Friday, June 26, 2009


That's the sound heard all over the country as the Champagne flows down on Sullivan Island, where Governor Mark Sanford is the luckiest man in the world . Hmmmm.. how to get rid of all these Media vans parked outside my house ??
Have Michael Freaking Jackson pull an Elvis and hit the Demerol pipe a little too hard. Bye Bye Iranian Revolution, bye bye Michelle watch, bye bye everything as the worlds attention turns to creepy ole MJ. If it bleeds it leads, and if it sold a tra zillion records, was a really good dancer and felt up a couple of little boys.. then dies in a manner befitting either king, it leads for days and days and days.

But, back to Senator Evita: He used tax payer dollars to fly to Argentina to see " the woman he loves", several times! He is on tape demanding that Bill Clinton resign over his little tete a tete with the Lewinsky . You somehow knew this one was coming, but Jaba the Rush says its President Obama's Fault that Mark Sanford is a pig. YET.. he is still the proud standard bearer of all that is family values and is still the Governor of the great state of South Carolina

I do hope this story has enough legs to wait out the ALL JACKSON - ALL THE TIME, phase we are in now.. and that... ( has to be done)  Governor One Man TWO Women does not BEAT IT....

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