Sunday, August 21, 2016

Good Night, Rio

I have so enjoyed the last week watching the Olympics, so sorry that I missed that first one. I love everything about the Olympics, even before " TO THE CITY OF AT TALA TA ". I get misty at the very first Coke or United commercial , and go to pieces at every Star Spangle Banner .

These games were important for bringing the scope for the host city back down to earth. Beijng and London had just raised the bar to high, and no where could compete . These were a plucky games that got the job done .

This caldron for example, on its on, just a sad little bowl, but these most artistic people had the forethought to set inside this stunning kinetic sculpture. It just fascinates me no end.

Now, 12 years of East Asia, Korea, Tokyo and then back to Bejing , this time for toxic snow!

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