Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Everything is food, food, food .

Grilled Chicken
Butter Beans
Purple Cabbage


Roasted Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp
Roasted Tomatoes

Day 15, and it has not really been all that difficult. I do not like the planning and shopping, shopping, shopping - but have not been hungry, have not had cravings or any real hint of binging, which for me is totally amazing. Eating three meals a day ( sugar/carb free ) is something completely new to me and I am not really a fan of getting up and eating, but we have to.

I feel pretty good - not that I ever did not , and the best news is that Neil's blood sugars have dropped 100 points in some of his checking. Now, we were eating BAD - really really bad. Only one meal a day and then snacking , a lot. So changes for the better.

The reason I was gone from here for a while was that my schedule is just tuned itself upside down. I would save spots on here before midnight and come back well past midnight to blog. Now, Im in bed by 11 most nights and up by 7 or 8... this is a huge change for me... and all I did was dump sugar.  Hopefully I am getting accustomed to these changes and will get my computer time back in synch.

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