Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We like you, we really like you....

OK , right off the bat, lets deal with the big pink elephant in the room: 

How brave was Michele to wear this belt, that high, in a room half full of gay men....Yeah, I know, they were there being all " I am a serious gay man, here for my civil rights..." but, I promise you, even the MOST full time, straight up gay Army guy there was going: " Damn girl... its called a natural waist...."

SO, the Homo-glitterati gathered in the East Room yesterday... #1) SHOCKING that the gays even made it there that early.. It was like 4:00 pm. Sure the Lesbians were all there at 3:30.. but my people were just finishing up lunch. 

#2) What exactly is a "LGBT Leader", and who decides? Did I just not get the invite to the meeting where we picked out leaders ? Here is the FULL GUEST LIST. It is a little bit confusing , because, I guess everyone on this list also got to bring a guest or two. Three people on my facebook pal list were there. NOT people I know, not tooting my own horn or anything.. just some gay activist that I have chatted with on facebook .. they all three have LOTS of friends. ( They are all in the TERRIFIC DADT movie: ASK NOT )

Gene Robinson but not Susan Russell, Christine Quinn but not Danny O'Donnell, Elizabeth Birch but not Andrew Sullivan. Just asking questions... 

The President.

"But I say this: We have made progress and we will make more. And I want you to know that I expect and hope to be judged not by words, not by promises I've made, but by the promises that my administration keeps. And by the time you receive -- (applause.) We've been in office six months now. I suspect that by the time this administration is over, I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration. (Applause.)"

HERE is the full text, and of course its perfect. It is what he does. I think it worked. I think the last couple of weeks post DOMA briefing really woke up the White House. Stop rolling your eyes Dr. Tinkler. What exact choice do we have? If the President of the United States stands up in front of a crowd of , albeit , hand picked GLBT folk, and PROMISES to do the right thing, why not believe him?

Kyle+blog dream boat of the quarter, Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach was there as a guest. His take here , from last nights Rachel Maddow Show ( sans Rachel..) 

Lt.Col. Fehrenbach : " He {President Obama} looked me right in the eye and said " We are going to get this done" - Meaning that we will get rid of don't ask don't tell.

I believe the President is an honorable man.. and I take him as his word. 

Hope - and hard work.. none of this Island of Misfit Toys shit... we are going to take this to the Lawn!

( not at all sure about this poster.... ......)

Children turn to page 52......

I know all of you in the great Southland are seriously roasting every day in the early Summer heat, but we here in on America's great Northern Coast are fighting off the Mold Monsters!
Yet another day of cool and rain. If I don't get my lawn mowed, I am going to get a letter from the Mendon Foudation. Time sort of feels out of whack, waiting on Summer to get here , at last.....

Monday, June 29, 2009

American Hero

I can't really say this any better so this is just direct from Joe Sudbay over at AMERICABLOG : ( There is the very quite We the Gays Cocktail party at the White House tonight....)

"For any gay A-lister who may be going to the White House party on Monday; Get a good look at the picture below. The man's name is Victor Fehrenbach. He's being kicked out of the military because of Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- under Commander-in-chief Barack Obama (who promised to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell.) Fehrenbach wasn't invited by the White House directly. Servicemebers Legal Defense Network is bringing him as its guest to the party on Monday. (SLDN had the protest in front of the White House on Saturday.)

Lt. Col. Fehrenbach better meet the President.

Now, we keep hearing that the noble people who are going on Monday are planning to talk about issues and really let the White House know we've got problems. That's BS. Many of them had a chance two weeks ago in the Oval Office to tell the president what they thought, and how many of those groups let him have it? This is a show-off event for the star-f*ckers, and it's a chance for the Obama administration to use our community's "leaders" for some much-needed CYA. They'll show the world how much they really do love the gays, after all, they gave them champagne! The White House is taking full advantage of this.

But, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach isn't a star-f*cker, and he's probably not somebody the White House wants to see at all.

