Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Dont worry, you have not missed anything.

Kicking SUGAR is kicking my ass, that's all. Neil and I , per that book, have gone cold turkey on sugar. That also includes Splenda... mornings have not been all that pleasant. You can't have sugar / carbs on any Atkins related diet, but this one kicks off with a period of time with no sugar substitutes. It goes to say that you really should limit them even after the initial ban.

According to the doctor who wrote ALWAYS HUNGARY - this dietary ban is more or less re wiring your brain AND your actual cells. All this I dont know, but I do know that it messes with your mind and body. You get a little dark, some mood swinginess. Your sleep patterns change a little . Basically you are giving up a drug.. and having some withdrawals. 

But even now, just a week or so into this - the bad has started to wane and I feel better first thing in the mornings. Now, I ate , on some days - a lot of sugar, both real and fake. So, some mornings I basically had a hang over, nothing at all like that now.

So - that was why I was gone for a bit , just dealing with that unexpected emotional and physical reaction to getting rid of demon sugar. That said, all I think about it cake.

( not really, but it does creep in every now and again )

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