Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change you really can believe in!

Change comes to the West Wing!
( and has Nothing to do with Robb Low )

While the First Family was off enjoying a grand old pink and green time in Edgartown, the make over elves went all beige and khaki on the Oval Office.

Ya'll know very little on the planet gets me going like a little upstairs/downstairs at the White House!

This is what it looked like last week, the GWB Oval Office, with its famous starburst of hope rug. Not a very good picture, so google if you have some interest, and really, WHO wouldn't ?
The New Look!
Crazy about it all, except maybe the coffee table.
It is a working office folks, if you want cabbage roses and bright colors
hit the family floors!
LOVE the stripped wallpaper, esp over the doors.Love the shape of the sofas, maybe a little bit of color on the pillows wouldn't hurt.
The SEAL makes the room!
FULL STORY, from the NYT.
( and do read some of the comments... HOW DARE THEY.. blah, blah, blah..)
President Barlet's Oval Office

President Clinton's Oval Office.
I have ALWAYS LOVED that Childe Hassam painting, I wonder
where it is now. The faux Astor man is in jail, isn't he ?

rainbow caviar

Damn Mary! This is some kick ass Beluga!

New gay Ken Melhman and his fat cat gop pals are throwing themselves a circuit party!

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care.... if they ever repeal the Bush tax cuts!
Hell to the yes!

I do not know who Mr. Paul Singer is, but after a quick google: he is a fund manager who is big big pals with Bush II, sweet of him to put out some cheese and crackers for the homo loving GOPers, and a little bit odd , since he has put his big ass wallet at work for some VERY nasty folks! New gay Ken must have some good stories on Mr. Singer.
Every last New England Republican and big gay Michael Huffington ( you know , to pick out the dance music..) A party to raise money for the American Foundation for Equal Rights! A little same sex marriage with your pro business/ smaller government canape!

10,000 dollars a couple !

Welcome to the fight Mr. Mehlman, all is forgiven. Yes, I am that shallow. More on the story from Towleroad.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy 2010 pre game show

The three unopened bottles of wine that would have been the amuse bouche for the Kyle and Dahn show. Key word there UNOPENED. The biggest child really messed up her knee over at a pals and D&D hightailed it like a South Georgia lawyer after the ambulance.... She will be fine, when I left she was home from the hospital, post two vitamin V's and an iv of the BIG M, the child was sitting and talking. Something about apples not falling far from trees....
Anyway, my night of chugging at the sound of MARCHESA! was put on hold, a) not wanting to drink alone and b) what if one of the ones left in my sudden charge fell ill ? The crux of this story is that I was left , all alone and sober to deal with this :

January, January, January... where to start ? ( and she is not even the worst of the night ) It is a " couture electric blue Versace gown with Madonna style cone-bra cups and a mullet skirt". 15 words that hopefully will never, ever be strung together again. Maybe on a bigger woman. Maybe if her hair were not post baby Gene making romp with Don on her childhood bedroom floor. Maybe if it did not look so stiff. Maybe if the shoes where not so heavy. Most definitely a case of the dress wearing her...
From the boys red carpet tweets they liked it.. some faux pink fur could be fly tomorrow! Just a Emmy fashion teaser... much much more to come in the morning. Many lows, MANY yawns.. a couple of surprising highs...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I ❤ New York

MY Jr. Senator getting her gay on today, out on Fire Island, ( and raking in that big pink Fire Island dollar ), Looking FABULOUS in a little white lacy Summer sundress. Where was yours ?
A link to more pics... the moneyed homo set and a cute blond Senator! Life is good. ( but just think how long it took her to decide what exactly to wear....)

A perfect Summer afternoon.


All shapes and colors.. here to see Summer out with a bang !

A bright orange Zinnia and some crazy
white lily .

and Koda waiting to get into the house.

The last one, then I am going to take Koda swimming and mow the lawn, really.

