Saturday, August 7, 2010

OH! Atlanta....

It is a good thing if you do not know what this is.

National Organization for Marriage, they are about eight or nine sad, sad sacks who are out there saying I am trying to kill you, or something like that. They are just a dull background noise by this point! They are the group that had that tacky Miss California going all over the country talking about the love and marriage.... before ALL the videos of her doing her self love thing came in from the internets....

Anyway, the assorted nuts have taken their all hate all the time show on the road this Summer to RALLY THE TROOPS for MARRIAGE. They slapped some free clip art on the side of a rented bus and off they went... Hello, world, there's a song that we're singing!

Today was my home town, the buckle of the bible belt! ATLANTA, GA. How many thousands of the true believers will show up? I mean in the GOP Governors primary the two candidates are going tit for tat to see who can be the MOST anti gay. ( gays are icky) Countless hoards to beat back the homo armies gathered at the gates of righteousness.


Yep.. 15 people braved the Sunshine and dry weather to protest marriage equality. In Atlanta. Fifteen. 150 showed up across the street to tell them where to stick their noms. Pretty good coverage from the AJC ( with pictures ). Including a very nice one of Rev. Caroline Kelly, Pastor or the Central Presbyterian Church there across from the Capitol. If anyone knows Rev. Kelly..please buy her a beer for me the next time you see her at Manuel's

The COURAGE CAMPAIGN is tracking these " people " on their little Summer romp, and say that the Pro Equality side had 254 people to the 15 across the street.... sad trombone!

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