Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A conversation with Celia

"Sometimes there is God , so quickly" - Blanche Debois

Very rare that I get any pangs of the homesickness anymore. Anytime I drift wistfully towards life in Atlanta, I run smack up against spending two hours + on the Downtown Connector each day, and glide right back to happy life here in Mendon.

Fall/Football season is one of the times when I do get one or two jabs. In Georgia, or any SEC state really, IN DEPTH conversations about last weekends game and this coming weekend's games are held in line at the Target. Football , for those who are looking dominates life for a few months. There is a College Sports themed gay bar in Atlanta, seriously. " Are Ya'll going? , who with, where will you park, what did you take to eat... did you see so and so...". Up here College ball does not really exist. ( that week in April when Atlanta EXPLODES with color when we are still in the depths of all white all the time is the other time when it is a little edgy.)

So, I'm feeling a TINY TINY bit blue today, really, no more than reading the Banner-Herald sports page would have taken me out of it, when up pops Ms. White-Kennedy on the facebook chat.
Winder-Barrow High School
Tommy Sanders
Kappa Alpha
Lecurita Roddneberry
Todd Faulkner
Tony Somebody.......
Jeff Faulkner ( aka the" guy that through the bottle" )
Steve Mulldoon
and more....

And this was like a five minute online typed conversation. I got enough HOME to do me until the 31st when the Cocktail Party will be on National TV, and as always I will be happy to NOT be in JAX. So, thanks , Celia. You were a tonic that I did not even know I needed.

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Anonymous said...

Not Steve Muldoon who attended UGA back in the early 80's?? From Marieeeeta, GA? Beth Day? Dan Lawson? Bruce Franco? Jane Strain? Stacy Stowers? Wayne Nash? Dave Muldoon? Great times! Steve and his former wife Robin and me and my wife Mari saw REM down at a club called "RUMORS" near Emory back in the day..25 people max in the place..back when Michael S. had his back turned to the crowd/audience...who knew...
Kyle, you are in a great place in Upstate, wife Mari is from up there and her family..we were just up at a wedding in Auburn, NY in late May...flew into the Finger Lakes region...her brother lives in Union Springs...beautiful country up there...the rest of the family lives in Jamestown, NY...