Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As if you needed another reason for Sarah Palin to never, ever , ever be President.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s oldest son, Track Palin, married his high school sweetheart, a girl named Britta Hanson, daughter of Rev. Duane Hanson and Elizabeth Hanson, in a very small and private ceremony in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Denim / Wedding, Denim / Wedding..... enough said.

Pride for the masses!

Move on 4th of July, take a hike Canada Day, there is a new t-shirt in town and it's burning up, selected major metropolitan cities, and it turns out only in selected stores.

The T-shirts, which are priced from $7 to $14, bear the rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride, and different messages, including “Love Proudly” and “Pride 2011.” The retailer says the campaign honors Pride month and is part of its larger flag T-shirt collection. Old Navy is donating 10 percent of the proceeds to the “It Gets Better Project,” an organization dedicated to preventing suicide among gay and lesbian youth.

Susan , be waiting by the phone  - and which of the zillion strip malls is Buckhead Station ?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Im Memorial

But one more Lee Greenwood on my facebook page, and 
it will be a postal Memorial day....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Iris-palooza !

All Neil's hard work is starting to pay off as Iris season is upon us, with a snowball bush thrown . Irises in the rain as our Ark loving Spring beats on. Click to make larger....

Being There

" I like to watch tv "

"I don't think she thinks the rules apply to her. She doesn't need to have the traditional trappings of a presidential campaign, no finance committee, she can raise the money, she doesn't need to go shake a lot of hands in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina. She gets to decide what the rules are that govern her campaign and go accordingly and politics is changing. Some people have done things that have been outside the norm of custom and have won." - Karl Rove on Sarah Palin's 2012 candidacy.

We learned this week that calling a woman Media Slut is a bad thing. So, I will not call Sarah Palin a Media Slut. Especially since everyone knows the phrase is Media Whore. I mean she does get paid by Fox News
Neil and I had a discussion about this. I, the misogynist feminist, think that Media Whore is not a sexist term, there are countless male media whores out there. Neil, who has lately been lost in a sea of estrogen driven fanaticism, says that all those loud ass chicks out there , would still , indeed find the term offensive. I aint bothered.

Mrs. Palin...." OMG, the spot light has been on someone other than ME! for the last few weeks." REPUBLICAN Candidates ?!?. There is only room for one Heather in her school, and SHE leads the sheep of lame stream media around by the nose. " How High , Governor Palin ? ". We have John McCain to blame for this Harpie.... close your eyes , and like Andrew did this morning, imagine a world in which McCain lost with Pawlenty or Romney. So, get ready, Sarah Palin, baby on hip, gun in holster will ride down Pennsylvania ave this weekend with thousands of biker vets, spectacle is the new black.

update :

Joe has run with the same story this morning, I guess everyone will. NO matter how distasteful I find this, it IS news. ( news of the weird, weekly world news.. but news nevertheless. ) Here is the thing, happy hipster Obama supporters , who take out the hip, I proudly am one, are all ga-ga over what the Presidential Debates will be like with President Obama laying waste to the wack job from Wascilla ( although by then she will be the Shill from Scottsdale ). 
It will not be pretty, and it is not really a debate the Mr. Obama can win. The President can come with his facts, numbers and process, and she can do fancy pageant walking, leaving the President, sort of alone on stage.... Turdblossom has it right , the rules DO NOT apply to Sarah Palin.... and that is a dangerous thing. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raise high the roof beam !

hat tip joe via andy

Come on, Grandma got run over by a Paul Ryan, and NONE of these ass wipes can get a leg up. Yeah, I may be crying into my beer come next November, but right now, my WARRIOR PRESIDENT is sitting pretty.
And Sister Sarah will run.... she has nothing else to do.....


