Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aloha Jesus!

St. John's Episcopal Church in Honeoye Falls , New York. I made it to church today.. you can tell how late I was getting out of bed by comparing the cloths I had on Friday Night and what I wore today.. ( they were hanging on the door..) PICNIC DAY, Luau theme.
Then like all good Episcopalians they go someplace else for the Summer... those that stay wear shorts to church... baby Jesus cries.

Will on the Grill
Serious Church Punch
Cute new breeder at church with his lovely family... he did ask me why I was not playing the organ. I wanted to say " wrong , chubby, southern homo" but I didn't
miniature marshmallow , canned orange and pineapple salad.... 
Kyle and Mookie crafting....

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