Lt. Col. Fehrenbach actually has a message for the President about Don't Ask, Don't Tell. It's a message the President needs to hear -- so Fehrenbach better be able to deliver it. When Obama enters the room, everyone else clear away. Our "leaders" need to make sure Fehrenbach meets Obama. It'll be very ugly if the A-list gays all swarm Obama and the one person who actually has a message for the president, the one person who isn't there to suck up and sell out our community, isn't able to deliver it. That would be a big problem and will tarnish the reputations of everyone who prevents it from happening. Got that, A-list gays?

We're watching."

How on Earth can President Obama stick to his guns on DADT after meeting Lt Col. Fehrenbach. Can he explain to the American people how we as a country are more safe with Lt. Col. Fehrenbach OUT of the Air Force? or just a more basic, why did he lie to glbt Americans during the campaign?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The New ALL INCLUSIVE Sunday New York TImes

Kennedy's, Vanderbilt's, Whitneys and Hollywood types move over!

No longer is the Wedding Page of the Sunday New York Times just their go to for who is getting hitched: Ummmm .. IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE IRONIC ?.. or " heartwarming", I am confused.

NOT that I am judging... just asking.

Satan and his Pashmina

A little chilly down in Hell today , as I agreed with something Ms. Peggy Noonan had to say! This morning on This Week, she stated:

" The reason we are so obsessed , mostly with Michael Jackson, and to some degree with Farrah Faucet and Ed McMahon is that their fame was from a different time. EVERYONE knew who they were .. young , old, black, white, they became famous in a time when our country was much much more culturally united. There wont be people as famous as them , probably ever again in our culture"

Three tv stations and pbs. Entire families watching the same tv show , at the same time. ( ya'll readers with kids try and explain that one to the little ones...) We are so very fragmented now.. little mini pockets of fame, burning bright , to be sure, but no way to reach everyone like before. 

Just an interesting point, and like I said, so very odd to agree with Ms. " slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God" .

Stonewall + 40

Happy PRIDE, Yall!

Yeah, I'm here in Mendon for the big day.. I'll post some pics from the massive Mendon Gay Pride Parade later on. Neil is down in NYC to march with INTEGRITY in the NYC parade. It's nice weather down there, which is good, because it is a long walk.

Very Good Frank Rich column this morning: 40 Years Later , Still Second Class Citizens. Some very interesting points from a 60 yo straight white guy.. ( a straight white guy that spent LOTS of time around Broadway.. just saying..) Part of his point is the over-all invisibility of our movement. Everyone in the nation saw Bull Connor's dogs and fire hoses attacking those brave kids in B'ham, no one outside of lower Manhattan knew about the Stonewall riots. Mr. Rich links to the actual NYT stories from 40 years ago.. but they are not free, and the kyle+blog is cheap. Even today, on what I consider a very important civil rights anniversary for this country, not one mention of Stonewall or Pride or any of that sort of thing on any of the big three Sunday morning shows. Some real anti  gay family decrees from Mitt Romney, the usual  garbage.

I am overly sensitive to this, but hey! It's my cause. It's been 161 years since the Seneca Falls Convention, it;s been 55 years since Brown v Board.. and 40 years, today, since Stonewall. Do you , my readers, who I am 1000% sure spend less time thinking about this than I do, think that it is just that darn ICKY-NESS factor that makes  - what to me is a VERY important moment in American history -  less important or newsworthy?

My very first Pride event was late.. I was...27/26 ? Pride in Atlanta had not become the mega three day , all star, all out event that is has been the last 10 years or so. It was a little more like a Peasant Corporate Meeting , with some Dykes on Bikes and Diggin' Dykes from Decatur thrown in. My beau at the time.... ( VERY surprising , seeing how he turned out!) was very anti pride, so , I just went alone. Heck, I knew half the guys there. It was just never that big of a deal for me, and yes, at times a little bit embarrassing.. BUT that is just me.

"Grandma.. I know, I know and I support you 100%... but really, shirts on IF you are going to be pieced there.... I have not had breakfast yet"
"Dude, you work in a bank.. and its July in Atlanta.. so, full leather , at noon?"

