Monday, March 30, 2009


Chicken , Jasmine Rice, Broccoli, Salad.... the beat goes on


That was a close one!
Silly old AL GORE out scaring folks about the who-ha that is this " Global Warming" silliness! Dragging up all those foolish scientific facts ( what ever!) when all he had to do was read the King James version of The Bible!:

Meet Representative John Simkus. I fully support Mr. Simkus' right to believe what ever he wants too... ( would love to question him about those dinosaurs he is talking about ...) BUT gentle readers: HE IS ON THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES THAT ARE DEALING WITH GLOBAL WARMING!!!
  • Energy and Commerce Committee
  • Energy and Air Quality Subcommittee
  • Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials

A Test....

This is a little bit of a soft ball post... 
And I am sure the exact same one is going up all over the world:
The Melbourne ( Australia) Catholic Church has confirmed it is following Vatican recommendations to test would-be priests to ensure they are not gay.

Which Christian Louboutin shoe would update this classic Chanel suit:

Total , TOTAL trick question, any man who could even comprehend -  or for that matter read in full - this question, is a little bit gay. ( the answer is The Pink Python -  you would be surprised how often that is the  case in my life - yes, the plain black  low heel pump would work, but the task was to  UPDATE...)
So, a real  ( and very easy ) question:
Bjorn Ulvaus is to Agnetha Faltskag as Anni-Frid Lyngstad is to:

a) Fredrik Reinfeldt
b) Dag Hammarskjold
c) Benny Andersson
d) Peter Sarsgaard

He's baaaaaaak.......

Rested, tan and according to his new overlords, SIN FREE!
Our old pal NEWTIE roared back onto the scene this week, becoming of all things, A ROMAN CATHOLIC! Along with that new found morality and liturgy, comes a fresh new start! 
“From a Catholic point of view, Newt’s sins no longer exist—they’ve been absolved. He’s made a fresh start in life. So Newt will continue to sin and confess but there aren’t going to be a lot of Catholics who will hold that against him. They understand why being a Catholic makes a difference.”
Leave your first wife as she lay dying? Not a problem!
Cheat on  wife #2 with an intern, while impeaching the President for the exact same thing? GONE!
 Wife , number THREE! ( the holy sanctity of marriage and all) a good fish on Friday Catholic.... SWITCH
Speaker Gingrich there are not THAT many Catholics in Pennsylvania, and 2012 is a long way away. 
" How many wives have you had, Newt?"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

From the more than just a little bit scary file:

( and he is just so darn cute...)

Back on track

big salad , grilled chicken... this it it for a while...

sure, sure, sure...

Georgia has the huge explosion of color in the Spring, Nothing can compare:

But, when it is pitch black dark and minus 7 degrees at 4:30 and snow on the ground for 5 months out of the year, THIS gets you pretty darn excited:

It was very nice today, almost wore shorts to go walking!


I think it was the lack of a season of PROJECT RUNWAY that has me a little TOO obsessed with Miss Bebe here. I just wish I could stop saying the word so much.... 

Women AND Catholics ?????

U.K. May Change Monarchy Marriage Rules
Really, just an excuse to post this pic and type the word: Primogeniture.


I am pretty sure there have been times in my life when a BIG FRIDAY NIGHT was more than a big honkin' plate of very spicy CHICKEN CURRY :

And the latest James Bond movie from Netflix:

The curry is not 100% on the health plan that we have been on, but really, the coconut milk is the only thing close to bad in it , the rest is just veggies and spices... but I did eat a lot of it, well, all of it..( big FRIDAY NIGHT and all...).
As for our old pal Bond, James Bond.... well.. he needs Soviets! Or someone... I am not exactly sure who the bad guys were in this movie. I mean , it was good.. but , a little bit TOO physical. James Bond is NOT Wolverine, at least he used to not be. I did enjoy this movie. I like James Bond movies, always have. But its not just James fighting, it was the way he did it... beating the bad guys in a tux and his shaken, not stirred martini..
AND GADGETS! Everyone likes for 007 to have the laser watch or the super car or , at the time ,the jet pack, that's what James Bond does. This one all the gadgets were , way cool, computer stuff back at MI6 head quarters.. BUT, we see that sort of thing on CNN every afternoon. Daniel Craig is still ALL the fun to look at, but just a tiny bit more script time , next time. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No, I am the King of all Wild things...

I always planned on going as MAX for Halloween... maybe this  year ....

A little Sendak triva!
 This pic is from ANGELS IN AMERICA ( the wonderful HBO MOVIE) Three ole rabbis outside or a funeral: Name them:

( sorry it's not bigger...) 
It's 1) Tony Kushner
2) Meryl Streep
3) Maurice Sendak !!

