Friday, May 13, 2016


After my failure at the Lilac Festival to score a falafal from any of the vendors there, I decided to just make some myself!

Pretty darn easy to do, only takes time to soak the beans , both garbanzo and fava overnight. 
Wegmans did not sell the dried fav beans already peeled, so that is how Koda and I spent our late afternoon. Well, I peeled , he barked at stuff.

 Ok, little falafel patties are just mid eastern hush puppies, and can be made just in any way you want. I followed " an authentic " recipe, and it just was not spicy enough . Could be that my bunch of cilantro went bad over night! which is very odd - so less of that. When I make these again, and I will, I will use a lot more spice and flavor. Not that they were bad at all, just can zing them up a bit.

also needed some tomato, but I was not going to the store for that!

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