Monday, April 30, 2012

counting chickens in a shell

Doing the morning reading.... here there and everywhere, come across a little blip that the
  B-52's are on tour with SQUEEZE this summer
Happy head explosion!

And they will be playing at SARATOGA in June!  Doing the happy dance all over the k+b offices, and " Hello Scott and Lisa!!! ..." Read on down Kyle, there are lots and lots of Saratoga's and this one is in stupid old California.......
Sad dance, all over the k+b offices......

The one where some dick of a GOP hack pats Rachel Maddow on the head and tells her she is pretty.....

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

But how much do you love the fact that two OUT LESBIANS are on freaking old and stiff MEET THE PRESS !!

"Things that love night Love not such nights as these." - William Shakespeare, King Lear

I will be coming back here, later on this afternoon - I have not blown off my MAD MEN updates, they are still in the files here at the k+b. But, because the episodes this season are so character based and not event based my re-caps have just gotten too long winded and grandiose.

I mean, did yall really need to read about 500 words on Henry and Clare Boothe Luce taking LSD ???

Sunday, April 29, 2012

cruel and unusual

A photo take this afternoon at the
Dana sent it to me...... so so much wrong here....
( not really with the photo or the event, at all, but with the situation - and she laughed at my obvious pain, that is all I am saying )

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Winder, Athens, Cordele and Tallahassee

A little party at John-Clinton and Michael's lovely historic intown home tonight , a sort of meet and greet - and give a little cash - to man about DC, big pals with Barack and Michelle : UGA's own Harry Knox. Kicking about the country on Integrity One, collecting the funds to bring the glbt's the Episcopal Jesus.

Very nice guy, I have known of him for years, stints at the White House and HRC among others. He is from Cordele, his husband, a fiji at UGA is from Thompson ( or  Thomasville OR Thomaston, yall know I can never keep those three separate, but I remember thinking were his husband here, that he would know Paul, so - I bet it is Thompson) Yes, it took us all of 7 min to figure out we were some distant cousins - his maternal grandmother was a Crawford from South East Alabama... chances are. Funny story, turns out he and now husband met years and years ago, when Harry was the North Georgia head GOP dude and gay married husband was the South Georgia head GOP dude... ha!
FOUR Southerners in one room in Rochester !

Koda and the ven diagram

A) Dog Owners
B) Jerky anal retentive gay guys who wear bronzer and too much jewelry

Seriously, these were very sweet puppies, but the guys were just nasty, yelling needless commands at their UNLEASHED dogs,  and just confusing Koda no end.

last night

It was COLD!

TOTAL earworm - no idea why.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mr. Romney and the way back machine

So, Mittens is on the road TODAY, with his little woman ,at Otterbein University in the SWINGING state of OHIO ; just rapping with the kiddies. Who rightfully are a tad on edge, sitting on that volcano of debt and , damn, there are no jobs out there for liberal arts majors.....Governor Romeny's answer ?


The Jimmy John guy he speaks of is some guy that borrowed 20 thousand bucks from his parents to start a localish sandwich shop there in the Ohio area.

You know , mom and dad [or dad/dad mom/mom] - you just helped all that you could, get your kid through college. Kept a roof over your head, maybe you even had a second child in college, or one that needed braces or G_d forbid, your own parents need a little bit of a hand in the goldenest of golden years on and on - 
AND , you know that  you have got an extra 20K lying around...

Who exactly is advising and writing for this guy???

Hey, ummmmm, Africa - wow, really sorry man. It's me not you... really. My bad.

From JMG : ( David Barton is a leading Christianist/Dominionist and Glenn Becks BFF )

God Is Preventing a Cure for AIDS
"There's a passage that I love in Romans 1 - I don't love what the topic is - but it talks about homosexuality and it says that they will receive in their bodies the penalties of their behavior. And the Bible again, it's right every time, and studies keep proving that and that's why AIDS has been something they haven't discovered a cure for or a vaccine for, because it's the fastest self-mutating virus known to mankind. Every time they just about get a vaccine discovered for it, it transmutes into something new and they have to start over again. And that goes to what God says, hey you're going to bear in your body the consequences of this homosexual behavior." - David Barton


Get ready to blow your mind.....

From Andrew Sullivan via Huffpo we get:
A slideshow of Paul Cadden's 

OUT Magazine's 50 most powerful

Yeah yeah yeah, Next year for the k+b !!

  1. FOUR of the top ten : Tim Cook, Anderson Cooper, Barry Diller and Shep Smith are not openly gay..... If that even matters anymore.
  2. SO! Think Joe Jervis should be here.
  3. Christine Quinn - who is getting married this week, should be higher.

Morning in Mendon

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December But the days grow short when you reach September

And so it begins...

I've been laying a bit  politically low lately - just sort of getting my center here, getting ready for the big fight and all. But, With not further adieu:
( from huffpo )

Hey, guess what, this whole shooting match is going to come down to Ohio and Florida! SSDD. I do wish that Michigan and Wisconson were in that dark blue, or at least a darker shade of blue. Colorado, I think should be the dark blue. 
Mitts was all over the tv a couple of weeks ago french kissing the living Ken Doll that is Paul Ryan, that can only help in Florida.

stupid NBC news....

