Friday, May 20, 2016

Bingish watching ...


Not the usual show that I would pick, we did so just for James Norton, who we both are in love with from Grantchester. THIS IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT. Y'all know that I am as squeamish as they come when it comes to the blood and violence - and goodness knows this show has it. But it also has a fantastic story line, really keeps you on edge, and some pretty darn amazing acting. BE WARNED - not at all for the faint of heart , I had to read two Jane Austin novels after each show....

Two troubles with the British British tv shows - #1, just when you start to love something it stops, this is six episodes a season, and only two seasons ( so far ) and these are not your London toffs, you are going to have to watch with subtitles on, and even then you will miss some.

But really a first rate tv show, I highly recommend it. Find it on Netflix.

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