Thursday, August 25, 2016


 Out and about today, Neil had to do something at the hospital, so we popped into Costco, which is right near there - because I am addicted to this salsa  - and these are really good chips as well.

Then to Wegmans (
( by way of the bird store )
 I am such a chicken when it comes to cooking a whole fish, I wish I was not, they look so lovely when prepared like this. Wegmans even makes it this easy to do, but I still have not.

 These were some of the most beautiful and unusual bridal flowers that I had ever seen. They are really more pale than these pics are coming out as, really a very soft pink and white, very much in the some tone, used with these fantastic dusty grey succulents . Something I had never seen in a bouquet at all before.
 They do a lot of weddings, and you can see why.

 Then home to chill in the back yard with some snacks a drink and a book.

A good day.

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