House passes measure to ban funds for teaching abortion techniques in health centers
By Associated Press,via JMG Published: May 25

WASHINGTON — The House has passed legislation that would bar teaching health centers that receive federal funds under the new health care act from using the money to teach abortion techniques. Rep. Virginia Foxx, the sponsor of the measure, says she wants to make it “crystal clear” that taxpayer money is not being used to train health care providers to perform abortions.
The North Carolina Republican’s proposal was offered as an amendment to a bill that puts funding restrictions on a teaching program in President Barack Obama’s health care act.
The amendment passed 234-182, over the objections of some Democrats who said it would prevent medical residents from learning a basic procedure in women’s health care. The bill must still be considered by the Senate.

This will die in the Senate. Y'all remember this waste of oxygen ( typed the " C" word first ) Rep Foxx :

The Republican Party is leading an all out war against women's health out there, no two ways about it. And a single GOP vote because you hope to someday be in a higher tax bracket is a vote against all women.

Michelle Mania

It's wall to wall FLOTUS this morning, but I just could not pass up this photograph.
The First Lady visited a North London girls school yesterday. Just look at this photograph, soak it in, realize who and what you are looking at.  A pretty strong message on many levels. Full story here.
(shallow Kyle wants you to know that Michelle is WEARING that McQueen tunic and belt!!) 

He prayeth best, who loveth best All things both great and small; For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all.

        noun /ˈalbəˌtrôs/  /-ˌträs/ 
        albatrosses, plural
        1. A very large oceanic bird related to the shearwaters, with long narrow wings. Albatrosses, some species of which have wingspans greater than 10 feet (3.3 m), are found mainly in the southern oceans, with three kinds in the North Pacific
          • A source of frustration or guilt; an encumbrance (in allusion to Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

      1. That sound you hear is Republicans running away from Paul Ryan and his ever fabulous hair. Mr. Gerry Mandering is alive and well and living in Upstate New York. I am guessing that the last time The Empire State was re-districted the GOP was in charge in Albany, because up here, the very in the minority Republicans are well represented. The once VERY Union-ed Joe Six Packs over in Buffalo and the Pointy Headed Intellectuals here in very collegeic Rochester are split up with in an inch of their lives. The county that we live in , Monroe, has FOUR members of Congress, that is just how over all liberal the base here is, they have to be broken up, that much...

      2. The New York 26th ( which is the next district over from us ) was made up, cut out, formed to be a BED ROCK solid Republican district. The Athens, Georgia of New York, only in reverse, here a big swatch of rural red in a deep deep blue state. This district voted for McCain, contains two of the three counties in the state that did not vote for Hillary Clinton for Senate, and AND these folk are such dyed in the wool elephants that they voted for a violently certifiable insane man for Governor last go round. ( Carl Palidino, really, dangerously nuts! ). We are talking CRIMSON here, until Mr. Ryan came along.......Over and over we heard news reports  of people saying " I never voted for a Democrat in my life until now..."

      3. Tuesday night a Democrat, Kathy Hochul, a pro marriage equality, pro choice, liberal Democrat took the seat in Congress vacated by the hunky ladies-with-something-extra-loving Chris Lee :
    yall remember him, right?
    We had the Tickle Me Elmo guy
    up here too...
    something in the water.

    Some of the National Media is making this out to be another Tea Party Spoiler race, giving the Democrat the lead in a three way race, this was not the case, at all. The " tea party " candidate was this super rich old guy that runs for EVERYTHING up here. He cares nothing at all about party or serving, he just likes throwing his money away on long winded tv ads. NO, this race was 110% about Medicare, and the Ryan plan to make you go out, at 65 ( in the perfect health that we will all be in at 65 ) and buy private insurance on the open market. And Mrs. Hocul won big....

    This is very much one of those, if it can happen here sort of things...... Medicare really is a third rail in Washington. IF you are  a member of congress , overwhelmingly Republicans here, that voted FOR tax breaks for trillion dollar big oil, while wanting to do away with Medicare as we know it..... I don't think any district is red enough to protect you.....