Getting me all riled up on a perfectly nice evening at home !

I can not figure out how to embed this video, so clink  HERE

Starting off with its the GWB owned Texas Rangers , so ...
This is just grit in the bathtub to me, nails on the chalk board, what ever. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a crowd boo someone for keeping a baseball because there was some mewling brat sitting a few rows back . What if , this is the very first baseball you have ever caught - in a life time of going to games? 
What if you have a sick kid of your own at home and had to miss the game? What if you just don't want to give YOUR ball to some stranger?
And the rub is, I would give it away to anyone, I don't like having a bunch of random balls around the house. Neil on the other hand would cut you for it.  I voiced my opinion of this on the facebook, hoping to get a rise out of some of the " my little Dakota shits rainbows" crowd....

At least there is some debate in the comment section of this video.

breakfast, lunch and dinner

 Dahn treated us to a little Thali this afternoon! 
Such a lovely lunch for a cool rainy Thursday
The middle up there is Bhindi Masala - Okra - that I had never had before and was SO freaking good!  YUM!  Im looking for recipes as I type, and will share.

Then we went to the Chinese market looking for live frogs.

The Wilds of Brighton, New York.... ( or was it Henrietta ? )

No animals were hurt in the making of this video, nor stolen.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 being a bear of very little brain, my talents are few
but seriously - I can roast a chicken.
 Roast Chicken
schmaltz "fried" potatoes 
red cabbage

The Morning After

Still all blustery and cold, but we were a little bit house bound
Out on the trail , down comes the hail!

I did not last all that long, but did sting!
Not really any damage at all from yesterdays snow storm

Everything seems to have come through just fine.

My boy Bill.

k+b icon, Bill Cunningham was honored 
with the Carnegie Hall Medal of Excellence last night! 

The fashion blog-o-sphere is losing its collective " self " over what SJP wore:
Vintage Oscar de la Renta with a somewhat casual cardigan and that big old honking bag. I think it's fine, the bag she checked and it was COLD last night in New York!
My issue is with the Stella McCartney that every third woman in America has now worn at some time or another:

Monday, April 23, 2012

If it was good enough for Jesus Christ, then it is good enough for the school children of Texas

We don't need no education.

Hey Aggies - North Carolina is NOT an SEC state, your own TEXAS and ( for what ever stupid reason ) Missouri are.

Late Season Nor'easter

We awoke this morning to not so much of a surprise snow storm. I could swear I heard some thunder during the night - so just crazy weather.

Gloppy, messy, muddy and slippery, like I told my friend Michael , a tuck in bed with Turner Classic Movies sort of day! At first they told us that we would get the snow tonight and tomorrow as the massive storm swirled around us, bringing the moisture in from the coast.... I hope it was all just early, and that there is not more coming.
It looks like, even with the snow, that the temperatures did not drop below 32, and that Neil's flowers , blooming and yet too, will be fine.

More from the Rochester paper. Schools were closed down here, but I think it was more of just wanting a long weekend.


Baked Ziti 
with meatballs and turkey sausage
 Listen, not all of these can be works of culinary art, sometimes - like on a cold, soon to be snowy Spring night - a man just needs a big steamy plate of comfort.

just wanted to type " ROMAN VOMIT "

H.B. Shakespeare

The k+b's favorite :

( kicks a little Lord Olivier tuckus )

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fingers Crossed

That this GREAT BIG snow dump does not happen here. Parts way way south of us are looking at TWO FEET plus!  Just wrong, so very wrong. Even a little bit here in Mendon could be nasty because the leaves are already coming out on all the trees.....


Dinner from one night last week , and last night as well. Big pot of black beans cooked with a hambone, so lots of meaty little chunks, over brown rice. So not Neil's favorite, but I love them. Most healthy  too, underneath the cheese and sour cream.....



( the original )

( technically not a cover )

( post Natalie )

just no

... Winter Storm Watch remains in effect from this evening through Monday evening...
 * locations : Niagara,Orleans,Monroe and Ontario counties.
 * Timing... late this evening through early Monday evening.
 * Hazards... heavy snow.
 * Accumulations... 2 to 4 inches.
 * Winds... north 20 to 30 mph with gusts 40 mph.
 * Visibilities... as low as half a mile at times.
 * Impacts... downed tree limbs and power lines possible causing power outages.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Fenway!

100 years old today !

I can't find any photos of us there! 
I think they may be real photos....
I need to keep looking

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Wow, return of feeling crappy after like over a month... just sort of snuck up on me today. Close your eyes and think of Friday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Zweigle's on sale at the M-3.


 This is our new pal Reggie, who is a JUG, ( half pug + Jack Russell Terrier ) SUCH a cute dog, wish I would have taken more photos!

Perfect day today.