Pride in Atl grew to be MASSIVE, with free Indigo Girls or B-52's etc.... Not so much here in the Rochester area, but we are right between two HUGE celebrations in NYC or the much much closer Toronto.

So, what does it all mean.. and is it relative in 2009 to celebrate what those  nameless misfits did 40 years ago? Some in the broader glbt world say " heck no! getting the drag queens and leather daddies all over the news hurts us much more than it helps". For a while, I agreed with them. No longer. It has become very apparent that if we want CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, we are going to have to get it for ourselves. No, big strong white knights riding in on rainbow sparkle bright ponies for us. Changing minds one at a time, being out, being proud.. being VISIBLE, this is the legacy of Stonewall, and one that it will take our entire community to  help achieve. ( It can also be a damn good party... nothing Puritanical about me!)

I'll post updates when I get them from any of the many k+b operatives OUT in the field.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We're here, We're Queer.. and always have been, Ya'll

Atlanta, my home town, pre Stonewall.↑ ( from the North Ave Bridge, there by the Varsity...)
An article from THE SOUTHERN VOICE about those early days, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
Just for your bearings, the same veiw, 2004↓

Civil Rights 101

Tomorrow is the 40th Anniversary of The Stonewall Riots.

I am going to assume that anyone reading the kyle+blog knows what that means, but just in case, a very short primer. Being a homo was illegal. Language is hard here , because as someone who considers himself to be post gay, thinking pre Stonewall is a hard mindset to jump into. Let's just say you run into a pal walking down the street, ya'll have not seen each other since Ted's very dull birthday part a month ago, and have lots of gossip to catch up on. There is a bar on the corner, you decide to pop in , have a nice cold beer and catch up. You could go to jail, with your name in the papers and lose your family and job. JUST for sitting in a bar. Let it sink in... re-read it if you have too.

"Well.. why didn't black folks just drink out of any water fountain they darn well pleased?" or " Why did the homosexuals fight back ? " Done and done. 

This is not my " How Pride is Important" posting.. or even my " Stonewall at 40" one. This is about Monday. The day after the cake and balloons ( and leather hot pants and sequined headdresses and bright pink jock straps) This is about the future.

There is a must read op-ed in the Times today  : THE REAL MOB AT STONEWALL.
"A prominent Stonewall myth holds that the riots were an uprising by the gay community against decades of oppression. This would be true if the “gay community” consisted of Stonewall patrons. The bar’s regulars, though, were mostly teenagers from Queens, Long Island and New Jersey, with a few young drag queens and homeless youths who squatted in abandoned tenements on the Lower East Side.

I was there on the Saturday and Sunday nights when the Village’s established gay community, having heard about the incidents of Friday night, rushed back from vacation rentals on Fire Island and elsewhere. Although several older activists participated in the riots, most stood on the edges and watched.

Many told me they were put off by the way the younger gays were taunting the police — forming chorus lines and singing, “We are the Stonewall girls, we wear our hair in curls!” Many of the older gay men lived largely closeted lives, had careers to protect and years of experience with discrimination. They believed the younger generation’s behavior would lead to even more oppression."

Sound a little bit familiar?

The homo powers that be.. the ones that raised the ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the DNC this week are parked out on LOVELY Fire Island with a pina colada at the freaking Botel, while the work is being done online and at the grass roots. " Stonewall" would never have happened if left up to the HRC. That is just a fact, not judging. Just think about it HRC and all the other lettered groups have a power base to defend, and a big ass budget. Rocking the boat, or trashing a grimy gay bar could upset that... and well.. those Fire Island Summer Rentals don't come cheap!!  ( Good thing my VERY good pal owns a house there already....) ALL the major gay players were at the get go, against the Ted Olsen/David Boies case out in sunny California, some are coming around, but gosh darn it , it was rocking the boat and cutting into their tea dance - or moments spent at the White House - time! SOME have come around.. but too slowly.