    Congresswoman elect Kathy Hochul 
    ( our Scott Brown )
    who we LOVE.

    OH WAIT!
    Harry Reid made the Senate vote on the Ryan Budget yesterday afternoon and even in the wake of the bloodbath in the 26th, 40 GOPers voted to strip Grandma of that medicaid card......why am I humming, " It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...."?


    Taco Night.

    Michelle in England. ( God save our Queen! )

    I am the man that accompanied Jackie Kennedy Michelle Obama to France England.

    Leaving AirForce One in a 
    lovely Preen suit, with some great shoes.

    Meeting the Royals.
    Michelle in Barbara Tfank Resort 2011, 
    Duchess of Cornwall in.. well, lets go with what she did 
    not wear to the wedding

    There was a little bit of an issue with the wind and the First Lady's A line, 
    HM has weights sewn into her hem for these occasions.

    Shelly meets Kate, websites crash.
    The second pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing  this Reiss bandage dress hit the internet 
    the Reiss website crashed twice from the world flocking to buy the same dress. 
    I think she looks painfully thin.

    Y'all come go with us!

    The Windsors had the Obamas over , so the next night, the Obamas had the Windsors over, at the 
    U.S. Embassy.

     Michelle in most American Ralph Lauren, 
    and a fierce hairstyle.

    Very good coverage from London's THE DAILY MAIL, including a " poorly placed plant "

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    State Dinner

     This is close to some live blogging here at the k+b!
    So, we may be updating as we go along..
    The First Lady in Tom Ford.

    What does one wear to a State Dinner with H.M. The Queen and Prince Phillip ?
    I mean, this is AS formal as it gets, right? When I first saw the photo I was just a little bit shocked, both at how beautiful Mrs. Obama looks , and and just what a straight up, old fashion, out and out purely glamourous gown this is. Without the gloves, it would be 100% Oscar red carpet worthy.... with the gloves it is pure fairy tale. Yes, I was questioning the bow, but who the hell am I to question Tom Ford and Michelle Obama ?

    The AP feed ( it is all I can find right now ) "For President Barack Obama, a state dinner hosted by the British queen is much more than a chance to dine on Windsor lamb washed down with 50-year-old port. It's also an opportunity to bask in the grandeur of Britain's monarchy, still glowing from the success of a princely wedding watched around the world.
    Large British and American flags lined the Mall, where, less than a month before, Prince William and his new bride, the Duchess of Cambridge, rode to Buckingham Palace. The nearby Green Park still bore large bare patches where the world's media had camped out for the marriage.
    Inside the palace, the crimson-carpeted ballroom was laid out with 19th-century silverware, Louis XVI porcelain and fragrant floral arrangements more than 12 feet (four meters) tall. Every gilded ornament had its own rich history — the Rockingham dessert service, for example, was first used for Queen Victoria's coronation in 1838.
    The 170 or so guests joining the Obamas for dinner include Britain's prime minister, senior royalty, ambassadors, business leaders, top brass, leading academics, prominent nobility and even the archbishop of Canterbury — who officiated at William's April 29 wedding.
    No white-tie state dinner would be complete without a side helping of celebrity. Tom Hanks was on the guest list, as was Tim Burton, Kevin Spacey and Helena Bonham-Carter — who won plaudits for her recent portrayal of the queen's mother in the Academy Award-winning movie "The King's Speech."
    The menu, printed in French on dainty white cards, included sole, Windsor lamb with basil, green bean panache and Charlotte a la Vanille for dessert. Wines include Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 2004 and Royal Vintage Port from 1963.
    The music program included a march, a waltz, a German dance and "My Fair Lady" by Frederick Loewe. When an Associated Press reporter was ushered into the ballroom, the band was sharpening its rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner."
    All this pomp and circumstance has a purpose. State visits aren't personal favors from the queen — they're arranged by Britain's government as a way of courting allies and rewarding friends. The queen's guestlist — and even her dinner toast — is coordinated with officials."

