Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tuesday at Pompanuck

Spent Monday driving half way back to Rochester with Dahn to pick up her bag full of everything she needed for the week that did not make it into her car... then just did nothing for the rest of the day, no pics there.

Tuesday was my day to cook!

Pre Game

Prosciutto / Mozz Roll Ups
Goat Cheese w/ mango chutney
we had a snack model

A couple of fresh peach cobblers 

We had a yummy little scallop amuse-bouche that I did not get a photo of.
Small plate, one big scallop, bacon, wild mushrooms, tarragon cream sauce - really wish I had taken a photo, but I am one man.

Shopping at the Hannafords, is not horrible, at all, but not Wegmans.
And your choices are a little limited by cooking for a group

  • Citrus marinated grilled Pork Loin ( Neil grilled! )
  • Fresh picked corn 
  • Cuke Salad
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Field Peas ( confused all the Yankees )
  • Red Chard

my plate

everyone seemed to have a nice time

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