Many think that 40 years is a lifetime.. others a flash in the pan, either way... at 40, its time for the GAY LIBERATION MOVEMENT to grow up. Move out of its parents basement, and take on some responsibility. Thank you very much, HRC, GLAAD, and the rest. You have done a good job. Now let a new generation, a new way of thinking a new way of organization take over. Don't throw the size 13 Manolo out with the bath water, just learn to listen to the voices that are out there. Believe that we are all on the same side... stop defending your little fiefdoms and get on with the work at hand.

GOODNESS, but we have come a long, long way in 40 years... but miles and miles left to travel....

Friday, June 26, 2009

HA! We will show you.....

Huge tempest in a antique Limoges tea pot.

The blog-o-gays and media types have for weeks been just going all volcanic over last nights GLBT Democratic fundraiser. 

" I'm not going!" Screamed this queen and that big lesbian!
" I am going" whispered the pink powers that be, and then last night, after all the hoopla, all the protesters out side: THEY RAISED A RECORD AMOUNT OF MONEY ! Last year.. with both Hillary and The President out there courting the gay vote , this event raised $750, ooo. THIS year,  as the White House and Congress are DOING NOTHING FOR US.. they raise a COOL MILLION.   HA! We will show them!

Watch the pride of Auburn trip and stumble over a little dadt question:

Like I have been saying, I do not think the White House is against us, I do not. BUT for what ever reason, and really.. for the life of me, I can not figure it out: They are scared to death of getting near any GLBT issues. What Speaker Pelosi from San Francisco is going to go off on them? Everyone is asking, if not NOW, when you are at the peak of your power, WHEN?

Candidate Obama was that FIERCE ADVOCATE.. President Obama not so much. HOPEFUL! HOPEFUL! HOPEFUL! But, as long as the homo money train is backed up to the DNC.. what could , other than them being decent people, push them a little ??

Oh, Gloria.....


That's the sound heard all over the country as the Champagne flows down on Sullivan Island, where Governor Mark Sanford is the luckiest man in the world . Hmmmm.. how to get rid of all these Media vans parked outside my house ??
Have Michael Freaking Jackson pull an Elvis and hit the Demerol pipe a little too hard. Bye Bye Iranian Revolution, bye bye Michelle watch, bye bye everything as the worlds attention turns to creepy ole MJ. If it bleeds it leads, and if it sold a tra zillion records, was a really good dancer and felt up a couple of little boys.. then dies in a manner befitting either king, it leads for days and days and days.

But, back to Senator Evita: He used tax payer dollars to fly to Argentina to see " the woman he loves", several times! He is on tape demanding that Bill Clinton resign over his little tete a tete with the Lewinsky . You somehow knew this one was coming, but Jaba the Rush says its President Obama's Fault that Mark Sanford is a pig. YET.. he is still the proud standard bearer of all that is family values and is still the Governor of the great state of South Carolina

I do hope this story has enough legs to wait out the ALL JACKSON - ALL THE TIME, phase we are in now.. and that... ( has to be done)  Governor One Man TWO Women does not BEAT IT....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Schadenfreude !!

Governor Sanford.
Are we supposed to feel sorry for this douche bag, leaving his family and sons on Fathers day.. AND leaving the State of South Carolina, because he came on camera and asked God and his family and state to forgive him ? 
We were SO freaking hoping it was a guy down Argentine way....
This guy is garbage.

Let's see how much the oh so right wing Jesus freak branch of the GOP/Fox News/Washington Times axis of evil comes out in defense of this  " man".

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mary, please.......

  Uh-oh! I am NOT one to toss around the "M" word.... sure George Carlin's seven fall off the tongue with  relative ease, but you have to save a few epithets for the special times, this would be one of those times.

The homoblogisphere has gone gay crazy  over the White House hosting a CELEBRATION OF THE 40th ANNIVERSARY or the STONEWALL RIOTS of 1969. 
Again..... MARY, PLEASE! ( I'll stop with the strong language now...)

from the nyt : "As advocates for gays and lesbians intensify their criticism of the White House, President Obama has invited some of their leaders to an East Room reception next Monday to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, the 1969 Greenwich Village demonstrations that gave birth to the modern gay rights movement."