Cherry Picking Your Outrage.

One man or woman standing in the way of the peoples business.
When it is a judge overturning the will of the people, be it an elected body or a referendum, they are ACTIVIST JUDGES. You know, the bane of all that in good and holy, taking us down the road to hell faster and faster, good intentions to the right and left...
What about when it is a Governor? Can we on the left get all fired up over an activist Governor? ( from Pam's House Blend) :
"Vermont Governor Jim Douglas announced at a special press confernce this afternoon that he will veto the marriage bill when it reaches his desk. The Governor has a long standing policy of not issuing veto threats but said that he did so in this case because he feels the issue is a distraction, it's unclear whether or not supporters will have the 100 votes needed to overide."
A distraction? Really ? Hey, then I know a great way to make it go away.... BY MAKING IT GO AWAY..sign the damn bill, and move on. And why? If he needs some political cover he can just claim he is doing to peoples will. ("  I hate the sodomites, but those darn liberals over in the house and senate.....") Mr. Douglas is the rarest of the rare these days, a walking do-do bird: A New England Republican....HOPEFULLY, soon to be , like the do-do, extinct!
Arnold did the exact same thing in California. The House and Senate in California passed a full out marriage equality bill TWICE, and ARNIE, vetoed it. Sure, sure, sure, I am all for some separation of powers and checks and balances and all, but in this case its my side that is losing, so I get to whine a little bit. Yes, it is his constitutional right to veto it, but is it the right thing to do? If it is the same as civil unions ( which Vermont was the first state in the country to allow) then what difference does the word make?
NOW, is Mr. Douglas ready for the coming distraction  of a WHOLE lot of PINK DOLLARED skiers going over to New Hampshire or here to New York come next winter......
 Actions have consequences.


This is really Neil's... I had the exact same thing, sans Tuna ( made with olive oil may0..) and crackers.

It's life on the edge , here in Mendon.......


Trees are just starting to get little tiny buds....

The very last of the swamp ice.... still hanging around.. but it was really cold the last couple of nights

Winter hangs on for a while in lower Ontario.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Creole Pork Chop, Spicy Black Beans, Brown Rice, Peas and Carrots.... This was yummy!

Koda and I have a bone to pick....

Our latest pet peeve is ( are?) people who are out walking their dogs on the trail who DO NOT let their dogs say hello, do their sniffy thing.. be dogs! Koda just gets all upset.. he always thinks it's him. Does a real number on his self esteem... takes a squirrel or rabbit ( or bird or leaf, or breeze..) coming along to get his mind back on our walk.


" handbags at twenty paces!"
As a rule, I , for the most part, always agree with the boys over on the Project Rungay
( they have A LOT of free time, from what I can tell.. if possible, more than me...)
BUT, they went off on my REESE today for what she wore to the opening of her new cartoon movie : Monsters V Aliens
So, I put it to the astute readers of the kyle+blog: REESE, IN OR OUT?

I love it, I mean, come on, it's for a SPACE movie. She looks young, fresh... great legs, fantastic shoes.... 

Monday, March 23, 2009


Pork Loin with a Mustard Sauce, Jasmine Rice, Clementine Scented Carrots and a Jumbo Salad.

Early Spring Day

Two down ?

Forty-Eight to go.

Vermont's Senate has approved a bill legalizing same sex marriages.
The bill passed late Monday afternoon, by a vote of 26 to 4.
It now heads to the house where Speaker Shap Smith says he expects debate to begin Tuesday. He also says he expects the measure to breeze through the house.
  Governor Jim Douglas does not support same sex marriages, but he won't say whether he plans to veto the bill.
   If approved, Vermont would become the second state in the nation, along with Massachusetts, to legalilze same sex marriage.
A little Tommy Dorsey to celebrate!

BRING Chief Noc-A- Homa HOME!

Ex-Braves mascot Chief Noc-A-Homa talks tepee
Won't ever happen....  could NOT be anymore un-pc, and a little bit racist... but a nice homage to my childhood.

re-do do-over deux...

