Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Movie Monday

Yesterday, in a galaxy that you know pretty well.

The first of the three ( as of now ) planned " stand alone " Star Wars movies - 99.9% Skywalker free, and I really liked it. I thought it was very nice to be allowed into a brand new part of a story that you know so very well. A couple of parts that some people are finding super creepy - I thought they added to the over all " cannoness " of the whole story.

Really do not want to give any spoilers - but I knew the story going on - either read it someplace of just figured it out from the trailer - and still very much enjoyed it. It LOOKS very Star Warsie.. this galaxy has a vibe and a look that this film really captures.

A not to be missed , if you are a fan... Im not really sure how this would hold up as a true stand alone... with no background on the who's and whys - but that is not most of the world.

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