Ms. Spaulding and Mr. Aravosis are outraged! " How dare they sip champagne and eat canapes while our brothers are dying in the streets...." -  or have to get their hair cut at Supercuts or something. I got board at their rants and stopped reading. Take a deep breath people. I am NOT an Obama apologist, nor am I a gay Stalinist. Let's just look at this with a historical eye and be THRILLED that we have a First Couple that KNOWS what STONEWALL is. Call it crumbs if you like... but IT IS A START.

It is pretty obvious to anyone who it not in full rage mode that the White House is really really sorry for the California DOJ memo, really. " My bad , guys... sorry". YES THEY COULD BE DOING A LOT MORE! But lets don't poop in our rainbow marabou covered Easter Baskets just out of spite. Do you think those liquored up drag queens and rent-a-boys who got so pissed off that hot summers night back in 1969 could , in their wildest post Judy dreams EVER have seen this coming? The President and First Lady of the United States of America, toasting them in the East Room of the White House? It's not just ok to be gay, it's down right celebrated.

The Obama White House is NOT OUR ENEMY. Too many of us are forgetting this. And I for one , do not see this as some patronizing pat on the back... it is a HUGE step in the right direction. Yes, we are in a war... but sometimes, you need to stop and smell the Chanel Homme Spray... or eat a shrimp toast in the East Room of the White House , while drinking a fine domestic sparkling wine. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

female urologist, male gynecologist, fat nutritionist.....

Kyle gives Alex a haircut...


Glory , Glory, Hallelujah! (הַלְלוּיָהּ )

IT takes me FOREVER to make a major purchase, but its done.. will be here this week, installed and everything. Neil was 100% right to go ahead and spend a little bit more money and get a better quality product. It is a multi, multi year purchase! VERY happy with what we got, really.. much more high end/ professional than what I had started out looking at. Sure, I now have to take to the bed, ( or hit the G&T's)  but it's over .

I LOVE MY NEW STOVE!  This is the last one before you jump up to the way out of my price range home professional models. VERY heavy, cast iron burner top.. can move pans all around it. Convection, self cleaning, warming drawer.. lots of bells and whistles. VERY happy with this. Five burner, can have a griddle thing, super high and super low. LOVE IT
Here it is with a pot sitting on in.... 
true stainless refrigerator, and small enough for my house..The reason we came back to Sears was , I did not like the refrigerator at Lowe's... very happy with this one as well

The new dishwasher. This one took me a long time and Neil and the nice Sears guy had to do some selling. There are dishwashers for like 250 dollars, and ya'll know I was all over them.. BUT.. turns out , in the long run, this was a better deal . The real reason is the cheaper ones are not as tall, you can not put large wine glasses in them, in this one, you can move the top rack to accommodate anything. I drink , there for .... 


These ALL made me happy... well maybe not the stupid corn husk consomme with jalapeno spheres or what ever.. but ya'll know how much I do love a catered affair. Thanks NYT for the Sunday morning fun.... 

Sa-tur- day NIGHT

 A truck load of thank-yous to Dahn and David

 for a wonderful night out last night. Dinner at Dinosaur BBQ

 and then a very moving night at the theater. The Rochester area is truly lucky to have a fantastic , very professional theater company in GEVA.

 Really, we have seen some amazing, Broadway quality shows there over the years. Last night was August Wilson's FENCES

I am embarrassed to say that this was my very first August Wilson play, ever. I mean, I knew who he was and all about the Pittsburgh plays, and Mr. Wilson's cultural impact. But had no idea of the power of this play. There is very little sugar coating of the African American experience here - no soft fade field of flowers ala Mr Spielberg's The Color Purple.This is real life for the Maxon family, in late 50's America. So much is coming, but they are far from there yet.