Those plucky little gays out in California are at it again.... demanding their civil rights and all.. bless their little hearts : 
 From the AP ,"The sponsors of a second ballot measure seeking to repeal California’s ban on same-sex marriage have been cleared to start collecting signatures.The secretary of state on Friday gave the group Yes on Equality until August 17 to collect the nearly 700,000 signatures needed to qualify its initiative for the 2010 ballot.If approved by voters, the group’s proposed constitutional amendment would rescind Proposition 8, which passed last November. The California Supreme Court is expected to rule any time on legal challenges to the voter-approved"
So, in 2010 marriage equality passes this time , hooray!  Everyone is on the same playing field!! This makes those crabby,uncaffeinated folks over in UTAH mad, mad, mad. So, they fire up their troops, or just have a lot more babies to vote.. and get it repealed... God is good! Two years later Maria Shriver and Ru Paul spear head a get out the vote campaign and its back on the books: RAINBOW WARRIORS 2  - Joseph Smith and his clique 2, TIE BALLGAME... this goes on until 2074, when everyone who writhed on the golden calf is dead and everyone gets to the promise land of no one giving a fuzzy rats ass about so called GAY MARRIAGE... they just call it MARRIAGE.

Beautiful Day..

still a little on the chilly side.. but bright and sunny...

The Clermont

From todays AJC's Peach Buzz :
" Actors Woody Harrelson, in town shooting the movie “Zombieland,” and Bill Murray, here working on the film “Get Low,” have both been spotted taking in the, um, sights at the Clermont Lounge.We hear from sources at the legendary Ponce de Leon Avenue exotic dancing landmark that Murray was enjoying two popular beverages at the infamous dive bar: Pabst Blue Ribbons and bargain whiskey from the bartender’s well rack.
Alas, we’ve been unable to confirm whether Murray or Harrelson have as yet been treated to a poetry reading/lap dance from Blondie, the club’s most famous dancer."
For any k+blog readers who are not aware of what exactly this place is... it's sort of the very last dive bar left in Atlanta.. and a place ,where by location or cheapness , a whole lot of gay men, and hipster types ,  go to watch heroin addicted middle age ( or older ) ladies sort of strip, I don't think they get all the way nekkid... but I really was only there for Miss Blondie's Poetry readings. It is sort of the bar you end up at. I think B. Day's or Susan's bachelorette party ended up there.. could be wrong on that one, too....
Yes, an odd mix, but seems to work. It has been in Atlanta for ever.... 
( but its pretty darn funny...)

Made the mistake of going to ATLANTA TIME MACHINE to find this pick... half an hour later, I am back... I would wait till a rainy day if you have never been....


yawn.... I'm over talapia, glad that was the last of it. I do like cooking it this way, sort of steamed over onions/garlic... ( anything really... I have done it all Asian with lots of ginger and spices.. you could do sort of a southwest.. anything.. helps to have a tagine..) 

I am just tired of it. Going back to salmon.
I do miss cooking, I mean, all we are eating is grilled ( or steamed.. ) fish and grilled chicken with some rice and steamed veggies. Health, health, health for the Mendon Gym-bunnies, but , not really any cooking. I have a deep seated need to deep fry something.

Alex gets a haircut....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Movie Round-up

One there and one here.
Pretty sure , well a little sure, that I was not the target audience, cause, it was just all a little lost on me.  I didn't hate it, well, I didn't hate all of it.. hated a lot of it. Loved the fact that some poor sch'mo had to sit and do giant CGI blue penis for day after day after day.. I found that a little amusing. I liked the back story.. HATED THE VIOLENCE... I mean, what will the end of this sort of thing be, in all seriousness.... if they just have to keep topping themselves over and over.. what will the end be. I know it was not a romantic comedy.. and it was a dark dark comic book movie and all... but, again, what will the end of this be? Parts of it I did like.. could have lived with out seeing it.. won't ever rent it.
Was totally the target audience. Love it, thought it was a little bit too long, ..but really love it. Very Altman-esque. ( TULIPS DEAD ?!?) I was surprised to read that there was a script, but I really bet it was just guide lines. Has that sort of post modern hand held camera thing that sometimes drives me crazy ( MILK) but here really adds to the story, because the entire movie is one wedding weekend.
On that topic, movies and tv NEVER get weddings right. Weddings are a mess, family and friends that have sooo much back story and history and such that the whole things are complex! Film weddings are clean cut, with only the principals there.. no parents, or grandparents or step parents or drunk cousins or bad dates. This one really gets all that and MUCH MUCH more... Very interesting music... some surprise Robyn Hitchcock. 
If you like a sort of free form flowing movie , watch this. I would have LOVED to have been at this wedding.. and the food looked good too...

All my green monsters are in Boston...

I am NOT an envious person, at all. I know for a fact that there is plenty of goodness and such in the universe to go around, so I am not one to covet, THAT SAID: 
I am over the top jealous of the fact that Alexis is going to have a WALK IN REFRIGERATOR in her zillion dollar multi floor new apartment in New York City. N ow, all the love to Miss A.. just a little teary here....