Ex part time Governor Palin was at the Beck rally today, from Huffingtong Post : "Palin honored military members in her speech. She likened the rally participants to the civil rights activists who came to the National Mall to hear King's historic speech. She said the same spirit that helped civil rights activists overcome oppression, discrimination and violence would help this group as well."

What was it Henry II said about Thomas Becket ?

Now, THIS is a kick ass tent revival!

Ok, lets start by saying that I am in NO WAY making fun of THE HAPPY GOODMANS. I am way, way to Southern to do that. I grew up with the Gospel Jubliee coming on WSB on Sunday mornings. My life is MUCH richer having been to MANY a Vestal Goodman drag performance. ( Somebody in Atlanta upload some Miss Morticia Deville on you tube, preferably pre stomach stapling )

That said, note to Brother Glenn and his band of weary haters : PAT ROBERTSON DID NOT WIN IN 1988 . It didn't really work for Sister Amiee either , dear hearts and it won't work for you. Those of us that read real history, know we have been here before... and you are but a blip.

All that said, and even with folks in chairs and not standing, this is a BIG turn out for any rally in DC. A whole lot of Jesusie-Teabaggy crazy in this world. Hey, it worked REALLY well for Joseph Smith: ( Glen found the Mormon Church while in AA )


Sorry for the graphic I just put in your mind, I am just a little bit fired up. For what ever self loathing reason, I just watched maybe a half hour of the Glen Beck's LOOK-AT-ME-LOOK-AT-ME-FEST happening , as I type, on the Mall in Washington D.C.
Now, maybe I just tuned in for the thirty minutes that WERE sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage, but it was nothing at all but a GIANT NOM rally. The FULL of hate ( and full out insane media whore ) Alveda King , and the King of D.C. Haters " Bishop" Jackson. The VILE twice divorced ( and at least two abortions )Ms King, was the MC for the few minutes I watched, leading the prayer rally, going on and on about the evils of " non procreative marriage" ( are you listening Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols , they are coming for you next! ) You are restoring America by having the Government tell the 14yo rape victim that she must carry her rapist child full term and my keeping ME a second class citizen ?
And then the disgusting hypocrite did , what you knew she would do, the Letter from a Birmingham Jail. It absolutely breaks my heart to have this used for hate. Let's read together Ms. King and Mr. Beck.
  • Any law that UPLIFTS human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust.
  • Was not Jesus an extremist for love?
I just don't get it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This land is your land, ( I'm fine with that..) but, it's also MY land..( which you are NOT fine with...)

Yeah, its the wrong song, I know. HERE is the one for the story, I just like this one better, I could just watch Miss Mary from these Greenwich Village/Folky years, all day long.
From J.M.G. : " The Courage Campaign reports that sixties folk music star Peter Yarrow is NOT happy that NOM has been playing Peter, Paul & Mary's cover of This Land Is Your Land at NOM's hate rallies. Yarrow has sent Brian Brown a cease and desist letter. I bet NOM doesn't even know that Woody Guthrie wrote This Land as an counterpoint to God Bless America." Read the letter HERE.

It's been pretty simple so far....

This song is fitting the mood.. I am feeling a long way away from... take your pick .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a hint....

Very much a feel of the end of Summer in the air today, not so much Fallish, just things slowing down... a touch of yellow in the green.

A few less bitey things in the air, so a much needed long walk for Koda.

Whaddyagot, Loran ? - No More...

OK, Seriously : ENOUGH CHANGE.

From the AJC this afternoon :
"Loran Smith, the longtime sideline reporter on radio broadcasts of University of Georgia football games, won’t be in that role this season.He’ll be replaced as sideline reporter by Chuck Dowdle, the former WSB-TV sports director.
Smith will continue in his other long-time role as co-host, with Neil Williamson, of Georgia’s three-hour pregame radio show, the “Tailgate Show.” Georgia associate athletic director Alan Thomas said the change of sideline reporters had been “contemplated” since the retirement of legendary play-by-play voice Larry Munson altered the “dynamics” of the broadcast. In another change, veteran SEC broadcaster Charlie McAlexander will join Jeff Dantzler on the “Bulldog Game Day” show, which airs one hour before the “Tailgate” show.
Dowdle will continue as host of coach Mark Richt’s weekly TV show."