I had seen interviews with Mr. Wilson in the past, but had NO IDEA of his immense talent with the English language - the use of slang and the mix of old and new. The actors on the stage last night were very good, again, Broadway caliber, but the star of the show was by far the words on the page. The cadence, the spit-fire prose, the power of certain words.. I said in the ride home, it was close to Shakespearean. Mr. Wilson puts us in the heads of his characters... 2009 Upstate New York is - a long time ago in a galaxy far far away from 1957 Pittsburgh, but were were there for two hours last night. It's not always a nice place to be... but it was very real, very American.

I also love when four people can see the exact same play and walk away with such widely different opinions of what they watched. That does not happen with Mama Mia or Lion King.. not that there is anything wrong with them. I just very much enjoy straight up plays. Mr. Wilson left us way to young and  I hope I get the chance to see more of his work in the future.

Live from Dinosaur BBQ

Fun with Dahn ( or David's ) New iphone

Friday, June 19, 2009


We have been being very good lately, just the grilled meats and veggies and salad. So, a little break was due: CHICKEN CURRY! ( brown rice, cucumber and Greek yogurt, green salad with sherry vinegar)

coconut milk, diced tomatoes, chicken, curry powder, turmeric, onions, ginger, chilies, garlic, onions, green bell pepper, lime, carrots
This is a key step..  you have to cook the onions for a good long time, 20-ish min. I do not know why, but it makes your end product much thicker and smoother..
add pepper, chili, carrots.. again cook a little bit, 5-7 min, 
add diced chicken breast, I have used a whole chicken,  boneless thigh, bone in thighs... what ever. Can be veggies, lamb, beef.. anything..
added tomatoes and coconut milk, grate in garlic and ginger
curry powder and turmeric , lime zest and lime juice

turn down low and let cook 20 min or so...

You can count on me....

HEY! My own Government is going to count Neil and I in the 2010 Census! The Bush Administration had claimed that it would have been illegal for there to even be a mentioned of us in the census. ( let that one sink in for a min..)
So, progress is being made..

 ( from todays WSJ ) : White House Looks to Include Same-Sex Unions in Census Count

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Chicken, brown rice and these YUMMY vegetables! I just grilled them with nothing at all ( I did steam the broccoli a little big first) Chopped them all up, big chunky pieces. I put some garlic chips in a little bit of olive oil and "fried" crispy. Tossed in the veggies and served.. I will be doing this again the rest of the Summer.

Neil - n - Craigy

To mulch or not to mulch, that is the question, whether 'tis nobler to in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous weed growth, or take arms against said weeds, and by opposing, end them. To suffer the cedary smell on the ride home? 
Ran into little Craigy at the Henrietta Wegmans.. he was there for medicine.. does not feel well.. I'm thinking he may be feeling better now..

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy !!

Hopefully this is all going to be in my kitchen pretty darn soon!

Love this new stove! Five burners, on that goes super low one that goes super high~
New Fridge~ With our old house we can not get a lot of the new fridges , they are just too darn big, so this was a happy find, one that we can use, that I also like!
and while we are at it a new dishwasher that matches...

We drove ALL over town comparing prices, ( Charlotte, you'll save a lot... not so much!!) LOWES is just the place to go for this. MUCH more bang for your buck!

The White House has a woodshed......

And our pal Barney has been there....

So, The White House takes a stick and pokes the big rainbow hornets nest and is a little shocked when the little disco dancing worker bees get all pissed off. Did he know, didn't he know, does he love us, does he not ??

Some Bush hold over ( not that it matters, BUT it does, Mormon ) Dept. of Justice lawyer in California files his brief in a Federal case on DOMA, saying every nasty 700 Club/ Focus on the Family talking point that we have heard since God was a boy. NOT exactly the change that all the hard working GLBT Obamites were expecting. Our President caught , not being our fierce advocate, but ... very much a detractor!, and still as of YESTERDAY, not really getting it: 
( Jake Tapper, ABC News/ Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary)

TAPPER: Does the president stand by the legal brief that the Justice Department filed last week that argued in favor the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act?

