Saturday, October 10, 2009

Glory Glory, with the volume turned down...

Cut me, and I bleed red and black... well, mostly red, but there was that time back in '92 but the pills worked.
Such a big SEC weekend. #1 Florida in Baton Rouge to take on those #4
Bayou Bengals with or with out St. Tebow. The #3 Roll Tide Rolls visiting the folks in the Grove who just a couple of weeks ago were top 5. UNDER rated undefeated war-damn-tigers visiting the Hawgs in a game that there is some build up for. Sort of a must win for both teams... more so AU but those hat people need some respect.

Then there is our game. Georgia v Tennessee... Glory Glory v that damned-will-not-get-out-of-your-head-played-non-stop-rocky top. I think they call it " re-building"......

At least I can watch it !!


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