Friday, October 2, 2009

Congrats RIO !

Seriously, what a fun games it will be in 2016..... everybody Samba!

It's very sad for all of Chicago-land, they were booted on the very first round. Tons of folks gathered out on Daily Plaza awaiting the news. It is very rare for cities to win on their very first bid. The IOC is very much at " old boys club", if you are not a member of their elite group ,then ....

BUT, lets jump to the right wing reaction to The United States loosing the Olympic Games. Evil gay Matt is drooling all over himself in excitement over Chicago loosing the game? How Un-American is that?

Were the vast right wing professional hater class rooting against the United States? This is all in the exact same mindset I have been in all week long, the whole " There is no we anymore". If the Olympic Games can not rise above hatred and politics then what on earth can?

I love the Olympics, 1996 was just one of the most fun times of my life. I know I have said that a lot in the last few days, but it was true. Sure , there were tons of things that were flat out wrong with the Atlanta games, but it brought the city together, and there is always national pride in the host country. There is no place in this country more right wing that Salt Lake City, but I am sure the ENTIRE country were behind them in their 2002 Winter Games, not just the red states.

So many fools going on and on about the President and First Lady going to the IOC meeting . Civic pride is now a bad thing? IF, and yes, that's a big if.. BUT, if Chicago would have won the games it would have been a HUGE boost for the entire region, and a real shot in the arm for the whole Great Lakes region. If the White House comes out in support of Motherhood and Apple Pie, would the right wing come out against it?


TheCrankyProfessor said...

Well, except for, you know, the people boycotting Utah over marriage issues.

Kyle said...

I honestly dont remember that,not doubting your word.. at all. Just don't recall. Did any state have Marriage in 2002? Why single out Utah.. I mean, I am all for spanking the homo hating LDSers.. any time we can.. but do not remember a full blown movement in 2002

But I would not have supported it, I am a big old flag waving pro Olympic fan.