Friday, December 2, 2016


 Truly - November of 2016 was the longest there have ever been. Fully out of gloom and doom phase and into the shaking of the head and face palm stage. Pits of darkness to rage of the righteous , that sort of thing. I still am having a hard time watching the man on tv - and his spawn still drive me up the wall. But I am fully back to being clear eyed.  I am going to pick one day in the coming years to be grossly outraged, and the other six all healthy. But, it did make for this long month.

 Common knowledge that I am not the biggest fan of December, the holiday season. End of my favorite time of the year, these ever shorter darker days. Close your eyes and think of January. We are going to be a little busy this month, so it will fly by.

 A pal dropped in for tea this afternoon.. a lovely visit.

and the full lazy for supper.

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