Saturday, June 13, 2009

or else I'll hold my breath till I turn blue.....

It's late.
I've had a big day, I am ready for bed, and in my last minute reading I come across something that I could not let stand. I was not going to post anything about what happened today until the much cooler heads and the nice calm light of a new day prevailed, but my exandrewsullivan had to let go with what is EXACTLY the homo party line:

( from andrewsullivan"We are asked to be patient, and that is fair enough. But we should not be asked to be attacked in this gratuitous manner, shut out of dialogue beforehand, and applaud. We did that for eight years under Clinton. Never again."

Gosh, Andrew , I know you are not a big drinker, sure you smoke pot like an extra in some distant Cheech and Chong movie, but even stoned to the bone that statement is ... well, as dumb as any sack of hammers .

The Clintons were EVIL incarnate, yes, we have read you for the last 20 years or so, but for you today to say NEVER AGAIN, when we have been completely betrayed by the Obama administration is purely laughable. You could have typed " never again" yesterday and got away with it .. Today, on the Anniversary of Loving V Virgina, your candidate and mine has proved that he simply lied to us to get our vote, and unless some things change a great deal, he as done FAR WORSE than Bill Clinton. At least President Clinton had the full weight of a Conservative congress bearing down on him, our hero President Obama chucked us under the bus on a whim. Looks like he is just not that into us....

" Never Again , Andrew?" ... or what? We will vote for Sarah Palin in 2010? The GLBT community are pawns Mr. Sullivan, no more , no less, a fact I guess we just get used to.

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