Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saint Francis Sunday...

Ya'll know that me and the Wanker don't know much about all this Saint stuff, BUT , if I had to choose one I like, it would be this one. He hangs out in concrete in a back garden at our house, and once a year, it's take your dog to church day in his honor.

Luckily for us at St. John's Honeoye Falls, we have John and John and their LOVELY animal filled farm to hold our service!

Lots of the dogs were just so calm... Koda needed to see them all and the farm animals were all but too much for him...This is a tiny horse.

I don't think he was really keen on the blessing part
Koda NEEDED him a small goat.

John and John's farm is just beautiful. Today was a beautiful Fall morning, cool, clean. Peak leaf peeping season. We have been out there for dinner and such, but I have never really walked the farm
Tiny horse and yard chickens...

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