Ken Mehlman is still a dick. ( and not in a good way...)

Ok, so George Bush's little rally -the- troops guy is a homo. Not news to us. Let me let all you breeder types in on a couple of secrets. Yes, I will get in trouble from the Union, but I have not been to a meeting since my gay tourettes cleared up, so I can deal with the backlash.
  1. If you, as a "straight" man have done any playing on our side of the tracks, since say, band camp ( doesn't count ) .. but after that: We know about it. We are a chatty chatty chatty group, and it does all of us worlds of good to send around the news letters with all of your names. Really. We are also not as- some would believe - overly malicious, so for the most part, we don't broadcast these things.. but we might.
  2. Our collective memories put elephants to shame. Really, again. Ask most any of us what Cher wore to the Oscars in 1979 and we can tell you. Hell, ask us what anybody wore pretty much any year to the Oscars and we can tell you. OH SURE , the softball-n-sleeveless flannel set will get all butch and grumpy and go all off on pretending not to know, but they are just not fully evolved out of that self hatred mode yet. We remember.
I for one am not all about hating on Mr. Mehlman here in 2010, but that does not mean his late, VAST transgressions against us will be ignored. Hey, 44 years of living in that closet, with all those g.o.p. harpies around him was enough hell on earth for Kenny boy. But good luck, Ken... just try and getting your jollies outside of goproud or that well worked grindr ap. We remember...

Go to Joe or just google if for any odd reason you need to see many examples of how Ken Mehlman hurt is own community, I am going to focus on just one. Come with me, as we drift back to the way distant year of 2004.... when all we had to worry about was that one distant war. The last of the pre-melt down elections: Kerry and the ketchup money v. Bush and his fallen towers. CLOSE... to close for the guys that STOLE THE LAST ONE, so they needed to prime the pump. This was the time after hating Communists and before hating all of Islam, back when WE were the main target of their wrath.{ I had a quota of 300 bibles and 20 sons to steal from loving mothers...} Kenny boy and his evil minions made sure that Anti American Anti Gay rights issues would be on 11 state ballots that year... nothing gets the Christianists out like keeping me down.
In the one true battle state that year, the Florida of 2004 was,Ohio. Where the right wing and their bible thumping buddies were out banging on dishpans warning the masses of the coming pink menace, and the only way to stop it was to keep the evil Kerry out of office.The Bush took Ohio by that anti gay vote, barely scraping by John Kerry to be re-elected. From the NYT 11-04-04 :

Constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage increased the turnout of socially conservative voters in many of the 11 states where the measures appeared on the ballot on Tuesday, political analysts say, providing crucial assistance to Republican candidates including President Bush in Ohio and Senator Jim Bunning in Kentucky.
The amendments, which define marriage as between only a man and a woman, passed overwhelmingly in all 11 states, clearly receiving support from Democrats and independents as well as Republicans. Only in Oregon and Michigan did the amendment receive less than 60 percent of the vote.
But the ballot measures also appear to have acted like magnets for thousands of socially conservative voters in rural and suburban communities who might not otherwise have voted, even in this heated campaign, political analysts said. And in tight races, those voters - who historically have leaned heavily Republican - may have tipped the balance.
In Ohio, for instance, political analysts credit the ballot measure with increasing turnout in Republican bastions in the south and west, while also pushing swing voters in the Appalachian region of the southeast toward Mr. Bush. The president's extra-strong showing in those areas compensated for an extraordinarily large Democratic turnout in Cleveland and in Columbus, propelling him to a 136,000-vote victory. ( the rest )

SO, big gay Ken and Big gay's daddy Darth Dick got re-elected by tossing some gays under their bus to freedom. God Bless America.

