Thursday, October 8, 2009

good news!

I found my camera, ipod and sunglasses, cleaning out the car is a good thing.... now all that is missing is the toaster. ( Sure, someone just walked in and took the ritz crackers.)

SO! today was an almost perfect day here in Mendon, Koda and I took a great four mile walk, with swimming and photos, BUT, I had not found my camera yet. Ya'll missed it. I know, I know, a day with out a Koda swimming video.

Here are a few photos from the devastating loss that was this past Saturday:

The dogs O line game Pookie hysterical blindness
mmmmm, chicken wings

1 comment:

CJJD said...

Your toaster is missing? How about electric blanket, Kirby Vac, and desk lamp?

Hope to see you in DC.