    If it walks like a ......

    Ever ever ever the tiniest little crack in that 50 foot high closet door belonging to my state senator, Jim Alesi, and yes, it feels like we have been fighting this same senseless battle for years! The man is as gay as a flaming Fire Island florist, but at 63 years old and an entrenched Republican state senator, not much is going to happen. Senator Alesi was at the local Empire State Pride Agenda dinner up in Rochester , and that set all sorts of tails a wagging at every brunch state wide the following morning,
     From yesterday's New York Post ( Fox News in Print ) : "Gay-marriage backers got what they're calling a big boost over the weekend when Republican state Sen. James Alesi appeared at a major upstate dinner held by the state's biggest gay-rights group. The Empire State Pride Agenda dinner in Rochester was called to rally support for the gay-marriage bill, which has already cleared the Democrat-controlled Assembly and will likely be voted on next month in the Republican-controlled Senate, where it was defeated in 2009.
    "Having Alesi there was seen as an important development since the dinner was all about marriage equality," a prominent Democrat and gay-rights activist told The Post, noting that the Rochester Republican has long opposed gay marriage.
    "While he didn't speak, Alesi was mentioned a couple of times from the stage, and with about 700 people there, there was a good deal of buzz about it."
    A second source called Alesi's presence "a big development" in the gay-marriage fight.
    Alesi was one of 38 senators, Republican and Democratic, who helped kill the gay-marriage bill when it came to a vote in the then-Democratic-controlled Senate in December 2009.
    He ducked repeated questions on his current gay-marriage position but noted that he now attends a church "that blesses gay marriage and calls for marriage equality."
    And while he said that, for now, he would keep his position "locked inside my inarticulate skull," Alesi emphasized that because Senate votes are taken alphabetically, he'll be the first Republican to weigh in on the measure when the next vote is taken.
    "My vote is probably the most significant vote on this issue, because how I vote will send a message down the line," he told The Post. The Saturday-night event, at the Rochester Convention Center, featured Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a strong gay-marriage supporter, who delivered the keynote address.
    Alesi's involvement in the event marked the second time in less than a week that a Republican senator who previously voted no hinted at a change of mind.
    Staten Island Sen. Andrew Lanza insisted he now has "an open mind" on the issue.
    "I'm listening. I am entertaining all those points of view that are out there. I'm trying to discern why or whether we should make a move from what is the status quo," said Lanza.
    The Senate defeated the same-sex marriage law, 38-24, but several Democratic "nos" have since been replaced by "pros."
    And while then-Gov. David Paterson strongly backed same-sex marriage, he was an unpopular and unelected governor with little political clout -- just the opposite of the current governor, Andrew Cuomo, who has thrown himself into the approval battle.
    "Two years ago, Gov. Paterson was providing support to the effort, but it didn't count for all that much. This time around, Gov. Cuomo is actually coordinating much of the effort," the activist said.
    "If it passes this year, it won't be because of what the community did. It will be because of what Gov. Cuomo did."

    Can't have that happening, now can we, can't have anyone thinking
    you like the gays too much!

    Sen. James Alesi, R-Perinton, Monroe County, said this afternoon that his brief stop at the Empire State Pride Agenda annual dinner in Rochester on Saturday night shouldn’t suggest that he’s ready to support the legalization of same-sex marriage. The New York Post this morning reported that Alesi’s stop at the dinner was viewed as a major development by gay-rights advocates. Alesi, however, didn’t see it that way, saying he only stopped at the dinner for 10 minutes at the Rochester Convention Center and also was there to attend a union dinner down the hall.
    “These are all my constituents and there is absolutely no way anyone can create a barricade for me when it comes to my constituents,” Alesi said outside the Senate chambers today. “It’s me doing my job.”
    Alesi has been heavily lobbied by both sides of the issue, and confirmed that he was contacted by phone recently by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is advocating for the measure’s adoption. But Alesi said his talk with Cuomo was brief, saying he asked the governor for a face-to-face meeting. “I know the governor is a busy person, but I think my vote is pretty significant given the fact that I vote first” among Senate Republicans, he said.

