Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Seems like these Marvel movies are coming fast and furious lately - maybe it just seems that way to me, but this one , despite the advertising snuck up on me. Our pal Don called and asked if we wanted to go ( one of the few people who can get Neil out of the garden this time of year ).

We went to the big multiplex , not our normal smaller theater, but still with the nice seats - but people! sitting around you... ( WPP )

It is good - parts of it up there as one of the best - but it is too long, fight scenes in the beginning go on and on with out really advancing the story, but they do lead up to the fantastic promised Avenger on Avenger fight scene that is well worth the wait.The was a couple of year long epic story arch in the comic book universe stuck into a couple of hours here - but it does work. Everyone you want to see and then some!

Oh - and the scene that Vanity Fair was talking about is just absurd, or at least that writers interoperation of it was. Newsflash, men can have loving , caring true relationships - real friendships with pants on. Odd that that story went so viral yesterday ....

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