Saturday, May 7, 2016

War Zone

This is my perfect pristine Wegmans this afternoon around 4 pm or so. Never in all the years I have lived up here and have been shopping at this store have I seen it in such a state. There are so many people working here that  you pretty much take a vegetable out of the bin and someone replaces it. Not today!

The check out guy told me that Mothers Day , or the day before is second only to New Years Eve for being busy - who knew. There are also more flowers out all over the store than they have on Valentines. Which I should have taken photos of, but was just sort of in shock at the crowds and amount of floral display.

Costco was also out of the jumbo made up hamburgers that they have, and I have been waiting since we joined to cook those, and today was our first time cooking out this year.

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