    Alesi voted no in 2009 when the same-sex marriage bill came to the floor. He said he’s undeclared now.

    We were in the Senate Chamber, when Mr. Alesi, with an "A" was the first GOP Senator to vote no on marriage equality a couple of years ago. The man was a wreck, in obvious physical and emotional pain.

    The closet is hell, for everyone. I feel for him but, the thing is he is so popular and entrenched in this gerrymandered district, that he would totally be reelected as an out gay man.

    yeah, all you bitches who EVER said anything bad about me..........

    Seriously, let's just cut right to the chase here : SHE IS SEVENTY FOUR YEARS OLD... and is letting all of these 20 -30 something starlets know just who is the *#^^@! Queen.
     Two time Oscar winner and one time Atlantan, Jane Fonda hits the closing night of Cannes red carpet in Emilio Pucci and all but redefines in one night what is is to be an " aging " movie star. Yes, sure, all hail her kick ass doctor, and I am going to go with the woman has stock in Spanks, but what does it matter...
    She looks FANTASTIC !

    buy me some peanuts and cracker-jack....

    [ where was the secret service ? ... and I am SO not judging this, but shouldn't he have thought to protect Laura ? ( who IS having a beer! ) ]

    Monday, May 23, 2011


    Grilled Chicken
    summer squash
    little tiny roasted red " new " potatoes
    and Miss Kiara went home this afternoon, Koda and I will miss her!
    But I won't mind getting to sleep past sun up!

    130,000 Thousand PLUS Dollars, baby!

    LONDON — Auction site eBay says a bidder has paid 81,100 pounds ($131,648) for the silk bow hat worn by Princess Beatrice to last month's royal wedding.
    The 22-year-old granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II put the Philip Treacy creation on sale to raise money for UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

    How to end a fledgling Presidential run in thirty minutes or less.

    Herman Cain is his name and he rode on the Danville train....

    The joys of allergy season, round two. Kicking my ass coming and going, and totally screwing my my sleep... making me just a joy to be around. Late, late last night, Neil, Koda and Kiara all tucked in, Fox News replayed their Sunday morning show " SOFTBALL QUESTIONS to GOP wanna bee's", or what ever they call the show. Hosted by the shame of the House of Wallace, Chris. 

    Just announced Presidential candidate Herman Cain makes his first stop at the batters box of love. You want to run for elected office in this country and DON'T have a reality show ? Start with THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... just dive right in that deep end of that pool, Mr. Cain.. Goodness knows running a second tier pizza chain gives you all the know how you need to run the free world in these easy as pie, calm times we are living in.

    OK, this was as not ready for Prime Time of an interview as I have ever seen. SHOCKING in how bad it was. Or maybe just SHOCKING that the GOP is in such dire straights that this man is being taken as a serious candidate. His first lob over the plate was on the economy, and he went off on the proven failed lower taxes/trickle down bull shit of the rich getting rich and the poor getting children , We the Koch Brothers blather that is the GOP in 2011. AND THEN, after saying the mantra, says, " Well this is my plan, but it wont work now, but it would have then.

    Then , one day , post the Apocalypse, and a few days past the real POTUS putting forward a VERY good starting point for some Israeli / Palestinian truce, Mr. Cain TOTALLY dropped the ball. Watch for yourself : 

    This man that wants to be President of the United States: has NO IDEA what the right of return is... total deer in the headlights moment. Seriously American media, you have GOT to stop covering these fools that are using a run for President, with NO money, to better their time slot on Fox News. Herman Cain wants to be the new Glen Beck, not the new Barack Obama !

    The Rapture with Seventy Six Trombones.

