Saturday, January 26, 2008

we are family II

Senator Obama got more votes tonight than McCain and Huckabee.. COMBINED. At the end of the night he could have more votes cast for him that were cast for all Democrats in 2004, facts are facts. Can he bring out the great numbers of non voters all over the country? His sainthood is now made official: Caroline Kennedy just called him A President Like My Father. BUT, Bill Bennett is saying nice things about him.. come on, HOW , do I/we ( non royal) support someone that Bill freaking Bennett says nice things about. 
Here is the question, and I am working through this. My ex, Andrew Sullivan, says that Senator Obama is ABOVE the fight, and most of the msm echos that. IS being above that fight the same as winning the fight?  
Senator Obama got 530, 322  votes( 99% reporting) tonight, in 2004 John Kerry got 648, 443 votes. It just gets more and more impressive. 

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