Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ending Summer Right

 With New Years less than a week off, we are squeezing all we can out of Summer , hitting the Wings games a few times this week. A beautiful if HOT day, ( the 24th day this year over 90 ) in downtown Rochester.
 That cute little red headed Ch 8 reporter was there talking to someone about something

 Some very fast clouds came through, dropped exactly 42 raindrops then just as fast booked it out, leaving things a little bit cooler
 and a brief but lovely rainbow
 Sausage People, I think

 I swear I think they were texting each other
 A very happy group of girls sat behind us . " I just LOVE this blueberry beer! " but as the day and drinks went on, one of them put her feet on the back of my seat ......feet, touching me......
 Wings lost, 3 -1 to the  Scranton, Pa Rail Riders , the hatedyankees AAA

#rocthesummer - you get your selfie up on the big board 

 but even with the loss it was great to be out at the ball park with our baseball pals

( and I was just all over the 11 pm news! )

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