GIBBS: Well, as you know, that the Justice Department is charged with upholding the law of the land, even though the president believes that that law should be repealed.

TAPPER: I understand that, but a lot of legal experts say that the brief didn't have to be as comprehensive and make all the arguments that it made, such as comparing same-sex unions to incestuous ones, in one controversial paragraph...

GIBBS: Well...

TAPPER: ...that's upset a lot of the president's supporters. Does the president stand by the content, the arguments made in that brief?

GIBBS: Well, again, it's the president's Justice Department. And, again, we have the role of upholding the law of the land while the president has stated and will work with Congress to change that law.

The White House is IN SHOCK that the Pink Money train that had be lauding them with all that Hollywood cash came to a screeching halt! There is a BIG fundraiser coming up next week with Vice President Joe Biden as the main speaker,.. and SOME of our leader gays are running away from it like  Posh and a dessert cart!

SO, the White House THROWS TOGETHER Yesterday afternoon's little ( LITTLE) signing ceremony.. to give SOME Federal Employees some VERY oddly worded , mini benefits ( min-bins!). From now on they can put a picture of a same sex spouse on their desk IF there is a Golden Retriever OR a child  dressed in  CREWCUTS is blocking the wedding rings in the pics. Also, and this is serious.. they can have sick leave for any sick child that they may know. Little Johnny down the street has an ear infection.. You are NOT going to work ( This is the problem when you have NO Federal definition of a SS Family!!)

So anyway , the quickly gathered powers that be, sign this little throw away yesterday with Rep. Barney Frank there to witness. Congressman Frank had , RIGHTFULLY come out HARD on the White House just days earlier over the Hateful DOJ Brief, saying all the right things : Till President Obama spanked him yesterday and he comes out with the lap dog view: " It wasn't me, I didn't do it, the President had no choice... on and on."


Sucks to be a proud Yellow Dog when the GOP is freaking leading the way in Marriage Equality ( sit down and shut up, Dr. Tinkler )

This is all flippant and more trite than it should be, but there is just TOO MUCH going on, to get my head around on a busy rainy morning. We are in the trenches here in New York State working with a state Senate that is stocked with NOTHING but people from a Three Stooges reunion party. There is real progress being made in our WAR for our Civil Rights, and we thougt we had someone we could count on in the White House.

Not that we are not used to the heartache... we just did not see this one coming. Cue Ms. Gaynor:

keeping those little gay fingers in London busy, busy, busy...

It's ROYAL ASCOT time! Hats, hats and more hats.....( even ANNE pulled it off this year! )

Ladies Day Hats


A little bit mean here as my home town is broiling in some early , early Summer heat, headed towards 98 today, 100 tomorrow. I can just see that lovely tobacco brown haze hanging over the city now. It's always fun to be able to see the air that you are breathing.... 

This is a shot from out " book group" ( should really be called a drink wine and talk group) last night. We had a fire in the fireplace... very cool and wet up here today....


THIS is what Democracy looks like.

1,000,000 + in the streets of Tehran.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

People always think something's all true.

If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth. Right now I am busy suing the crap out of some guy, that I don't even know, for going through my stuff. Man, I hate when people go through my stuff. I used to walk in and catch ole Stadlater looking at my stuff all the time, I just hate that sort of thing, really.
So, this jerk of a guy ... J.D. California, or some such stupid name, writes this book, that is supposed to be all arty and everything. If there is anything I hate more than phonies, its phonies that write books that are supposed to be all arty and everything. This book is about this prep school kid , who grows to be an old bitter guy, and haunts this , supposed writer ,who is like a god damned hermit or something, really. The whole thing just makes me want to get a scotch and soda and forget and the whole god dammed mess, I don't really know why, maybe I'll just disappear.
I really never should have even told you this much.

( thanks NYT, and its going back in my back pocket today, just for old time sakes.. Reagan is dead , and I am sure Jodie is over the whole mess)