being invited again after their qb broke his ankle in the game. I guess the #4 is interchangeable, but the top three will be the top three. NOW, there are the division play offs next weekend - so Alabama could lose to Missouri.. doubtful, but they could.

There we are , sad little middle of the road UGA . 

1 and 2 play each other in the ROSE BOWL - right now that being Bama / FSU , and the winner of that game will play the SUGAR BOWL WINNER - OREGON / TCU in the Final Game. It took me a min to process that - thinking that one and two should face one another - BUT , the two teams will be one and two post the play-off. It is still all new to us.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Moveable Feast


There was a lovely home made carrot cake
This is exactly what I looked like after this afternoon, 
a bit bleary

 Tiny Seven and Giant Gaia
 I made fried green tomatoes per request, I was very surprised to find them in a store this time of year.
 Rochester's Own Dinosaur BBQ !
 Beef Brisket
" Pulled Chicken " - which was really good
Pulled Pork
 Some yummy spicy rice and black beans
a pasta salad

 More Seven
 My first plate
 We picked up some folks from Thanksgiving
 but a pretty subdued evening , with really good food, 
but still a very nice time.
 The birth day girl and again, baby Seven - who is going home tomorrow, so this is the last of the baby Seven pics for a while

On the way home we saw a turducken - which we did not buy.
It was really just a turducken breast....

WEEK 14 : This is the end.

30 - 24

So, we had the heartbreak of Missouri winning yesterday, keeping UGA out of the SEC Playoff and then today Georgia Tech, who IS going to the ACC play off game comes into Sanford Stadium and just stomps on us with a yellow and black hob nail boot . 

A bizarre game from start to finish. More later....

Let's hope someone or something peed on that part of the hedge.
You have to watch this video all the way to the end, 
as painful as that is.

( I can't figure out how to embed it )

And the crazy just kept on, final four Mississippi State brought down in the Egg Bowl by the floundering Ole Miss - and right now, and it is still early with loads of football left to play but the Auburns are beating Alabama.

The ACC won every one of its rival games against their SEC opponents 

Friday, November 28, 2014

THANKSGIVING 2014 : 7 Dogs, 4 Davids, 2 Turkeys and Us.

Started off with a cold snowy morning here in Mendon

Before heading over to Dahn and David's for the big day. Eleven people and seven dogs - 
what could go wrong ?
I set the table the day before, no way I could get it done with all those people milling about. Some cloth that Dahn brought back from Africa as a runner and just a neutral linen tablecloth, actually two to get it long enough. There is an extra place if someone did not make it out of town due to the weather, but she did - we kept the place for Elijah.
White square plates and gold for the napkins and the candles, picking up the color in the fabric. Turkey shaped dishes for cranberry sauce.
One good thing about the snow, all of the outside is your cooler. Pre game drinks were little cava / cranberry sparkles. I guess I did not get a pic, really just a mimosa with cranberry and a slice of lime instead of orange juice. But a good choice to the start of a long day of drinking.
One of the seven dogs! Tobie helps Lily put out some snacks
Another view - the light was weird in the room for photographs - so bright outside due to the snow.
The best of the seven dogs! 
Koda had a very good day.
A bought Wegmans white cake- really you could not make as yummy a cake at home and it it , I bet cheaper to just buy it - I made little candy acorns to sort of make it more special.
David and his fried turkey!
( Neil and I were the only two boys there not named David )
A couple more dogs and another David.
I don't put enough people on the k+b- 
So : Lily, Myrte, Dahn and Neil.


Dahn and David made a turkey, Dahn made dressing and gravy, I did the rest. 
  • Roasted Turkey
  • Fried Turkey
  • Classic Southern Dressing
  • Gravy
  • Brussels Sprouts with red onion and bacon
  • Curried Rice Salad
  • David Dean's cranberry relish
  • Sweet Potatoes with Maple and Orange - nixed the nut topping there are some allergies
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Pride of Winder Mac-n-Cheese
  • Green Beans with pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds
  • dinner rolls

Neil's Plate
My  Plate
This is baby 7 ( look at his head to see where he got his name ) he and Koda were big pals - I was needing me a baby by the end of the night.

Some neighbors came over for dessert so we had many. I made the apple pie that had seen better days due to a double cooking.

I went a very good pecan pie and the apple w/ cinnamon ice cream

Koda as star!

Baby Seven was tuckered out!

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

busy, busy, busy

On days when absolutely nothing goes on I drench you guys in a dozen photos of pure ennui. On days when I am busy as a beaver , running all over town doing all sorts of things  you get a late night photo of the sweet potatoes I just pulled out of the oven, soon to be my casserole.

The usual onslaught tomorrow....

The Boehner Brine

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oh, I wish I was .....

 From Jackson, Ms's The Clarion-Ledger "U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves on Tuesday handed same-sex couples a victory in their quest to overturn Mississippi's gay marriage ban.
Reeves granted a preliminary injunction blocking the state's ban against same-sex unions as sought by the Campaign for Southern Equality and two lesbian couples who had sued in the state in federal court. But the judge also postponed the injunction from going into effect for 14 days in a legal maneuver called a "stay."
This means same-sex couples cannot yet obtain marriages licenses in Mississippi.
In his 72-page order, Reeves said "Mississippi continues to change in ways its people could not anticipate even 10 years ago. Allowing same-sex couples to marry, however, presents no harm to anyone. At the very least, it has the potential to support families and provide stability for children."

Blah blah, its stayed , blah blah - but WHO CARES, MISSISSIPPI ( and ARKANSAS as well today! a twofer)

Hany your head in shame GEORGIA, MISSISSIPPI beat you to marriage equality .....