    The less said about that nut job out in , of all places, San Francisco the better. The only two words that make any sense to me about Mr. Profit of Doom is : in jail. But, Saturday afternoon of the end of days, Dahn called to say that one of her offspring was sick, so she could not go to GEVA that night, and would Neil and I like to take their place, go with David, Myrte and Lilly. See the world out with dinner and a show? Heck yes!
     The moment of the rapture. Myrte is far more holy than
    the rest of us. If she was not going, I figured we would all
    make the play.
     Many many thanks to David for a lovely night out, starting 
    with dinner at the old school, OLD school, local Italian 
    mainstay:  Mairo's. I had been there a few times before and knew that the 
    massive farm hand sized portions of classic Italian fare were not what
    I needed before sitting though a show, so I went for a YUMMY salad of tiny bitter 
    arugula with extra Briny olives and goat cheese, and a side of their off the charts good greens and beans.
     Seriously, this is a meal there. Lilly had this, all around Italy plate, Neil had a steak, David and Myrte had a heaping pile of pasta. Many to go boxes were taken home. AND! It is still prom season up here so we had a floor show as well! Turns out the Yankee girls just like all the Southern ones I have seen on the facebook all think that one can ONLY buy a prom dress in Las Vegas - OR go way way too casual.
    I have written on here before what just a treasure the local Rochester theater GEVA is. Tonight was a very good production of Meredith Wilson's Music Man. A huge production for this small theater, and a lot of fun. All of the leads have starring roles on Broadway in their little program blurb. They moved the show from 1913 ( or when ever ) to 1954 making the costumes and dancing - which was just the highlight of the show - much more audience ( and budget ) friendly. 
    We saw the last revival of this old warhorse on Broadway a few years ago, with WIll from Will and Grace as Harold Hill... and sadly, I really could not recall much of the performance. Other than the Mama Mia like ending that all shows have to have now, this production was really more fun. I think Broadway had close to 76 trombones, and we had the Albion High Marching Purple Eagles.

    An all around very nice night out with good friends, again, many thanks to our good pal David for the treat! 

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    There's got to be a morning after...

     Man, I home Michael and the boys are raking in a little cash with ITEOTWAWKI ( aiff ) being over used today. I went the Maureen McGovern route instead. Still on Kiara time , up and out early to a BEAUTIFUL morning. Bright, sunny, not a cloud in the sky..... everything the last two weeks have not been. The grass has just gone wild with all the rain, should be able to mow today
     The Memorial Day flags are already on all the poles in Mendon.
     Sort of the exact opposite of Armageddon.. one would think.
    Satan's shrubbery. Not only are they barbed with in an inch of MY life, but this time of year they smell like dead things, or VERY old lady perfume. Jungle Gardenia or Tabu combined with road kill. I have no idea why the folks before us thought a hedge of them would be a good thing to out in the front yard.


    Ham Steak
    Sweet Potato

    Y'all know this is Neil's plate. I had rice and potato, starch, starch and more starch! Neil said " Let's have a ham for dinner ". We are two people , a ham lasts us a week, with beans at the end with the bone. The Mendon Market had these ham steaks, problem solved.

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    It's a Miracle!

    Got the pups out of the house this afternoon for a good LONG walk, hopefully getting Neil and I an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

    It must have been a long time since Kiara had been swimming.
     Koda is the happy boy cut suit matron that dons a bathing cap and does her exact same four laps every day at the country club, reminding everyone that she was on the Byrn Mawr '72 swim team. Kiara is the stoned 11th grader doing cannon balls during that adult swim. I don't think she remembered how deep the water was. We had a very good time.

    again with the rapture, enough already, finish your brisket.. everything will be fine.

    So, tomorrow is the big day, up, up and away, and all that ! I just read or saw somewhere that a bunch of folks are planning to gather, Media in tow in freaking TIMES SQUARE ( someplace I would not want to see the world end..) and be .. raptured from there. Now, do all these followers of the nut job radio guy realize that the Biblical rapture is NOT just an American thing??