Welcome to your life, Mr. Mehlman. The closet is a horrible horrible , soul crushing, life ending place, as you have known for the last 44 years. Just thinking you may need to invest in a truck load or so am Ambien to sleep well, knowing how many of your fellow homos YOU helped keep in there.

This is an ad that was released in Nevada today. This is Ken Mehlmans legacy:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dun-nah-na-na-na, na, na, na....

Episcopman and Prayerbook boy
off on yet another adventure.
Bringing the word of the frozen chosen
to the masses.
Koda chases a squirrel, its been a big morning.

More than the damn banjos...

Some of the time, going home, I go
Blind and can’t find it.
The house I lived in growing up and out
The doors of high school is torn
Down and cleared
Away for further development, but that does not stop me.
First in the heart
Of my blind spot are
The Buckhead Boys. If I can find them, even one,
I’m home. And if I can find him catch him in or around
Buckhead, I’ll never die: it’s likely my youth will walk
Inside me like a king.

A nice story on James Dickey in todays NYT : "On the page and off, James Dickey (1923-1997) was a maximalist. His roomy, loquacious poems spill down the page in a waterfall style and in a voice he called “country surrealism.” It makes sense that he called some of these poems “walls of words,” similar to the record producer Phil Spector’s echoing “wall of sound.” Dickey’s music, rougher and weirder than Mr. Spector’s, was similarly packed with reverb.
It’s odd, then, that Dickey is probably best remembered for a spare novel, one from which he stripped most of the poetry, pulling out the finer phrasings like weeds. That novel was his first, “Deliverance” (1970), a book that turns a youthful 40 this year. ( The Rest...)

All heartbrokey at the time, Kyle making poor, sweet Mark read him James Dickey poetry after his second bottle of wine. So NOT pretty....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

P-a-r-t-y.. party hearty at Winde... errr.. in Medon.

Those Integrity folk roll into town and Neil becomes Lindsay Lohan! No, not really, just two school nights drinking. Shocking for us old country folks. Tonight was our good pal Bruce from here in Roch and new BFF , and Neil's Summer travel buddy, David, who is from Lexington, Kentucky.
Your basic Kyle appetizers, eggs, olives, chips , salsa.....
Yeah boy, We show our guests a good time, making them sit out in our tool shed.
Using an upside down bucket as a table.... come on, Kyle.
Yes, I know, it's a rut, but very Summer time.
This was off the charts yummy! But all glory goes to Gaea, tomatoes are just that good this time of year. Grilled some crusty bread with olive oil, rubbed with garlic then added the farm stand regular tomatoes soaked in evoo, balsamic, and basil, then added the Wegmans little heirloom teardrops and cherries, some chunky feta...heaven on a plate!
All the grilled veggies
I asked Neil this morning if he wanted rice or mashed potatoes. Seen here, grilled chicken, all sorts of healthy grilled veggies, and a stick of butter and like, two cups of half and half.. it's the love you are tasting!
Our new pal as a real Steve Rodgers thing going...
Dessert! which I did not take a picture of.. darn! Warm peach focaccia ( Wegmans, not me ) fresh, a little bit green, peaches, and vanilla ice cream. It was very good.

My feet, during dinner...

A large time was had by all!

and a medium F.O. for here.

Hot dog! Varsity fans, never fear- Athens restaurant not going anywhere. From todays Banner-Herald : The Varsity Jr. in Atlanta is now history, but have no fear - naked dogs still are walkin' in Athens. "What'll ya have? What'll ya have?" barked manager Clay Speas and a half-dozen other workers Monday as hundreds of customers flooded the restaurant at West Broad Street and North Milledge Avenue for a a lunchtime fix of chili dogs, fries and frosted orange, Varsity staples for decades. ( the rest )