Tuesday, March 24, 2009


" handbags at twenty paces!"
As a rule, I , for the most part, always agree with the boys over on the Project Rungay
( they have A LOT of free time, from what I can tell.. if possible, more than me...)
BUT, they went off on my REESE today for what she wore to the opening of her new cartoon movie : Monsters V Aliens
So, I put it to the astute readers of the kyle+blog: REESE, IN OR OUT?

I love it, I mean, come on, it's for a SPACE movie. She looks young, fresh... great legs, fantastic shoes.... 


Neil Houghton said...


revmutha said...

I'm with Kyle on this one. I think it's fab and fashion forward for a super shero!

Laura said...

When you look like that you can wear a potato sack and look good!

Anonymous said...

I think she was channeling Jane Jetsen. In fact, I think Reese looks a lot like Jane Jeston w/out the wares.