    Lets take Mr. Camping ( the dude who is planing this shindig ) at his word and at 6 pm all over the world, in what ever time zone you are in, the rapture will take place. Why it won't happen all at once, I do not know, but anyway, Six in the evening.. NOW, in Samoa or Guam or where ever, 6pm, there, is 6am in the East Coast of the US. The math was not hard to do. And unless everyone that is going to be called home, is from the United States, then won't the rapture have already NOT happened by the time it gets here?

    Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet

    There is close to nothing as dull as reading about someone elses weather, that does not involve a firestorm or hurricane, etc. AND AGAIN, there are real weather issues out there, floods, drought, locusts, got it.
    But come one! I walked out my front door this morning, early ( we have Kiara, there is no sleeping in....) and it was like walking into some crazy science fiction movie. It has been rainy/misty/foggy for like ten days . Since the snow melted, there has been maybe, maybe a week of sun, maybe less. The farmers up here cant get their crops in the ground, baseball, both in my back yard and for the Redwings has been a bust, the Lilac Festival missed a couple of days. Walking around on any grass is like walking on a sponge. It is just crazy!

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Gonna eat'em all : Rap-ture.

    A big joke for most people. I thought this was a MOST interesting about a " true believer " from today's Huffington Post. ( read this, it is just fascinating )

    Koda swims

    I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!

    ( needs more unicorns )

    Minnesota is in the throws of GOP madness spreading across the mid-west, and for the first time, their newly all Republican legislature is going gang busters on jobs! jobs! jobs! an anti same sex marriage constitutional amendment. The head haters there in the gopher state, The Minnesota Family Council had Presidential stumbler NEWT! up for a little meet and greet, and book sale. Same old same old, right?
    Enter Professional prankster, and I guess gay activist Nick Espinosa aka Robert Erickson, who has done this sort of thing in the past ( dumping a bunch of pennies on some Republican last year ) NOW, you think these Einsteins running the Minnesota Family Cross Burning would have a photo of the only professional political prankster milling about the twin cities. But, FEEL THE RAINBOW !

    Now then, I do not approve. Pranks like this are selfish and for the most part don't work. That and somebody had to clean up that mess, and there could have been some sort of odd reaction with the third Mrs. NEWT's! botox. Again, I do not think that attention grabbing stunts like these do anything at all except for the pranksters youtube account, but what should the glbt and their straight allies be doing these days.

    • The Then-they-came-for-the-Trade-Unionists,-and-I-did-not-speak-out --Because-I -was-not-a -Trade-Unionist Award goes to : Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who " believes that a law that gives same sex couples hospital visitation rights violates the state constitution. YES! ( more ) Your freaking husband or wife of .. FORTY years is in a car accident, a serious one, and YOU are kept from the bedside. None of the legal papers you have at home, none of your powers of attorneys, legal proxies or any of the hoops you have jumped through make you any more than a roommate. Deal with it.
    • Same Sex Marriage in New York. Being held hostage by a few state senators. Up to 60% of New Yorkers want SS Marriage, with 10-12 % not giving a fuzzy rats patootie. But it could again go nowhere because of a hand full of chicken shit GOP AND One big Democratic Senators. 
    • You HAD to know this one was coming, this weekends rapture : THE GAYS.
    • North Carolina is going for the super anti gay amendment as well, claiming that marriage is GONE in Scandinavia . ( But interestingly healthy on the seventh anniversary of same sex marriage in Massachusetts ) Also free speech stops at anti gay rights rallies.
    And this is ONLY what I read this morning. So, maybe FEEL THE RAINBOW was a bit much, but man, the Christianist out there are coming after us big time and maybe a new approach - NON glitter related - is needed. 

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    It will be Spring! It will be Spring!! It will be Spring!!!

    First lakeside grilling of the year for Geneva bff and world traveler, Dr. Tinkler. No grilling here yet.. but soon.