Monday, August 1, 2016

August , and everything afterwards.

This one totally snuck up on me. Cruising along , happy with the long summer days ( unhappy with the drought ) not a care in the world and BOOM! August. Not that it really matters here, but just funny as hell how fast time does go by.  I guess it has been sort of an odd summer for us - compared to last year a better one for sure, not that last year was all that bad, just a lot less hospitals these days. The sun is coming though our dining room window earlier and earlier, that small rose ball was as bright as the sun for a few seconds.

August is just the wind up - a month from the start of the New Year, and once that first pimento cheese sandwich is made, it is a slippery slide into the holidays and the stillness of Mendon winter. Not that Im rushing things . School started in Georgia today - August 1st and the little kiddies are back straight jacketed , they should start after Labor day the way the good Lord intended!

All the hullabaloo goes to Neils lovely late Spring garden, all tightly controlled and precise . But the late summer garden, sort of growing as it wants to has its charms as well . Wilder, more natural...

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