Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Should auld acquaintance.....

Out with a whimper....

I was so good at being a diligent blogger all year long, and here this last week lapsed. Fear not faithful reader(s) - I will be catching you all up on my and Neil's comings and goings over the last week or so , just wanted to pop on here while cooking our greens and getting ready for the annual Howell-Horsma extravaganza to just thank you all for still hanging on to our little flogable art project here. This is fun for me - and a great tool to remember stuff .
So, fear not the k+b is NOT going the way of so many other blogs, we are in this for the long haul.

Happiest of New Years to all of you 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anyone know who gets it ??

( pretty sure we all know know why Sam Champion flew the coop - couldn't have two...)

Holiday Update - Sunday

I'm just now exactly sure why I am having such a hard time getting this all onto the blog! There is the issue of me not really knowing how to get pictures from my phone to Neil's laptop that I am working on - easy peasy when I am on my computer at home - not so much on the road. Also - we have been really busy this go round - not that any year down in Atlanta has been calm, but this time we are doing lots of fun things. Kyle out of his shell and all.

Today was just wonderful, seeing two of my old friends - very different sorts, both of whom make me very happy, and just means the world to me to re-connect.

Being Sunday, the gays are going to Brunch , this time with old , been through the wars together friend, Mark and his partner Bob. Bob has not been well, so it was great that he could come out with us. Right across the street from their condo is a most fun little spot for lunch / brunch . We walked , just like real urban folk. 
a very happy Kyle and Neil

 Neil had that new southern classic, Chicken and Waffles and bottomless bloodies!- I had a great big salad and a glass of water. I was in need of some greens and texture after last nights testosterone fest
Kyle and Mark
 Then for something competly different , out of mid town and up 400 to Roswell to see my old pal Laura Dixon Jackson and her husband Michael. Dixon and I had not had a good long conversation in years and years, one fast one back in Dwoody a while back, so it was great to get to see their, new to me house  - up on the river - and just hang out with some people that I very much enjoy. Very happy for Neil to meet them as well.
Laura and Michael and their two puppies
Some MAJOR MAJOR range envy : They have a duel range AGA !!!!
The view from their back yard overlooking the river....
on our way to Mickellys.....

Saturday, December 28, 2013


But let's start with Friday.

Hung out in Winder that morning,

 Took Koda for a much needed good long walk around WBHS
This pic did not make fb....

Headed out to visit our good pals Dana and Steve in Lawrenceville!
 We had a great steak dinner, but I can't get the photo to load!

Then Next morning, Koda met Ricky

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


 Koda usually spends Christmas in Dunwoody, this time , with us in Winder ( yeah !  )
 Started the afternoon with Egg Nog-tinis!

 We changed things up this year, so many people that we just went sort of eat where ever you could - instead of trying to get everyone a seat AND we had BBQ and beans for Christmas dinner - which at first I was a little against ( that whole Kyle and change thing ) BUT in the end it was just great. Everyone really enjoyed the food , and there was not the hours of clean up afterwards. Sometime change can be a good thing
Jeff and Cash

Christmas Kyle and Neil

  •  Pound Cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Mystery Pie
  • Pecan Pie
  • Mince Meat Pie 

This was a first for everyone here except Neil, who made this - I had never had it - it was very good!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Still some blogging trouble, but working on it. Everyone out in k+b land have a wonderful and safe Christmas Eve and Day - and hope to be at full blogging soon~

Christmas Eve

 Woke up to a beautiful cool crisp morning - really could not have asked for a more lovely Southern Christmas Eve -
 Ganesha watching over the cubist baby Jesus
 The Traditional Lovell -Spencer Christmas Eve Afternoon
( aka herding cats )

 The traditional Crawford Houghton Christmas Eve lunch at Geroges, with Avondale Estates BFF's Chip and Rick
 pimento chesse burger

Spaghetti Junction
Then a Christmas Miracle occurred, as Amber and Koda were getting along great!
 Off to church - where I did not take any photos till I saw champagne in these dish style glasses!
 C E Church Selfie
 Neil and whats his name.
The final Christmas Eve tradition, post church late night supper at the Waffle House at P'tree and Dresden. A lovely day.

December 23erd

December 22

Koda in Winder

First  Stop

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Day Without the k+b

Here, this will help

Home for the Holidays

TWO DAYS !  Two days with out blogging-
Hope you are all ok....

Still not exactly sure how to get pictures up here - working on Neil's computer, but we will figure it out. Dive down was long - think it was the last time we are going to do it in one shot - just not worth it. We were clipping along , XM Broadway blaring , just fine till we hit some Holiday light display traffic outside of Charlotte and spent an hour in traffic. Made it to Winder about 1:00 am.
Morning there and then off to Dunwoody for a lovely Crab dinner with the Lovell - Spencer's. Then today we are putting up a tree and that sort of thing.
 Will figure out the photo thing this afternoon and keep yall abreast of the Yuletide comings and goings......

Friday, December 20, 2013


Off to Winder at the crack-o-dawn.
Send good thoughts our way-

Posting may be a bit sporadic over the next couple of days

Three selfies, a party tray and Gaia eating a gate.

It was a full day.

NOW, It can be Christmas

The annual Yuletide photo of Santa Claus choking baby Dickie.
And like I said on the facebook, these annual postings are coming around faster and faster.....