Monday, October 26, 2009

Life Well Lived

Sad day here in Mendon as Pookie has gone to join Dickie and Miss Daisy in that land that flows with tennis balls and over stuffed chairs, where it's always 5:25 with a turkey in the oven.
She started not feeling well on Friday afternoon and was gone by this morning, it was peaceful and fast, two rare things for her. Every dog on the planet deserves to lead the life that she led.

This is the day she came home from the pound, we just KNEW she would grow up to look just like Dickie. We were wrong. Her name is really Laika, she just preferred Pookie.
Nap time on 4th Street
The well chewed window ledge, it was doggie tv .
Playing cards, she sometimes cheated.
With Dickie and Miss Daisy in College Park

The EVER present tennis ball
The Easter sort of Beagle.
A sunny spot in Winder.
She used to own the trail, no rabbit was safe, nor garbage can in the house.
Never really developed a love for the snow.
With Koda and Toebie.
This is just a few days ago, she is 18 years old!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to a good dog.

dana said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pookie....I hope you will find comfort in all of your fond memories of her.

Susan said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I knew I was sad this morning for some reason. RIP Pookie--you were a true moopah dog ;-)

GrammyM said...

Well, Pookie brought joy to all of us! And I will say a special prayer for you and Neil and Koda. I am sad for your loss. Sweet thoughts will continue to come your way. Much love, Myrte

CrankyProfessor said...

My consolation.

GrammyM said...

Well, I have another thought. In honor of Pookie, I'm willing to lay aside my feelings about her stare and demanding of THE CHAIR. I think we need a plaque that says "POOKIE'S CHAIR" and I will be honored to remind everyone that I sit in that chair to honor Pookie. Or, would she be honored more if I did NOT sit in the chair. Either way, she will be greatly missed by me at Pomp.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. Nice tribute.

drruthie said...

Dear Kyle, I am so sorry about Pookie leaving our world but certainly hope that her always-a-puppy spirit is enjoying romping with her pooch pals who led the way. Please forgive my terrible timing in noting her passing--I read your blog on an intermittent basis and missed seeing this entry until I actually did a Pookie post-search after I saw your Facebook entry about the adorable puppies. Love, Ruth