Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The much blogged about freaky weather , icy spring , played a little havoc with the annual Lilac Festival in Highland Park in Rochester. This photo will be an explosion of color in about a week.
Some were at peak, most were not, but still a very pleasant day out in the park

The festival has been going strong for one hundred and eight years - just the dates are hit or miss.

Huge ones, shrubby ones, every hue of purple , to pale blue to white

Lots of other blooming trees in the park

We did hit the little tucked away iris garden, which has yet to bloom as well
Really big crowds for a workday mid day for sure. 
Street musicians, families picnicing, just lots of folks happy that spring is here


There are tons of steel festivals in Rochester, every group has one, the Greeks, the Russians, this art group, that art group, this cute intern neighborhood on and on...
and part of is is the FOOD
walked right past this one
but you can't come to a festival or fair with out a funnel cake
or a corn dog

this is early when we got there, it was really crowded as we were leaving, they have music here all day and night, I guess someone famous was starting .
Walked all over looking for a falafel truck to no avail, EVERYTHING else... and a few gyro stands that you think would have falafel as well, but no luck - so for my early supper I went north of the border. Most tasty!

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